The Fay Family: James Riley Fay

James Riley Fay (1813 - 1847) of New York
And his Descendants
James Riley Fay was born November 15, 1813, in Java, Wyoming Co., NY, the son of James Israel Fay and Chloe Torrey.
His ancestry is documented in Orlin P. Fay's book:

David (4/23/1679 - 4/10/1738) m. Sarah Larkin

Edward (OPF 9)(5/16/1717 - 1806) son of David; m. Sarah ( - 12/23/1755)

Israel (OPF 82)(2/25/1744 - 8/17/1797) son of Edward; m. 12/15/1768 Mary Torrey (4/19/1748 - 12/23/1837)

James Israel (4/13/1785 - 1855) son of Israel; m. Chloe Torrey (abt 1784 - 1868)
In addition to the one son, Silas (b. 5/17/1803), included by Orlin P. Fay, p. 235, six more children have been documented by Charles Peterson. This can be found at Selvage and Peterson Families and More.

1. Silas FAY b: 17 MAY 1803 in Connecticut
2. Rufus FAY b: 26 OCT 1805 in Stafford Township, Tolland County, Connecticut
*. Russel FAY b: BET 1806 AND 1807
3. James Riley FAY b: 15 NOV 1813 in Java, Wyoming County, New York
4. Chloe P. FAY b: BET 1817 AND 1818 in Bethany, Genesee County, New York
5. Horace Albert FAY b: ABT 1820 in New York
6. Hiram FAY b: ABT 1821 in New York
7. Matilda FAY b: ABT 1826 in Java Township, Wyoming County, New York

*Russel is said to be the child of a second spouse but the dates prove that he must be the child of Chloe.
Rufus' line continues

New York
It was Israel who appears to have travelled from Connecticut to Bethany in Genesee County (1) before 1812 (see below for additional information from Charles Peterson). James Israel (see below for Peterson's notes) lived in Genesee, but the family branched out into Allegany (2), Wyoming (3), Livingston (4), and Monroe (5). From here, they have spread to many other places. Peterson's notes for James Riley may also be found below.
Descendants of James Riley Fay
Contributed by Fay Hoyt and George Walker
Significant Links and Contributions by Charles Peterson
James Riley Fay
b. 11/15/1813 in Java, Wyoming Co., NY
d. 10/11/1847 in Nunda, Livingston Co., NY.
m. 1/1/1835 Batavia, Genesee Co., NY, to
Permilia Thompson Way
b. 2/21/1811 in Bethany, Genesee Co., NY
d. 1/13/1868
George R. W. Fay(11/4/1835 - 2/6/1865)
Cornelia Elizabeth Baldwin(8/30/1836 - 10/31/1902)(m. 1857)
Mariam Permelia Fay(10/12/1858 - 7/24/1933)
William H. Havensm: 11/26/1879(d. 3/3/1924)
Georgia May Havens(8/28/1881 - 7/15/1948)
Charles Rathbun
(two children)
Elsie Melvina Fay (9/7/1860 - 9/10/1928)
William A. Sphoonm: 8/5/1877(b. 9/26/1859)
Charles H. Sphoon (7/6/1881 - 12/21/1937)
Wells A. Sphoon(b. 6/10/1884)
Myrtie Melissa Fay(7/1/1863 - 6/25/1892)
Richmond David Havensm: 9/2/1887
Edith F. Havens(11/11/1889 - 4/13/1973)
[1]Hiram E. Slaterm: 1913(1865 - 1938)
[2]John J. Brett m: 1940(? - 1946)
[3]Raymond Stafford Phippsm: 1951
Theresa Emira Fay (9/25/1840 - 1915)(obituary)
John Henry Walker (1835-1888)(m. 1856)
Lydia Ann (died in infancy)
Eleanor M. (1860 - May 1, 1909)
John H., of Ennis, Texas;
Mary (1864 - 1927)
Somes, Sherman S. (1863-1892)
McDougal m. about 1895 of English Lake, Ind.
Geo. W., of Anamosa, Iowa [13 in 1880]
Chancey H., of Clarinda, Iowa [11 in 1880]
E. Evelyn (1872-1948)
Casteel, of Hagar City, Wis.
L. Emma (1874 - 1950)
Sammie (died in infancy)

Vera Walker (1895-1914)

A.J. Yarrington (m. 1889) (d. 1892)(2nd husband)
Loren Tittle, of Rochester, New York (1838-1913) (m. March 1911)(3rd husband)

