The Fay Family: Herbert Fay

Herbert Fay
And his Descendants
contributed by
Susan Barrow Spalding and Michael Fay
with additions from other sources and one "educated guess"
John of Marlborough
Herbert Fay
Herbert Burton Fay
copy of Herbert's marriage certificate
John of Marlborough

John (1669 - 1747) son of John of Marlborough and Mary Brigham

James (1707 - 1777) (OPF #32) son of John and Elizabeth Wellington

Daniel (1728 - 1815) (OPF #64) son of James and Lydia Child

David Fay (1769 - 1859) (OPF #166) son of Daniel and Mary Crosby

Phillip S. Fay (born about 1812) (OPF p. 44) son of David and Electa Smith
Herbert D. Fay, son of Philip S. Fay and Amy Marilla DeLand (8/22/1810 - 6/23/1864)
Is this the Herbert who married Annie Skoglund?
Herbert D. Fay was born 9/2/1848 in London, Madison, OH, and died 5/24/1916 in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio (LDS and ancestry tree). His middle name is given as "Delmoor" or "Delmore." Might it have been "Deland?" He enlisted in the Union Army, Company A, 113th Infantry, Ohio, on August 11, 1862 as a musician; he was discharged for disability on November 9, 1863; he reenlisted March 2, 1865 in Company E, 187th Infantry, Ohio, and mustered out January 20, 1866. He married Dora E. Hawley on November 20, 1879, in Ohio, and worked in the manufacture of buggies, although he may have taught school for some time first. Herbert and Dora had at least three children. What Herbert did between January 1866 (mustering out) and November 1879 (marriage to Dora) does not seem to be known.
So often it happens that you get over or around or through one stonewall, only to be faced with another. That is what happened in this line. I started with Harold and Theodore, whom I found in the census of 1910 with their mother Elizabeth. My first challenge was to find the name of the man who married Elizabeth and was the father of Harold and Theodore, and what Elizabeth's maiden name was. Evidence was found for the marriage of Elizabeth Barrow and Herbert Burton Fay. One more generation filled in; but who was HIS father? His mother, Annie Skoglund, was listed with him in the census of 1880, along with her second husband, John Ward. Evidence for Annie Skoglund's first marriage was provided by the Carbon County Clerk in Wyoming. It was Herbert Fay, who married Annie Skoglund in 1873 (see the marriage certificate above). There are still two major mysteries left: who was the father of the Herbert Fay who married Annie; and what is the full story of Inez?
The first and only documented mention of Herbert is found on the above marriage certificate. He was 22 in January of 1873, the time of his marriage. Between then and 1875, he and Annie went to Utah, for their son Herbert Burton was born in Utah according to all of the information we can find. We know that Herbert was gone (either divorced or dead) by 1878, by which time Annie Skoglund Fay had married a second time, for Annie and John Ward's son Oliver was born February, 1879. One more thing to note from this census; Herbert Burton was born in Salt Lake City Utah (see his son's WWI registration below), his father in Ohio, and his mother in Sweden. This is the same pattern of birth states shown in 1910, while the 1920 is UT, US, US. The only Herbert Fay of (approximately) the right age that I can find is in Ohio in 1860, the son of Philip.
1880    North Platte River, Crook, Wyoming
This is why the period between January 1866 (Herbert mustered out) and November 1879 (marriage to Dora) is important. Is it possible that Herbert D. left the army and decided to ride the railroad west? If he did that, he would arrive eventually in Rawlins, Wyoming. He would go through Iowa, where Annie Skoglund was probably working. Did Herbert take Annie on the train with him and then find a minister in Wyoming and get married there? It might be that Herbert was actually working on the railroad at that time (which might explain the fact he does not seem to be in the census of 1870). There are so many things we don't know; when Annie and John Ward met and where; when Herbert left; whether there was an official divorce and if so, where and when. But there WAS enough time, and the railroad running through Wyoming from east to west, continuing down into Utah, makes this a very plausible story.
Herbert Burton Fay, the son of Herbert Fay and Annie Skoglund, was born in Utah in 1875. He registered for the World War I draft, and his registration is the main source for his exact date of birth and his full name.
Taken by his mother to Wyoming between 1875 and 1880, after her separation from Herbert Fay and her marriage to John Ward, Herbert Burton apparently remained in Wyoming for some years. It was there that he met and married Elizabeth Barrow. There is an article in the Annals of Wyoming on Elizabeth's family; in it, we find the following:
"When the Barrows came to Douglas, the eldest daughter / was left at her Grandfather Barrow's probably to attend school, and never seemed afterward to fit into the household of her parents....While she was still very young, she met and married a man by the name of Bert Fay, who taught school after their marriage. Appparently she saw little of her parents afterwards.
"Little is known of Lizzie, as Mrs. Fay was called, and references to her in the Budget are rare. She returned to Douglas at least once after her marriage, for in the paper of April 30, 1902, Mrs. H. B. Fay of C. P. Diaz, Old Mexico, is mentioned as being a Douglas visitor. It is also known that she spent some time with her Grandmother Barrow at an uncle's home outside of Douglas."
