The Fay Family: Genealogies: Harry Pulsiver Fay

Harry Pulsiver Fay (1848 - 1918)
And his Descendants
John Fay
John, Jr. (OPF #2) (1669 - 1747) son of John and Mary Brigham
Benjamin (OPF #34) (1712? - 1777?) son of John and Elizabeth Wellington
Nathan (OPF #102) (1750 - 1825) son of Benjamin and Martha Miles
Jesse (OPF #517) (1772 - 1844) son of Nathan and Persis Harrington
Benjamin (OPF #1418) (1807 - 1862) son of Jesse and Rachel Brown
Harry Pulsiver (OPF page 97) (1848 - 1918) son of Benjamin and Mary Ann Taylor
Missouri in 1856
G. W. Coulton
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Descendants of Harry Pulsiver Fay
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Ella L. Poindexter
Generation 1
Harry born Dalton NH, married (1) Mary Heffron.
George, unknown birth, unknown death.
He disappeared (AFAIK) after a meeting with his father about 1902. He's not listed as a survivor in his father's obituary. His half-siblings, who would've given the information, didn't know if he was dead or alive.
Harry P. Fay m. (2) Elizabeth Gossar (b. Feb. 22, 1869, Merlin, Valais Canton, Switzerland) m. about 1885

Harry died January 26, 1918 in St. Joseph, Buchanan County, MO.
Elizabeth died Dec. 24, 1944, in St. Joseph, Buchanan County, MO.

Harry and Elizabeth had 9 children, 2 of whom died in infancy. Dates here are from the 1900 census; see below.

Gertrude Elizabeth - March 1886 - Chicago
Elizabeth Gertrude - Feb. 1889 - Iowa
Mildred Miltson - December 1891 - Iowa
Wilbert - (twin, d. in infancy - Iowa
Albert - (twin, d. in infancy) - Iowa
Fred - February 1894 - Iowa
Frank - March 1895 - Nebraska
Ida May - December 1897 - Missouri
Mary (Ella) - March 1899 - Missouri

Generation 2
Ella Sythabel Fay (b. April 26, 1900, St. Joseph, Buchanan County, MO, d. January 22, 1966)
m. Marion Lilburn Rose (b. Island City, Gentry County, MO on May 22, 1896, d. June 28, 1967) May 22, 1919 in St. Joseph
Marion and Ella had 6 children, one of whom died in infancy.

Bennett Lilburn Rose (b. Mar. 14, 1920 in Andrew County Missouri, d. Nov.1984)
m. Elsie Irene Green
Three children, one of whom died in childhood.

Wilbert Glen Rose (b. Mar. 1922 in Andrew County, Missouri, d. Sept. 1922 in St. Joseph, Missouri)

Mildred Louise Rose (b. January 15, 1927 in St. Joseph, d. April 24, 1978, Hermosa Beach, CA)
m. Samuel Aubrey Poindexter (b. Feb. 8, 1911/12 in Gunter, Grayson, County, Texas, d. May 31, 1975 in Hermosa Beach, CA.) on Dec. 6, 1948 as his 3rd wife.

Robert Richard Rose (b. August 27, 1929 in St. Joseph) Unmarried.

Ruth Ella Rose (b. May 2, 1932 in St. Joseph, Missouri d. Nov. 18, 1997 in St. Joseph). Unmarried.

Edith Janet Rose (b. January 8, 1935 in St. Joseph, Missouri, d. October 1982.) She committed suicide by jumping in Missouri River in St. Joseph.
Generations 3, 4, 5
Mildred Louise and Samuel Poindexter had two Children:

Thomas Aubry Poindexter, married, three children
Ella Poindexter, married, two children
Comments and Sidelights
Ella's Birth Certificate
I have a copy of my grandmother's birth certificate and is it a mess! The address (she was born at home of course) is correct as is the sex. But the name was added in ballpoint pen (it confirms a family story I heard *before* I saw it that when my grandmother went to get her copy that the official at the court house wrote in her name). The parents are given as John and Margaret (makes me wonder at the sobriety of the doctor). But she was the only female child born at the address in this city on that date.
Lizzie/Gertie and Gertie/Lizzie
My grandmother's siblings are Gertrude Elizabeth, born Chicago 1886/87, Elizabeth Gertrude (the info is packed away preparatory to my moving from Missouri to New Jersey and what's on my hard drive is presently inaccessible), born in Iowa. Originally they didn't have middle names and Harry was getting burial insurance on them--a common practice in those days of high infant mortality. The insurance man asked for the middle names, Harry said they didn't have middle names. The insurance man argued that they had to have middle names. Harry said "Oh, all right! Gertie Lizzie, Lizzie Gertie!"
Birth Places and Names of Children
Then there was Mildred Miltson (have no idea where that middle name came from), born Iowa, There were twins who were born and died after the two eldest children were born named Wilbert (also the name of my mother's older brother who died in infancy) and Albert. Then Fred. They moved to Nebraska and had Frank. Moved to Missouri and had Ida May born 1898 in Missouri (no documentation so far other than the Federal census records, school records, and a funeral home record; her birth wasn't recorded) and finally Ella Sythabel.
Ella Sythabel Fay - the name
There's a story behind that name. Originally she was Mary Ann (I have a baby spoon with M.A.Fay 1858 on it and was told that was Harry's sister Mary Ann). Elizabeth wouldn't hear of it. She and her in-laws didn't get along. Mildred suggested her teacher's name. That was acceptable. Still made me wonder about the Sythabel--I've never heard of that name before or since. I was looking over the local paper for April 1900 (no, Grandma wasn't listed; no surprise) but I found a teacher celebrating 25 years as an educator. She was Mrs. E. S. Kerchival. I looked up her name (her husband was a prominent business man) and her name was Ella Sites Kerchival. Well, whenever any of the family was talking about Grandma's name they'd say it was Ella Sythabel Kerchival Fay. Only the Ella Sythabel Fay turns up but it's easy to figure out what happened. Sites and Kerchival got telescoped and voila! Sythabel.
The 1900 Census, Washington Township, Buchanan Country, MO
The 1900 census was a doozy. Harry said (or a neighbor did) that he was born in France... my grandmother's name is given as Mary Ann and her birth approximately March 1899 (which is backed up by school records but the family accepts the "official" 1900 date and the 1900 records don't turn up another Fay family). Arghhh! But it's the right family and later census records get it straight--Harry born in New Hampshire (quite a piece from France!) and Elizabeth in Switzerland. And always two marriages listed for Harry and 9 children, 7 living "born to this mother" which excludes George in the count, and Ella born in 1900.

That backs up family stories of people who had no access to the census records. The 1900 wasn't released until the 1970s and both of my grandparents had already passed away--Ella January 22, 1966, Marion (nickname Mick) June 28, 1967.
My information came from city directories, Federal censuses, birth records, school records, obituaries, a draft record for Frank, and so on. Mostly secondary sources. And of course the Web.