The Fay Family: Grace Marion Fay Quinn

Grace Marion Fay Quinn
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The Story of Hannah Weston
Grace Quinn was proud of her descent from Hannah Weston and Hannah Dustin. She joined the Daughters of the American Revolution on December 13, 1916, and was an active member of the Massachusetts DAR. Her application for the DAR details her descent from Hannah Watts Weston.
DAR Pedigree
DAR ID Number: 126686
Born in Grafton, Mass.
Wife of William Quinn.
Descendant of Hannah Watts Weston, as follows:

1. Otis C. Fay (1825-1911) m. 1880 Eliza Weston (b. 1851).

2. Joseph Weston (1806-77) m. Sophia Jones (d. 1889).

3. Josiah Weston (1756-1827) m. Hannah Watts Weston.
Hannah Watts Weston (1758-1855) carried through the woods ammunition for the troops at Machias. She was born in Haverhill, Mass.; died in Jonesboro, Maine.
The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 127, pages 216.
Grace could also have listed
Samuel Watts, Jr. (1716-88) enlisted, 1775, from Jonesboro, Maine, served as private in the Continental Army, and received pay. He was born in Haverhill, Mass.; died in Jonesboro, Me.

Josiah Weston (1756-1827) served as a private in the defense of Machias. He was born in Falmouth; died in Jonesboro, Me.
Grace joined as a member at large 12/13/1916. She then became a member of the Nellie Custis Lewis Chapter and remained with them until August 2, 1984, when she resigned because of the immanent disbanding of that chapter. That chapter was disbanded on October 9, 1984. Grace remained out until 2/1/1985, when she was reinstated as a member of the Aaron Guild Chapter, in which she remained until her death 6/30/1989.
She held the following offices (there may be errors or omissions in the list):
2/11/1922 - 6/1/1928 Recording Secretary
6/1/1928 - 5/14/1931 Vice Regent
5/14/1931 - 5/1/1934 Regent
5/1/1937 - 5/1/1947 Vice Regent
5/1/1947 - 5/1/1953 Historian
5/1/1953 - 5/1/1956 Vice Regent and Historian
5/1/1956 - 5/1/1959 Corresponding Secretary
5/1/1959 - 5/1/1962 Regent
5/1/1963 - 5/1/1969 Chaplain
5/1/1974 - 5/1/1983 Chaplain
5/1/1983 - 8/2/1984 Librarian