The Fay Family: George Irving, Irving Leroy Fay

What the Census Records Contributed
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Census Data: Who's Where When
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This is a good example of what census information can provide. This line was constructed almost entirely from census records. The 1930 census, followed closely by the 1920, formed the basis for everything else. Although the material is presented chronologically forward here, the actual path of discovery was backwards. It was not until a couple of years after the original work that Kenneth M. (Mike) Fay and his sister Nancy contributed more information.
Census information for George Fay and his Family
1850   Barre, Worcester County, MA
George and Martha Fay, ages 67 and 49, are living in Barre. Lyman, 15, is at home, but George is not with them, and it is not apparent where he is. He does not show in the census with his own name; so the best guess is that he is working for another Fay.
1850   Westborough, Worcester County, MA
In 1850, Julia M[aria] Fisher, age 17, is living with her parents, Nathaniel E. and Caroline, next door to her brother George E. and his family.
1860   Westborough, Worcester County, Massachusetts
George, age 35, is living with his wife "Maria" [Julia Maria], age 27. George is a merchant. They have two children: Eugene A., 7 years old, and George I[rving], 1 year old. They are living with Julia Maria's parents, Nathaniel E. and Caroline Fisher. Brother George Fisher lives close.
1870   Westborough
Julia M. is still living with her father and mother, and is still surrounded by other Fisher families. But George is gone, and Julia has remarried a man by the name of David Bonn. The two sons seen in 1860 are living with Julia and David, Eugene Fay, who is now 16, and the younger, age 11, here called simply "Irving."
1880   Westborough, Worcester, MA
George Irving has set up his own household, marrying Cora M. They have one son, Elmer E., age 1. He was born November, 1878.

Caroline Fisher, his grandmother, is still in Westborough. Nathaniel E. Fisher died in March 1879. Julia Fisher Fay Brown had died in November 1874.
Census Place:	Westborough, Worcester, Massachusetts
Source:  FHL Film 1254566  National Archives Film T9-0566  Page 409A
Relation	Sex	Marr	Race	Age	Birthplace
George I. FAY	Self	M	M	W	21	MA
	Occ:	Clerk In Market	Fa: ---	Mo: ---
Cora M FAY	Wife	F	M	W	18	MA
	Occ:	Keeping House	Fa: ME	Mo: MA
Elmer E. FAY	Son	M	S	W	1	MA
			Fa: MA	Mo: MA 
Census Place:	Westborough, Worcester, Massachusetts
Source:  FHL Film 1254566  National Archives Film T9-0566  Page 418D
Relation	Sex	Marr	Race	Age	Birthplace
Caroline FISHER	Self	F	W	W	81	MA
	Occ:	No Occupation	Fa: MA	Mo: MA
George E FISHER	Son	M	M	W	57	MA
	Occ:	Farmer	Fa: MA	Mo: MA
Alvina W. FISHER	DauL	F	M	W	56	MA
	Occ:	Keeping House	Fa: MA	Mo: MA
Carrie E. FISHER	GDau	F	S	W	24	MA
	Occ:	Work In Str... Shop	Fa: MA	Mo: MA
Jabez A. FISHER	GSon	M	S	W	21	MA
	Occ:	Work In Boot Shop	Fa: MA	Mo: MA
Minnie L. HILL	Other	F	S	W	21	VT
	Occ:	Servant	Fa: NY	Mo: NH
1900   Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island
Elmer E., born November 1878, age 21, married one year. Born MA, he is a Vest Knitter. Wife Catherine, born October 1879. One son, Elmer R., born July 1899, not quite a year old. Both wife and baby were also born in MA, so the move to Rhode Island occurred in the last ten months.

It is not known where George Irving is in 1900; he joins Elmer in 1910.
1910   Pittsburg, Allegheny, PA
Elmer is a foreman in a Supply Co. His wife's name is spelled with a "K". Elmer R, now 10, has been joined by Cora E., who is 4.
Living with the family is Elmer's father George Irving, now 51. He is a laborer in "Specialties."
1920   Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA
Elmer E., 41, works in a refrigeration company, as does Elmer R, now 20. Cora is 18, and works as a telephone operator. Son Irving L. is 8, born about 1912. George Irving is gone now.
1930   Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA
Elmer E., 51, with Catherine. Irving Leroy, age 18, is at home. Both work in heating/refrigeration.

Son Elmer R., now 31, is living close. He is married to Margaret C. They have three children, Margaret, age 8; Elmer R. Jr., age 7; and Kenneth, age 5. Elmer is not working at the time of the census; he IS a veteran of the WW. Was he injured? [see below]
The story is continued by Mike and Nancy in emails dated 6/19/2008 and 6/23/2008. Below are excerpts.
Elmer R Fay (deceased) was not wounded in the war. He worked in the refrigeration business in Pitsburgh, specifically the Crafton area until the Second world War. At that time, the family moved to Washington DC. Elmer served in the Second World War as a Captain and (temporarily) a Major and was assigned at the Washington Navy yard. He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery as a Captain. His wife Margaret C (deceased) worked at the Census Bureau in Suitland, MD well into her 70's at which point she retired to Florida with Evelyn and Bob.
His older son, Elmer R. (Roy) Jr. Served in Europe during WWII in the Army Air Corps. His younger son, my father, Kenneth E. also served in WWII with the Army Air Corps.
My Aunt Evelyn (deceased), Elmer and Margaret's oldest Child, Married Robert Anderson (deceased). Robert spent his working career with Isley's Dairy in Pittsburgh, Evelyn was a work at home mom. They had four children, Robert, Larry, Judy and Donald. They lived in Crafton until the late 1980's when Robert and Evelyn moved to Florida.
Roy (deceased) was a lawyer in Virginia and was married twice. First to Jane, with whom he had a daughter Margaret Anne. Next to Velma (deceased) with whom he had three children Warren, Kathy and Keith (deceased).
Ken had three children with Ruth Barnhart. Myself, Kenneth M. Fay, Sandra Jo Fay (deceased) and Nancy Susan Fay. Ken worked in the moving and transport business in Washington, DC, until they moved to Arizona in the early 70's At that point he worked for the State of Arizona, and Ruth worked for the Maricoppa County Attorney's office.
That pretty much brings things up to date. Robert, Larry, Nancy, and Judy have children. Robert, Larry and Judy have grandchildren.