The Fay Family: Collamer T. Fay

Collamer T. Fay (1834 - 1908)
And his Descendants
John Fay
Samuel (OPF #2) (1673 - 1732) son of John and Mary Brigham
Samuel (OPF #12) (1705 - 1788) son of Samuel and Tabitha Ward
Ezra (OPF #41) (1765- 1841) son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Hastings) Cutler
Levi C. (OPF p. 178) (1808 - XXXX) son of Ezra and Mrs. Oliver (Lincoln) Chamberlain
Collamer T. (OPF p. 178) (1834 - 1908) son of Levi C. and Susan Stone
Selection from Daniel Friedrich Sotzmann, Vermont, 1797
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Descendants of Collamer T. Fay
(sixth Generation)
We first see Collamer in 1850 with his family in Reading, Windsor County, Vermont. Levi C. Fay is head of house, recorded with his wife Susan and their four children, Amanda, Collamer, Edmond and Julia. Levi’s mother Olive is living with him and his family. Ezra died between 1830 (recorded in census as head of house) and 1840 (Olive seems to be with Levi, and there is no sign of Ezra). Note that her name is given as “Olive” -- I believe that Orlin made a mistake in naming her “Oliver”, but I have been unable to track her further.
According to the census of 1900, Collamer was born in December of 1834. I do not know where his given name came from. There is no indication in Orlin of a marriage with a Collamer. I also do not know what Levi’s middle name is. It could be Chamberlain in honor of his mother’s earlier marriage; or it could also be Collamer. A man named Jacob Collamer came from New York with his father about 1791, and soon became prominent in Vermont legal scenes, culminating in his election as a Senator from Vermont. Jacob moved from Royalton to Woodstock in Windsor county; it is possible that the Fays had contact with him.
I have not found Collamer in 1860, although I did find Levi. By 1870, Collamer is married to Caroline S. Watkins, and they have three children, Frank, Lillian and Mary. Two more were born later. 1880 seems to represent the year of transition from Vermont to Massachusetts. Caroline and the four younger children are still in Windsor. Collamer is in Holyoke, living in a hotel. Frank is out of the house. I think he is in NH, boarding with a Hatch family. He is a clerk in a store.
Descendants of Collamer T. and Caroline Watkins Fay
7  Frank Ed. Fay  b: 9/2/1860
...+Elizabeth Warner Shumway  b: 10/7/1869
........8  Albert Collamer Fay 4/15/1891
.........  +Carolyn Elizabeth b: 1898
................9  Elizabeth Rona Fay b: 1918
........8  Levi Edmund Fay b: 11/12/1893  d: 5/1981
.........  +Gertrude B. b: 1896
................9  Richard Fay  b: 1923
................9  Nancy Ellen Fay  b: 1925
................9  Mary June Fay  b: 1927
................9  Sally Jane Fay  b: 1929
........8  Richard Shumway Fay b: 8/4/1902
.........  +Esther
7  Lillian W. Fay  b:  12/1862
7  Mary C. Fay  b: 2/1870
...+Judson Leonard Merrick  b: 1871
........8  Joseph L. Merrick  b: 1904
........8  Florence F. Merrick  b: 1910
7  Levi E. Fay  b:  3/1875
7  Julia P. Fay  b:  1/1878
...+Charles S. Heywood  b: 1870