The Fay Family: Jason Fay

Jason Fay (1835 - before 1900)
And his Descendants
John Fay
Samuel (OPF #2) (1673 - 1732) son of John and Mary Brigham
Samuel (OPF #12) (1705 - 1788) son of Samuel and Tabitha Ward
Sherebiah (OPF #32) (6/29/1758 - 3/1839) son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Hastings) Cutler
Daniel (OPF p. 177) (1798 - 7/6/1861) son of Sherebiah and Eleanor Stanley
Jason (OPF p. 177) (1834 - 1908) son of Daniel and Rebeccca Cooper
Selection from G. W. Colton, Ohio, 1856
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Descendants of Jason Fay
(sixth Generation)
While what follows actually begins with Daniel, since it is possible to add to our knowledge of him through the use of census records, the primary purpose of the research was to find out more about Jason. We first see Jason in 1850 in Lyme, Jefferson County, NY. Four of Daniel's children are listed here.
In 1860, Daniel is still in Lyme. All four of the children we saw in 1850 are out of the house now, but there are two new daughters born since the last census. Living with Daniel is his brother Chauncey age 57. Daniel's son Chauncy has moved to Michigan and is married with one child, living in Gratiot County. There is no sign of Jason in 1860. However, since Daniel was indexed as "Duel Jay," it is possible that Jason is here but not yet found, since in 1870 he is still in Lyme. His brother Chauncy is still in Michigan in 1870. Daniel died in 1861. There is no sign of Rebecca in 1870, nor of the younger two girls, who would have been old enough to marry.
Between 1870 and 1879, Jason and his family moved from Lyme, New York to Cleveland, Ohio. Jason was a sailor, and the proximity of Lake Erie probably was one of the factors in his decision to move. His family arrived in Ohio before the birth of Myrtle in May 1879; she was the only one of his children born in Ohio. His family seems to have remained in Ohio; he himself died there before 1900, when Sophia is listed as a widow, living with her two unmarried daughters.
One of the most interesting discoveries in this line was the name shown in the census for 1880. Jason, who appears in Orlin as "John," and is listed as "Jason" in 1850 and 1870, now appears as Nathan. There is no doubt that it is he; the names of the family, the birth data, the occupation all offer supporting evidence, and taken together make it conclusive. It would not be unusual to see the use of a middle name; but one usually sees some indication in other years that there IS a middle name. Thus in this family, Chauncy's son is listed in 1860 as Elbert, in 1870 as Adelbert E. and in 1880 as Eugene A. If Jason had appeared as Jason N., I would have been less surprised. But whatever the reason, in 1880 he is listed as Nathan.
Descendants of Daniel and Rebecca Cooper Fay
6  Chauncy Fay  b: 1834
...+Margaret  b: 1837
........7  Eugene Adelbert Fay  b: 1859
.........  +Lydia  b: 1878
6  Jason Fay [aka Nathan]  b: 11/13/1835 d: before 1900
...+Sophia Warner
........7  Brayton Fay  b:  3/20/1866
.........  +Minnie R. 3/1867
................8  Ralph A. Fay  b:  12/1893
................8  Ethel M. Fay  b:  9/1895
................8  Helen L. Fay  b:  4/1899
................8  Donna M. Fay  b:  1910
........7  Alva M. [Adelbert] Fay  b:  9/5/1863
.........  +Nettie F.  b: 9/1872
................8  Florence Fay  b:   10/1894
................8  Ruth Fay  b:   6/1896
................8  Edna Fay  b:   3/1899
........7  Permelia Fay  b:  4/12/1868
........7  Myrtle Fay  b:  5/25/1879

6  Martha Fay  b: 1840
6  Lovina Fay  b: 1843
6  Sybel Fay  b: 1851
6  Julia Fay  b: 1853