Prine, Margaret, "Merris C. Barrow, Sagebrush Philosopher and Journalist,
Part II," Annals of Wyoming, July 1952, Vol. 24 No. 2, pp 6-7.
It is unfortunate that the author of the article does not give an exact date for the marriage, but uses the phrase "while she was still very young." Elizabeth would have turned 18 on November 1, 1895. We know from the WWI registration that her son Harold was born January 23, 1897 (see below). Thus it seems most probable that Elizabeth was married at the very latest by the time of Harold's birth, and probably a couple of years earlier. Why then do we find her at home with her parents and single in 1900?
1900    Douglas, Converse, Wyoming
We know that Merris Barrow was not pleased by the marriage of his daughter. Is it possible that she was listed as home and single because in his eyes she should have been home and single? Is this possibly one of her visits to her grandmother (note that grandmother Helen is with the family), and did she leave Harold with his father so she could make the visit? I am not sure we will ever find the answers to that. In any case, the census of 1910 shows her with her married name, living with her two sons in Texas, and marked as a "widow". She is living next door to H[arry] Dorr (see below).
1910    El Paso, El Paso, TX
Harold is 13, born in TX approximately 1897; Theodore is 5; born in NM approximately 1905. The exact dates of birth can be established, Harold's by the WWI registration card (below) and Theodore's by the listing in the California Death List.
"Theodore Jennings Fay 25 Jan 1983 Siskiyou MALE 16 Aug 1904 New Mexico Barrow"
It is surprising that Theodore does not seem to appear in the Social Security List. Harold, on the other hand, is in the list:
Harold FAY - Birth: 23 Jan 1897 State Issued: California Death: May 1986
Dated 1918, the card gives us Harold's exact date of birth (1/23/1897) and place of birth (Egal Pass). This turned out to be "Eagle Pass" and it was significant in locating "Diaz" (see below). The card also shows the exact birth place of Herbert Burton, Harold's father (Salt Lake City, Utah). In addition, Elizabeth [Barrow Fay] Dorr is given as Harold's mother. Elizabeth must have been married to Harry R. Dorr shortly after the census of 1910 (above), since their first child Ella was born July 26, 1911. In 1920 we see the Dorr family and the two Fay boys.
1920    Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona
Elizabeth was actually not a widow; she was divorced from Herbert Burton, and that divorce must have happened some time before 1910. In 1910, Herbert has gone back to New Mexico, and he is sharing quarters with another man in the Forest Service. The census taker who recorded his information seems to have started to write S for single, but then changed it to a large D for divorced. In 1910, therefore, Herbert is in NM, and Elizabeth and the boys are in Texas.
1910    Mogollon, Socorro, NM
The census of 1920 shows both Elizabeth and Herbert in second marriages. Herbert married Margaret Howard and was living in Flagstaff, Arizona; Elizabeth married Harry Dorr and was living in Phoenix, Arizona.
1920    Flagstaff, Coconino, Arizona
In 1930, Margaret Howard Fay is a "widow" and there is no sign of Herbert anywhere. Did he die, divorce her or just leave? Theodore Fay has his own household, while Harold is still with his mother and the Dorr family. There are two census entries for Elizabeth and Harry Dorr, one with children and one by themselves. They both were taken April 8. I do not have an explanation.
1930    Brawley, Imperial, CA
1930    Somerton, Yuma, AZ
1930    Tulare, Tulare, CA
1930    Township 3, Fresno, CA
Herbert Burton Fay b: 4/11/1875 d: unknown
married first
Elizabeth Barrow b: 11/1/1877 d: 1/17/1965
Herbert Burton Fay b: 4/11/1875 d: unknown
married second
Margaret Howard b: 5/10/1889 d: 11/8/1971
Elizabeth Barrow b: 11/1/1877 d: 1/17/1965
married second
Harry Roland Dorr b: 7/26/1871 d: 3/19/1953
3  Harold Allen Fay  b: 1/23/1897  d: 5/1986
3  Theodore Jennings Fay  b: 8/16/1904  d: 1/25/1983
...+Verna  b: 1909
3  Inez Lucille Fay  b: 2/3/1901  d: 9/1985
...+Hal Green Bogle  b: 5/30/1897  d: 2/1973
......4  William Clarence Mcknight Bogle  b: abt 1919
......4  Jackson Bogle  b: 7/18/1921  d: 4/19/2005
.........+Barbara Ann Caine  b: 1/22/1923
............5  John Robert Bogle  b: 3/11/1944
............5  J. C. Bogle
............5  Kathleen Bogle  b: 12/8/1947  d: 1/1986
...............+Dr. Keith Joyner
............5  Becky Bogle 
...............+Raymond Ashworth
............5  Ann Bogle
...............+Dr. Edward Jasinski
......4  James Hal Bogle  b: 12/16/1925  d: 6/22/2008
.........+Jean Lois Verstegen  m: 9/7/1946
............5  Janet Bogle
......4  John Peter Bogle  b: 5/5/1934   d: 1/15/1985
3  Ernestine Fay  b: 1915
3  Herbert Burton Fay, Jr.  b: 11/13/1917  d: 11/13/1917
3  Stanley Stewart Fay  b: 7/13/1919  d: 2/26/1997
...+Barbara Theroux
......4  Vicky Fay  b: 2/24/1945
......4  Alan Stewart Fay  b: 12/31/1949
3  Ella Mae Dorr  b: 7/26/1911  d: 3/7/1997
...+Lyle James Cassady
......4  Gary James Cassady  b: 10/31/1942
......4  Gregg Lewis Cassady  b: 5/26/1955
.........+Karen L. Davis  m: 7/17/1976
3  Arthur Merris Dorr  b: 5/7/1914  d: 4/26/1990
...+Catherine E Neeley  b: 12/30/1918  d: 6/8/1982
......4  Arthur Merris Dorr II  b: 5/11/1951
.........+Linda M. Veirs  m: 3/19/1971
3  Ida Louise Dorr  b: 5/3/1915  d: 4/17/1996
...+unknown Martincich
......4  Stephanie Diane Martincich  b: 12/19/1953