Norman Stephen Fay(10/2/1842 - 12/23/1929)
Mary Waym: 1862(1844 - 1900)
Elizabeth Fay(? - 4/1894)
George Fay
Marion Fay (d. July 30, 1947)
Grace E.(d. 12/14/1940)
Zelma Fay(6/24/1906 - 4/29/1994)
unknown Hardison
Myra Fay(1876 - 1934)
James L. Sick(1877 - 1967)
Betsey A. Fay(ABT 1844)
Charles Walter Fay(6/9/1847 - 3/3/1926)
Cornelia Elizabeth Baldwinm: 4/28/1870(8/30/1836 - 10/31/1902)
Nina Elisabeth Fay(5/11/1880 - 5/12/1961)
Louis Rushford Howe m: 1/1/1901 (3/3/1880 - 8/3/1941)
Ralph Raymond Howe(6/28/1916 - 1/10/1993)
Marguerite Elaine Hotchkissm: 11/1/1936) (b. 7/23/1913)
Fay Elaine Howe(6/20/1939)
Lawrence Clifford Hoytm: 10/6/1956(b. 1/4/1931)
[three siblings; private]
Myrtie Blanche Howe(10/13/1901 - 11/23/1992)
James George Boutwellm: 9/1/1928) (b. 11/29/1904)
Pearl Fay Howe(1/29/1904 - 11/22/1977)
Clarence J. Manchesterm: 7/9/1922) (10/15/1901 - 4/27/1972)
Elsie Crystal Howe(5/5/1906 - 9/25/1908)
Edith Cornelia Howe(11/11/1908 - 1/12/1989)
Gordon McCall Yates m: 4/28/1927) (10/11/1907 - 5/8/1982)
Charles Louis Howe(3/13/1911 - 7/4/1911)
Alice Sabra Howe(2/18/1912 - 5/28/1912)
Charles Leon Howe (5/26/1913 - 10/16/1918)
Gladys Melrose Howe(8/4/1919 - 12/24/1999)
Roy Herbert Marsm: 7/25/1939) (4/2/1900 - 12/14/1973)
[son; private]
William H. Way(ABT 1869)(adopted)
note Cornelia Elizabeth Baldwin married George R. W. Fay in 1857, and had three children with him. Then, after his death in 1865 at the age of 29, she married his brother Charles Walter Fay in 1870 and had one daughter with him.
From Charles Peterson's notes on Israel Fay
IGI. Of Bethany, Genesee County.

S.E. North 1899, Our Country and People, p. 106. Israel Fay was in Bethany before 1812. An Ezekiel Fay is also noted as being in Bethany at this time.

Genesee County Library Family Files. Israel Fay came to Bethany in 1812. Married Mary ? Died 8 February 1884 at age of 79. She died 23 December 1837. Both buried in Bethany Center Cemetery.

F.W. Beers, Gazetteer and Biographic Record of Genesee County, New York, 1788-1890, p. 360. Israel Fay was in Bethany.

Genesee County, New York, Deed Book 29, p. 281. Israel Fay purchased land in lots 59 and 60 T11 R1 of the Holland Land Grant from Emory Cheney.

Genesee County, New York, Deed Book 73, p. 166. Land transaction in lot 50 T11 R1 of the Holland Land Grant Survey.

Genesee County, New York, Deed Book 78, p. 35. Israel Fay purchased from Jesse Fay land in lot 1 S11 R2 of the Holland Land Grant Survey.

Genesee County, New York, Deed Book 105, p. 40, 1855. Israel Fay sold land in lots 59 and 60 of T11 R1 of the Holland Land Grant Survey to Jonas L. Fay.
From Charles Peterson's notes on James Israel Fay
O. Turner 1850, Pioneer History of the Holland Purchase of Western New York, p. 455. James Fay in T10 R1 in 1802.

History of Wyoming County, New York, 1880, p. 212. James Fay was settler 1803 west of the village of Wyoming. So was David Torrey.

K.E. Livsey 1991, West New York Land Transactions 1804-1824, p. 45. James Fay, 2 November 1809, original transaction for property in Township 11 Range 1 Genesee County, New York.

Robert Morris of Massachusetts purchased Genesee County (originally all of western New York) in 1791. It was sold to the Holland Company 20 July 1793. The Holland Company was a group of Dutch bankers. Their first land sale was 1801.

1810 New York census, Genesee County, 3-0-1-0-0 / 0-0-1-0-0 / 1 [males of age 0-10, 10-16, 16-26, 26-45, and >45; females 0-10, 10- 16, 16-26, 26-45, and >45; other individuals].

K.E. Livsey 1991, West New York Land Transactions 1804-1824, p. 84. James Fay, 12 March 1812, subsequent receipt for property in Township 11 Range 1.

