The Fay Family: Edward Fay Revisited

Edward Fay (5/16/1717 - 1806)
And his Descendants
John Fay
David (OPF #5) (4/23/1679 - 4/10/1738) son of John and Susannah Shattuck
Edward (OPF #9) (5/16/1717 - 1806) son of David and Sarah Larkin
Joanna and Eunice
Johanna Fay and Ephraim Munger
Directory for the Munger Connections
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Genealogical research builds on the work of others, and bits and pieces gleaned from many sources create a more complete picture. This page owes a large debt to the work of Joyce Hagerty, who has collected a massive amount of information on Edward and his descendants (far more than I include here, since I am limiting this page to the first couple of generations), and shared it. Many thanks to her.
Edward was born May 16, 1717 [Vital Records of Marlborough, births]. He married Sarah Joslin on February 26, 1739[-40] [Vital Records of Southborough, marriages]. Sarah was born December 25, 1721, in Marlborough; she was the daughter of Israel Joslin and Sarah Cle(a)veland.

Edward and Sarah lived at Southborough until about 1748; it appears that their first five children were born in Southborough, although only three births are reported in the Vital Records there.
At some time after Edward's birth in 1747, the family moved to Stafford in Tolland County, Connecticut, where more children were born. Orlin lists a total of 11 children, but his list is not complete.
Orlin writes that Edward married twice, the first time to 'wid. Sarah' who died December 23, 1755, after which Edward married a second time. This is not correct. It is based on a lack of evidence from Connecticut, as well as the false interpretation of a death record at Southborough.
The death record reads:
FAY, Sarah, widow, Dec. 23, 1755
Orlin apparently knew that Edward married a "Sarah", and he took this reference, made Edward marry "wid. Sarah" and then fit it to her death. However, there is another marriage record at Southborough that Orlin apparently missed, that Edward married Sarah Joslin. It seems clear that this is her first marriage. Edward's wife would not have been listed as both 'wid Sarah' and as 'Sarah Joslin.' In addition, there is clear evidence that Sarah, Edward's wife, died July 20, 1782, in Stafford (gravestone at Blodgett Cemetery on Leonard Rd., Stafford, CT).
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1. Hepsibah
Born October 4, 1740, in Southborough (Orlin; VR). Also spelled Hephsibath and Hepzibah. She married Samuel Bullen from Brimfield, Hampden Co, MA, and may have returned to Brimfield with him. Their son lived there later, but his birth is not registered there, so it may have not been until much later that Hepsibah and Samuel moved.
	1  	Hepzibah Fay	10/4/1740 - before 1811
..		+Samuel Bullen, b. February 3, 1731/32, Brimfield (VR)
........	2  	Mary Bullen, b. December 6, 1758, in Brimfield (VR)
........	2  	Samuel Bullen, Jr.	1762 - Unknown
............	+Lydia Munger	1762 -

		*2nd Husband of Hepzibah Fay:	
..		+??? Townsend	1735 -  about 1797 m. bef 1798? 
		*3rd Husband of Hepzibah Fay:	
..		+Jehiel Munger	1737 - 1817

Jehiel Munger, born at Brimfield 3 June 1737(VR), son of Nathaniel and Elisabeth. Hepsibah was Jehiel's third wife and was identified as "Hepsibath Townsend". This seems to be the only source for a marriage to Townsend. Her marriage to Munger is said to have been about 1798. (Hagerty, LDS)
2. Sarah
Orlin lists Sarah as married to Ephraim Munger, but he was the husband of Joanna, not of Sarah. See Joanna and Eunice.

There is a gravestone for Sarah located in the so-called Blodgett Cemetery on Leonard Rd., Stafford, CT, where Edward and Sarah were buried. Sarah, the child of Edward and Sarah, died of smallpox on January 15, 1760, in her 18th year. This places her birth between January 1742 and January 1743.

There was another Sarah who married John Hunt, but she was the child of Daniel and Mary Crosby.
3. Israel
Born February 25, 1744/45 in Southborough (VR, Orlin), Orlin assigned #82 to him and continues his line over several generations.
4. Luther
Orlin is our only source for the existence of Luther "b. 1745." While there is time between the births of Israel and Elijah, the absence of a birth record at Southborough and the absence of a death record there do raise questions.
5. Elijah
Born 31 May 1746, Elijah receives #84 from Orlin. There is no record of the birth in the VR of Southborough. There is a variant spelling used in several places: Abijah. There is a very slight possibility that there is another child, rather than merely a second name, but it seems more likely that there was just the one listed by Orlin.
6. Edward
Edward was born June 1, 1747 in Southborough (Orlin, VR). He married Sarah Torrey on May 27, 1773, in Stafford. "Edward was married during the War of the Revolution and soon after moved to Chittenden, Vt. died at age 90+ years. He had 5 brothers in the army but he was rejected for disability and was obliged to remain at home." (Orlin).
7. Joanna
Joanna was born July 20, 1749. The account given in Orlin is wrong. See separate page for Joanna and Eunice.
8. Eunice
Eunice was born September 17, 1751. She is not listed in Orlin at all. See separate page for Joanna and Eunice.
9. Martha
Orlin places Martha second in the birth order, but she was actually not born until November 27, 1753, according to the Stafford records. Orlin shows her married to "Jonathan Cross, a soldier in the War of the Revolution, wounded, pensioned and died. No children."
10. Parker
Parker was born December 10, 1755. He is not mentioned by Orlin, and nothing more seems to be known about him. He may have died in infancy.
11. Nathan
Nathan was born about 1757; the date of his birth is apparently only found in Orlin. He married Mollie Perrin, daughter of Benjamin and Mary Perrin. Mollie's sister Mercy married Nathan's brother David. Nathan's grandson Edward Perrin Fay married Sarah Abbott, the granddaughter of Solomon. Four of Nathan's daughters are not followed by Orlin; Eunice married Abraham Story and had many descendants; Betsey married Joseph Wells and had many descendants. Polly married Roswell Gleason, but Polly died young; and Roswell then married her sister Millicent. All of these daughters are mentioned in Orlin, but their descendants are not listed.
12. David
David was born February 9, 1762. He married Mercy Perrin, daughter of Benjamin and Mary Perrin. Mercy's sister Mary (Mollie) married David's brother Nathan.
13. Solomon
Solomon was born June 11, 1764. He very early became known as "Salmon" and passed on his name in that form to a long line of descendants. Orlin assigns #88 to Solomon (page 236), and includes some information about his family, but very little. Orlin didn't have access to this line's data.