The Fay Family: Biographies and Obits of Various Fays

Researched, transcribed and contributed by Cathy Kubly
WI, 1840 - 1841
Lucy, Elijah, & Martha Fay
Eveline, Elbridge E. & Winslow E. Fay
In the winter of 1840, at the request of Charles S. WRIGHT and J. LATHROP, the Pastor of the Southport Baptist Church visited Racine and commenced a series of meetings, which were held in a vacant room in one of the stores on Main street. These meetings made many converts, and encouraged the gentlemen mentioned to take incipient measures for the formation of a Baptist church. On the 11th of April a meeting was held, and eleven men and women formed themselves into a Conference, and having adopted the Articles of Faith and the Church Covenant of of the New Hampshire Baptist Convention, letters were sent to [p 385] the Baptist churches in Southport, Milwaukee, Burlington and Prairieville, inviting them to be present on the 25th of the same month, and if deemed expedient recognize them as a Baptist Church. On the day appointed, the Council convened, and the following persons were organized and recognized as a Church of Christ, under the name of the First Baptist Church of Racine, viz.; ... Lucy W. FAY, Elijah FAY, Martha FAY ... Shortly after the organization of the Church, the following were received upon experience and by baptism, viz.: ... Eveline FAY ... Elbridge E. FAY ... Winslow E. FAY ... making the entire number of members twenty-eight.
First Baptist Church of Racine
History of Racine and Kenosha Cos WI - 1879 - Chicago: Western Historical Company - pp 384-385
Posted 26 Apr 2000