The Fay Family: Genealogies: Jerome Fay

Jerome Fay (1837 - 1912)
And his Descendants
John Fay

John (OPF #2) (11/30/1669 - 1/5/1747) son of John and Mary Brigham

Stephen (OPF #35) (5/5/1715? - 5/17/1781) son of John and Elizabeth Wellington

Stephen married Ruth Child (1704 - 1802) on 5/7/1734. They had 11 children.
An outline descendant tree for Stephen may be found here.

John (OPF #117) (12/23/1734 - 8/16/1777) son of Stephen and Ruth

Nathan (OPF #592) (11/15/1750 - 2/18/1838) son of John and Mary Fisk

Truman (OPF #1748) (b. 1/29/1806) son of Nathan and Mary Safford

Census Data
The identification of Jerome the guide and mountaineer in California with Jerome the son of Truman is based on census data. Further material will be added here as found.

California, 1856, by J.H.Colton (detail)
image copyright 2002 by Cartography Associates
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