The Fay Family: Genealogies: Fordyce Fay

Fordyce Fay (1806 - 1898)
And his Descendants
John of Marlborough

Samuel (10/11/1673-11/10/1732) m. Tabitha Ward

Ebenezer (OPF #15) (4/12/1713-10/13/1790) m. Thankful Hyde

Jonathan (OPF #68) (1/14/1742-c. 1842) m. Anna Chapel

Joel (OPF #366) (4/10/1778-6/6/1831) m. Betsey Rice

Fordyce (OPF p. 191) (1806-1/2/1898)
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Baltimore and Surrounding Areas, by G. W. Colton, 1856
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Census Data
Generation No. 6
FORDYCE FAY was born in the early 1800's [see below] in Massachusettts, and died May 31, 1898 in Baltimore, MD. He married twice:
(1) CATHARINE JOHNSON June 7, 1834 in First Methodist Episcopal Church, Baltimore City Station, Baltimore, MD [Mormon Vital Records Index; the IGI record (Source Call # 00113694)]. She was born 1818 in England, and died after 1850 and before 1866, since Fordyce is a widower at the time of his second marriage.
(2) MARGARET ANN J. GREER May 23, 1866 in St. Andrew's Church, Baltimore, MD, daughter of WILLIAM GREER and SOPHIA LEITCH. She was born about January 1834 in Baltimore, MD (Source: Graceland), and died December 23, 1903 at 43 Eugenie (home of Etta Epps Foster), Chicago, IL (Source: Graceland and obituary). She is buried at Graceland Cemetery in Chicago.
Margaret Greer and Fordyce Fay were married on Wednesday evening May 23, 1866 at her Protestant Episcopal parish church, St. Andrew's, located at the corner of High and Lombard, Baltimore, MD. The minister was Edward Griffith Perryman. The newspaper article gives her name as Mrs. Maggie A. Bickerton.

Her marriage license indicates that she was a widow and that he was a widower. He listed his age as 45 and she listed her age as 30. She listed her name as Margaret Ann. He listed his occupation as leather inspector. [Source: Baltimore Sun and Maryland State Archives licence is on microfilm: CR 10,278-1 Folio 136]
The 1864 Baltimore City Directory indicates M. A. Bickerton, tailoress, lived at 49 Fawn Street. Her mother and brother Benjamin (clerk) and brother Thomas W. Greer (baker) are listed at the same address in 1864 and 1865-66.

In the 1867-68 Baltimore City directory, Fordyce's business address was 52 Granby and his occupation was listed as an inspector of leather.

The 1870 census record shows her as age 32. She is married to Fordyce Fay and her daughter Eliza is listed as age 13. her step children, Mary age 23 (but earlier records indicate age as 25) and Winfield age 20 also live at home. Margaret owns real estate worth $3000.
Fordyce died of heart problems at his residence 2261 Madison Avenue (ward 12), Baltimore, MD, on January 2, 1898. He was 82 years 5 months old, and had lived in Baltimore since 1832. [Source: death certificate found at Maryland State Archives Cert. 6711 Vol. 17 portfolio 277].

Census records can be seen here.
He was buried June 3, 1898, in Lot Center 3, Baltimore Cemetery 2500 E. North Ave. Baltimore, MD 21213. This family plot, owned by Mary M. Epps, the daughter of William Greer, holds 6 people. William Greer (named Graere on the cemetary record) was buried here in September 1870. Also buried here: Julia Greer, Feb. 1871, Sophia Fay August 20, 1901, Sarah Greer (Green on the card) June 24, 1872, John O. Greer (child) January 6, 1873, and Fordyce.
After Fordyce's death in 1898, Margaret took in boarders. The 1900 Baltimore City Directory indicates that the occupation of " Marguerite A. Fay" at 2261 Madison Street was boarding. On the 1900 Federal Census, she is listed as "landlord", but no actual boarders are shown. In 1901 she moved to her daughter's Etta Epps Foster's home. Her older daughter Eliza Bickerton was with her. She died in Chicago of breast cancer.
i. RICHARD HENRY FAY, b. 1835; d. November 2, 1838, Baltimore, MD (Source: "Baltimore Sun, November 5, 1838," page 2, On the 2nd, Richard Henry, eldest son of Fordyce and Catharine fay aged 3years, 9 months and 12 days died.).

ii. WILLIAM FAY, b. 1837; d. November 10, 1838, Baltimore, MD (Source: Baltimore Sun, November 12, 1838, page 2.).

iii. GEORGE FAY, b. 1836.

iv. SARAH FAY, b. 1840.

v. JOHN FAY, b. 1841.

vi. VIRGINIA FAY, b. 1843.

vii. MARY FAY, b. 1845.

viii. HENRY FAY, b. 1849.

ix. WINFIELD S. FAY, b. 1850, d. 1/2/1878 of typhoid fever, at the age of 27. He was single and a ship joiner (Baltimore City, Certificate # 22718).