K.E. Livsey 1991, West New York Land Transactions 1804-1824, p. 179. James Fay, 21 March 1817 and 31 March 1817, subsequent transactions on lot 58, Township 11 Range 1. 29 March 1817 (father-in-law) Timothy Torrey is receipted for the same lot.

Paul Castillo, 11 March 1998, Genesee County, New York, Deed Book 14, 1818-1823, p. 18: James Fay from Calvin Barross, lot 42 T11 R1.

K.E. Livsey 1991, West New York Land Transactions 1804-1824, p. 306. James Fay, 7 October 1819, original transaction for property in Township 8 Range 3, Wyoming County.

1820 New York census, Bethany Township, Genesee County p. 52. James Fay, 2-1-1-1-1-0 / 0-0-0-1-0 / 0-3 [males of age 0-10, 10-16, 16-18, 16-26, 26-45, and >45; females 0-10, 10-16, 16-26, 26-45, and >45; individuals not naturalized; number in agriculture].

1830 New York census, China Township, Genesee County p. 158. James Fay, age 40-50 with wife of same age. Three male children of ages 5- 10 (Hiram), 15-20 (?), and 15-20 (James R.). Daughter of age 0-5 (Matilda).

Paul Castillo, 11 March 1998, Genesee County, New York, Deed Book 37, 1836, p. 482. James Fay from Mary Fay, lot 50, T11, R1.

Genesee County, New York, Deed Book 37, p.482, 12 December 1835. Mary Fay of the town of Bethany sold to James Fay of the town of Bethany for $1000 a parcel of 46 acres in lot #50 T11 R1.

1840 New York census. There are 4 Fay families listed in Java Township of Genesee County:
1) Horace Fay, p. 122, age 20-30. Considered a son and potentially with Amos in the household.
2) James Fay, p. 104, age 50-60 with one other male of age 15-20 in the household (Hiram?); wife of age 50-60 (Chloe?), one other female of age 10-15 (Matilda).
3) James R. Fay, p. 104. Age 20-30.
4) Rufus Fay, p. 104. Age 30-40.

Wyoming County, New York, Deed Book 4, p. 355, 10 September 1845. Horace A. and Eleanor Fay, and James and Chloe Fay, both of Wethersfield, conveyed part of lot 34 in Wethersfield to Ambrose P. Mosier of Wethersfield.

1850 Wyoming County, New York, census, pp. 62 and 63, Java, 13 and 14 August 1850, shows three Fay families:
(1) Dwelling 917/family 917, Rufus Fay 44 Connecticut, and family.
(2) 925/925, Silas Fay 47 Connecticut, and family.
(3) 926/926, James Fay 67 Connecticut, laborer, with Chloa 67 Connecticut, and Matilda 24 New York. James and Chloe Fay are almost certainly the parents of Silas and Rufus. They apparently are also the parents of Hiram Fay with whom Chloe is found in the 1860 Iowa census.

Jones County, Iowa, Probate Index. Estate of of James Fay, packet #0116, also Book C, p. 283. Packet includes only a copy of the estate notice published in the Jones County Bulletin, Anamosa, Iowa, dated 3 December 1855. Chloe Fay, administrator. According to this notice the will had been read in the county court and would be proven in court 7 January 1856.

Jones County, Iowa, Will Book. Last Will and Testament of James Fay. It is my will that my wife Chloe Fay is to have all the household furniture beds & bedding. It is my will that she has the Cow and Calf and the hog in the pen. It is my will that my sife is to have the money that my land in New York State will bring. It is my will that my wife is to have my land warrant from the War Department. It is my will that all the money on hand or coming likewise, all the property in the house or out a doors is to by my wife Chloe Fay. Except it is my will that my Son Silas Fay to have one dollar & Rufus Fay to have one dollar and Harris Fay one dollar like wise Hiram Fay one dollar it is my will that all my honest debts is to be paid first and my Funeral expenses to be paid likewise. It is my will that at the death of my wife if do be that my daughter Matilda should be living that she Fall Heir to all that her mother leaves it is my will that my wife Chloe Fay be the Executor of my will. James (his mark) Fay, Attest Samuel Spear and Jane Spear, June the 4th 1855. Recorded by the County Clerk 4 February 1856.

Another Fay family located about the same time in Jones County; see pp. 169-171 of Anamosa 1838-1988 . . . A Reminiscence. John H. (1822- 1914; married Cynthia Loesa Cameron 17 April 1868 in Anamosa, Jones County) and Edwin (married Margaret Mulconnery 1856 in Chicago) fled Ireland for unknown reasons.

Who is Adeline Fay who married Joseph Brownell, 21 September 1857, Jones County, Iowa, Marriage Record A, p. 76, license #543? The 1860 Iowa census lists Joseph W. Brownell 52 New York in Decatur County p. 116, but he is single.

