The Fay Family: Elmer Fay 1842

Elmer Fay (born 1842)
And his Descendants
John Fay
David (OPF #5) (4/23/1679 - 4/10/1738) son of John and Susannah Shattuck
Edward (OPF #9) (5/16/1717 - 1806) son of David and Sarah Larkin
David (OPF #87) (2/3/1762 - 10/27/1826) son of Edward and Sarah Joslin
David Fay (born July 1, 1803) son of David and Mercy Perrin
Elmer Fay (born 1842) son of David and Lucretia Farr
My research into this line started with a query about a Frank Fay in McHenry County, Illinois, with a son who settled in Wisconsin. I first identified the McHenry Frank with a man in Alden, McHenry County; but as it turned out, that Frank had only a daughter. The Frank who had a son Frank can be seen with that son in the census for the first time in 1910. Living next door was Jennie Spaulding, a widow, living alone. I noted in passing that Jennie was born in Vermont, and Frank's mother was born in Vermont.
The next step was the 1920 census, where Jennie has become part of Frank's household; she is identified as "mother." Jennie Spaulding the mother of Frank Fay? The only way that could be was if she had married a second time. A great deal of research then led me back to Elmer Fay, the husband of Mary Jennie Simmons. They were married on August 21, 1862 in McHenry County (the Illinois state archives). It is a pity that Elmer's death is not given in the State Archives, but that database is not yet complete. He died before the census of 1870. Frank was born in May 1869, so Elmer can't have died too long before that.
Elmer was the son of David Fay, born 1803, whose story is told elsewhere on this site.
Census Records for Elmer and Jennie and Descendants
Elmer is 8, living in the household of his father. His name is indexed incorrectly, but is clear from the census page. Note that his sister Ella is 2. Next door to David and Lucretia is a family headed by Elijah Holcomb, wife Eliza, and daughter indexed as Deora (probably a misspelling of Doris).
By 1860, Elmer and Ella's mother had died, and David had remarried and moved to Wisconsin. Elmer and Ella were left in the care of the Holcombs. The youngest child, Alvin, was taken along to Wisconsin. I do not know what later happened to Ella.
In 1862, Elmer married Jennie. It isn't absolutely clear how many children they had (in 1900, Jennie reports 2, but in 1910 she reports 3. In any event, we have evidence for just two, Carlton and Frank. By the census of 1870, Jennie is a widow with the two small children, and has returned to the household of her father and mother, Samuel and Lucy Simmons.
The 1880 record for this family has not yet been found.
By 1900, Carlton had married Mary Remerling and they had had four children together. They were divorced not long before 1900. Mary kept the youngest child, Carlton Jr., with her; they lived in her brother's household in Cortland. Carlton would be married on August 21, 1900, after the time of the census, in Cook County, to his second wife, Emma Kemmerling. His three older children were left with their grandmother, Jennie Fay, who had remarried on December 3, 1892. It is not known what happened to Ina and Harold.
Frank married Mary Carr on August 21, 1894. His family remained in McHenry. By 1900, they had three children. One thing to notice: the order of the Christian names is reversed here. In the overview, I have kept the later order, but supplemented with the names as given here.
1910 - MCHENRY, MCHENRY CO. (Frank)
Mary Carr Fay died between 1902 (the birth of Frank Jr.) and 1908 (Frank married Catherine). In 1910, we see a combination of children: his (Gertrude, Margaret, Clinton, Frank), hers (John) and theirs (Carlton). Next door is Jennie Fay Spaulding, a widow again, living alone.
1910 - GRANVILLE, PUTNAM (Carlton)
Carlton and Emma have Vivian with them; there is no sign of Ina or Harold.
1920 - MCHENRY, MCHENRY (Frank)
Frank and Catherine; with them, her son John, and their son Carlton, who is 10. Gertrude married, and went to Wisconsin with her husband Clarence A. Ritter; Frank Jr. has joined them in Wisconsin. With Frank and Catherine is also Jennie Spaulding "mother" -- it was this entry that showed me the way in tracing this family.
1920 - GRANVILLE, PUTNAM CO. (Carlton)
Carlton and Emma.
1920 - KENOSHA, KENOSHA (Frank Jr.)
Gertrude and Clarence, Frank Jr.
1930 - CHICAGO, COOK CO. (Carlton)
Carlton is widowed; he is now joined by his son, Carlton Jr. and his family.
1930 - MCHENRY, MCHENRY CO. (Frank)
Only Carlton is home now with Frank and Catherine.
Frank and Felicia were married about 1922, at the age of 20; they are now both 28. Frank has become a clergyman, and they have two children. The Ritters are still in Kenosha; they have another child, a daughter Hazel D., born 1922.
Elmer W. Fay b: 1842 and Mary Jennie Simmons b: 1845
married August 21, 1862, in McHenry County, Illinois

7  Carlton E. Fay  b: 1866
...+(1)Mary Remerling  b: 4/1870  divorced by 1900
........8  Ina G. Fay  b: 8/1888
........8  Harold Fay  b: 8/1892
........8  Vivian P. Fay  b: 4/1894
........8  Carlton E. Fay, Jr.  b: 10/1896  
.........  +Nell  b: 1900 
...............9  Robert Fay  b: 1919
...............9  Mary Jane Fay  b: 1924
...+(2)Emma J. Kemmerling  b: 1866  m: 8/21/1899  d: 1920 - 1930

7  Frank E. Fay  b: 5/1869 IL
...+(1)Mary Carr  b: 5/1875  m: 8/21/1894
........8  Gertrude Ethel Fay  b: 3/1895
.........  +Clarence Arnold Ritter  b: 4/12/1897
...............9  Clinton E. Ritter  b: 1917
...............9  Hazel D. Ritter  b: 1922
........8  Margaret Eleanor Fay  b: 2/1897
........8  Clinton Edward Fay  b: 10/18/1899
.........  +Selina  b: 1904  m: 1926
........8  Frank E. Fay  b: 10/30/1901  d: 2/27/1990
.........  +Felicia G  b:  1902  m: 1922
...............9  James E. Fay  b: 1926
...............9  Phillip D. Fay  b: 1929
...+(2)Catherine E.  b: 1876 IL  m: 1908
........8  Carlton Fay  b: 1910

Jennie Simmons Fay
+Martin Spaulding  m: 12/03/1892