The Fay Family: James Gage Fay 1826

James Gage Fay (6/28/1826 - before 1880)
And his Descendants
John Fay
Samuel (OPF #2) (1673 - 1732) son of John and Mary Brigham
Samuel (OPF #12) (1705 - 1788) son of Samuel and Tabitha Ward
Sherebiah (OPF #32) (6/29/1758 - 3/1839) son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Hastings) Cutler
John (OPF #226) (10/19/1792 - 9/23/1830) son of Sherebiah and Eleanor Stanley
James Gage (OPF p. 186) (born 6/28/1826) son of John and Mary Gage
Illinois 1870
R. A. Campbell
McHenry, Lake, Kane, Du Page, Cook, Will, Kendall counties
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Obituary of Donald E. Fay
Obituary of Ruth Fay Pace
Descendants of James Gage Fay
(sixth Generation)
Research began with an obituary and proceeded backwards. It was relatively easy to trace this line; between 1870 and 1910 they are bound together by Antoinette Holmes Fay. The census data has been supplemented by the Illinois State Archives, Social Security lists, WWI registration and other material. A second obituary was found later. Once James and Antoinette had been traced and then found in Orlin, things fell into place.
Orlin, page 186
In addition to the above selection, Orlin has a very short biography.
Orlin, page 216
Finding James and Antoinette in 1860 was difficult. James' first name has been changed from 'John' to 'James' (the indexer didn't catch that). Antoinette's name is incorrect. And how did the last name become 'Vasey'? I suspect that it was written 'Fahey' (incorrect in the first place) and then simply miscopied. In any case, given the data on the four people, there is no doubt in my mind that this is James Gage's family. About the only things that are correct are the listings for the children: and it is those that enabled me to trace and find the family. James is shown during his activity in "mercantile business."
1860   McHenry, McHenry
1870 shows us the family clearly, with James as 'insurance agent.' Their first two children died in 1861, and three more have been born. Charles died young, but Emma and Frank lived until after 1900.
1870   Chicago, Cook
By 1880, James is gone and Antoinette is a widow. With her are five children. Charles Walter died in 1892, according to Orlin. Amy (Emma Antoinette; how did the census taker come up with 'Amy'?), Frank, John and a fifth child, here identified as 'Hattie' and female, are still alive in 1900. 'Hattie', of course, is Harry, and should be identified as male and son. That this is so is firmly established by his WWI registration as well as the census of 1900 and later ones.
1880   McHenry, McHenry
In 1900 Antoinette) is in McHenry, McHenry County with Frank and Harry. John has established his own household in Chicago, and Emma is with a Gage relative in New Jersey by 1900. Antoinette says that she has four living children.
1900   McHenry, McHenry
By 1910, Antoinette, who now mentions three living children, is still in McHenry, but both Harry and John are in Chicago, and Emma has moved to Pennsylvania. The child who is missing is Frank. Orlin says that he died in 1895; but he appears clearly in the census of 1900. He must have died between 1900 and 1910. There is a Frank in the Illinois State Archives who died in Chicago on 12/16/1902 at the age of 33. That would make his birth about 1869. It is not clear that this is our Frank, but it might be.
1910   McHenry, McHenry
1920 finds both Harry and John back in McHenry. They are the only ones of the family left. Antoinette and Emma both seem to be gone. In 1930, John is in McHenry, Harry has moved to Elgin in Kane County.
James Gage Fay b: 6/28/1826 d: before 1880
Antoinette Holmes b: 9/5/1838 d: after 1910
7  James Haines Fay  b: 10/19/1856  d: 4/28/1861
7  Mary Emma Fay  b: 1/13/1859  d: 4/26/1861
7  Charles Walter Fay  b: 5/23/1862  d: 7/1892
7  Emma Antoinette Fay  b: 8/1/1864 d: after 1910
7  Franklin Scott Fay  b: 4/18/1867 d: betw. 1900 and 1910
7  John William Fay  b: 1/23/1873  d: 5/19/1937
...+Emma F. Taylor  b: 1873  m: 8/6/1895
........8  Walter H. Fay  b: 1899
........8  Helen Gage Fay  b: 9/29/1901  d: 10/31/1991
........8  John William Fay, Jr.  b: 1908
........8  James Gage Fay  b:  5/30/1909  d: 11/18/1993
7  Frederick Fay  b: 2/15/1874  d: 3/22/1880
7  Harry Holmes Fay  b: 4/21/1880
...+Elsie Howe Fay  m: 1907
........8  Elmer H. Fay  b: 1908
........8  Katherine F. Fay  b: 1912
........8  Harris H. Fay  b: 12/9/1914  d: 11/17/1988
........8  Ruth J. Fay  b: 8/19/1919  d: 10/23/1999
.........  +Ralph R. Pace  m: 8/29/1942
................9  Sherry Pace
.................  +Watson
........................10  Jon Paul Watson
........8  Donald E. Fay  b: 7/4/1921  d: 6/20/2007
.........  +Lois Robbins  m: 11/23/1946
................9  James A. Fay  d: 1967
................9  John Fay
................9  Diane Fay 
................9  Donna Fay