Beers History of Wyoming County, New York. James Fay, p. 212.

F.W. Beers, Biographic Record of Genessee County, New York, 1788- 1890, pp. 63, 70, 81, 82, 95, 144, 357, 360, 361, 502, 589, 603, and 611.

Jones County, Iowa, Probate Records, Book C, p. 283. Estate #0116. James Fay.

Probate Records, Book C (LDS film 1737955), p. 283: Last Will and Testament of James Fay filed 3 December 1855. Notice to be published in the Jones County Bulletin.

O.K. Porter 1934, Iowa Genealogical Records from the DAR Chapter of Anamosa, p. 144. James Fay died 1855 at age 70. Buried White Oak Cemetery, Greenfield Township, Jones County, Iowa.
From Charles Peterson's notes on James Riley Fay
1840 New York Census, Java Township, Genessee County p. 104. James R. Fay, age 20-30 with two women of same age (wife and sister?). Children in household: male of age 0-5, male 5-10, female 0-5, and female 5-10.

Was a farmer in the Torrey Hill Section of Java Township. Purchased a farm from the Holland Land Grant along with Rufus and Silas Fay.

Zelma Fay Hardison. James was killed by a load of lumber tipping on the way to Mt. Morris. His son (born 2 October 1842 at Java, New York) went to live with people near Arkport, New York.

According to Selvage/Peterson, death was in Washington County, NY according to Fay Hoyt, death was in Nunda, Livingston Co, NY, and she has documentation to support this.

The relationship of Cornelia and James is questionable. Certainly she does not seem to have been married on 1/1/1835, since that was the date of Permilia's marriage. Peterson seems to be correct when he remarks that it sounds like a simple case of confusion with Cornelia Baldwin (see note for her).
Theresa Emira Fay: Obituary
Decatur County Journal
Thursday, May 27, 1915
Therisa Emira Fay was born in Java, Livingston County, New York, September 25, 1840, and died at her residence in northeast Leon, May 16, 1915.

Deceased was united in marriage to John Henry Walker at Mt. Carroll, Illinois, August 16, 1856. To this union nine children were born: Lydia Ann, who died in infancy; Eleanor M., who died May 1, 1909; John H., of Ennis, Texas; Mrs. Mary McDougal, of English Lake, Ind., Geo. W., of Anamosa, Iowa; Chancey H., of Clarinda, Iowa; Mrs. Evelyn Casteel, of Hagar City, Wis., L. Emma, of Leon and Sammie, who died in infancy.

Five of the children were at the bedside of their mother during her recent illness and with the help of the many kind neighbors and friends did all th[at] could be done for her comfort.

The deceased came to Leon with her husband in 1873 and with the exception of two years in Lamoni, has been a resident of this community ever since, where she was loved and respected by all who knew her. John H. Walker died March 22, 1888, and the latter part of 1889 the deceased was united in marriage to A.J. Yarrington, of Lamoni, who died in 1892. In March 1911, she again united in marriage to Loren Tittle, of Rochester, New York. Mrs. Tittle was a member of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and lived a true faithful Christian life. Services were held at the residence, Tuesday, May 18, in charge of Elder H.A. Stebbins, of Lamoni, Iowa. The beautiful comforting hymns were rendered by a quartet composed of Mrs. Leslie Grimes, Mrs. Hemphill and Messrs. W.W. Craig and Will Gardner.

The pall bearers were members of the G.A.R., viz, Capt. J.D. Brown, J. Grandstaff, A. Ehm, Geo. Jennings, Mr. Truitt, and Mr. Teeters. Besides the sorrowing children, Mrs. Tittle leaves two brothers, Norman and Charles Fay, of Livingston County, New York, and many other relatives. Interment was made in the Leon Cemetery where short services were held and the remains laid to rest until the resurrection of the just where parting from loved ones will be no more.

Leon Cemetery, Section C
WALKER (other matching stones are #15-10 through 15-15) (R14-10)
CASTEEL, E. Evelyn Walker1872-1948 (R14-11)
COOPER, Eleanor Walker 1860-1909 (R14-12)
TITTLE, Emira Walker 1840-1915 (R14-13)
TITTLE, Loren 1838-1913 (R14-14)
WALKER, John H. 1835-1888 (W.P.A. "died Mar 22, 1888") (R15-10)
GOULD, Vera Walker 1895-1914 (R15-12)
HELM, Emma Walker 1874-1950 (R15-13)
SOMES, Mary Walker 1864-1927 (R15-14)
SOMES, Sherman S. 1863-1892 (R15-15)