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Census information for Corydon Elijah Fay and his Family
Corydon and his family are in Thetford, Genesee County, Michigan. He is 36 (note that his name is spelled 'Coridon'), Ester is 31; and children Mary, 11; Coridon, 9; Sarah, 6; and Almira, 4. All the children born Michigan. Corydon is a farmer; born NY; Ester born Ohio.
Corydon and his family are living in Royal Oak, Oakland County, MI, which will be their home for a long time now. Corydon is 46; Esther 41. He is an Inn Keeper. All seven of his children are still with him, Chloe, Clark and Ellen having been born since the last census. Mary Temperance is married to Nelson Reynolds, and the couple are living in the Inn with their daughter Clara, age 1. In addition, we see Joseph and Amelia Bastwick, of interest to us partly because they are mentioned in Mary's letter. We also see Martin Fay, age 43 (born about 1817). "Martin" was born in New York. Corydon had a brother whose name, according to Orlin, was Mortimer D. He was born in 1816; and thus he would have been 43 in 1840. Mortimer is in Michigan in 1850, in Newton, Calhoun Co. He hasn't been found in 1870.
Corydon, listed and indexed as C.E., and Esther (note spelling) are still in Royal Oak. With them are only the younger children, Charles, Clark and Ellen. Mary has her own home (see below); Corydon Jr. is dead. Sarah, who would be 26, and Almira, who would be 24, are gone. I have not been able to trace them.
Nelson Reynolds is working on a farm in Southfield Township, next door to Royal Oak. He and Mary Temperance have three children, Clara Almira, age 9; Nellie E., age 4; and Lillian May, age 2. The census was taken in June of 1870, so there is a bit of a question about Lillie's age. The family lives next door to the family of Edson Reynolds. I would guess that this is the "Ert" referred to in Mary's letter; I think Mary wrote "Ed" and whoever typed the letter misread the name. At first glance, the census looks like "Ertson" and the indexer wrote "Elson".
By 1880, Corydon is gone; Esther is a widow, still in Royal Oak. With her are her son Clark and two grandchildren, Nellie E. Reynolds and Clark N. Reynolds. Mary Reynolds is gone, and Nelson is still alive, but I cannot find him in 1880. And Lillie (Lillian) is missing.
Source Information:
  Census Place Royal Oak, Oakland, Michigan 
  Family History Library Film   1254599 
  NA Film Number   T9-0599 
  Page Number   361B

 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace
 Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace 
 Esther FAY   Self   W   Female   W   61   OH   House Keeping   MA   MA  
 Clark FAY   Son   S   Male   W   23   MI   Grocer & Drugest   NY   OH  
 Nellie E. REYNOLDS   GDau   S   Female   W   14   MI   Works For Aunt   MI   MI  
 Clark N. REYNOLDS   GSon   S   Male   W   9   MI      MI   MI
Ellen Fay, the daughter of Corydon, now called Ella A., has married Clarence Easton of Connecticut. They are living with Clarence's mother Francis, who is a widow, in East Hartford, CT. They both work in the paper mill. It would be interesting to know how they met; he from CT, and she from MI. Did she travel east to visit relatives, or he travel west? The marriage is chronicled in the Easton family history book. The 1880 census is a perfect example of extremely sloppy work. In the first place, "Clarence", a man, has become "Clarra", a "daughter." The 1870 census, plus the Easton book, as well as information on the number of children that Frances had from the 1900 census, make it absolutely clear that this is Clarence. Frances had no daughter "Clara"--her daughter was Frances and her son Clarence. Both are living with her in 1880. Clarence has brought Ella home; they have no children yet. And Frances has married Richard Birch (NOT "Brick"), and they have 2 children so far.
  Census Place East Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut 
  Family History Library Film   1254100 
  NA Film Number   T9-0100 
  Page Number   453A

 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace
 Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace 
 Frances EASTON   Self   W   Female   W   54   CT   Keeping House   CT   CT  
 Clarra EASTON   Dau   S   Female   W   24   CT   Works In Paper Mill   CT   CT  
 Ella EASTON   Dau   S   Female   W   21   CT   Works In Paper Mill   CT   CT  
 Fanny BRICK   Other   M   Female   W   27   CT   Keeping House   CT   CT  
 Herbert R. BRICK   Other   S   Male   W   3   CT      ENG   CT  
 Fannie BRICK   Other   S   Female   W   2   CT      ENG   CT  
 Clarra BRICK   Other   S   Female   W   1   CT      ENG   CT
Nelson Reynolds is living in Springwells Township, Wayne County.
Lillian May Reynolds Griffin has married Edward E. McQuater. They are living in Bloomfield, Oakland County. They have a son, Norman McQuater, born December 1899. In addition, her two boys, Harry Griffin, born March 1890, and Raymond Reynolds Griffin, born May 1892, are with her.
Clara Almira Reynolds married Isaac Newton Baker in 1882, and in 1900, they are living in Bloomfield, Oakland Co., very close to Clara's mother, Lillian McQuater. They have two children, Jessie, born September 1886; and Nellie, born October 1889.
Clarence Easton and Ella are still in East Hartford, CT. in 1900. Five children have been born, and four are living: Susan F., March 1881; Bessie L., December 1885; Charles H., September 1886; and Esther M., February 1896. Bessie is said to have been born in Michigan, while the others were born in Connecticut. The family apparently moved back to Michigan for a short time. Clarence is a farmer. They live next door to Clarence's mother Frances Easton.
Isaac and Clara Baker still live in Bloomfield.