The Fay Family: Mayabb Cousins

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Mayabb Cousins
Family of Ora Mayabb
from Rand McNally
Southern Michigan, 1897
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Much of our information about William R. Mayabb comes from the census record of 1900. William was born in February, 1865, and married to Rosa Hulbert in 1886. By 1900, William and Rosa have had four children, of whom three survive:
Bessie Mayabb, born March 1889
Ora Mayabb, born March 1893
William Floyd Mayabb, born December 2, 1895.
William was born in Missouri of parents who, according to the 1900 record, were born in KY [earlier census records show the parents' state of birth as NC]. Rosa was born in Michigan, her father in CT and her mother in NY. All three children were born in MO. Between December 1895, the date of Floyd's birth, and 1900, the family moved to Columbus, Saint Clair, Michigan, where they were in 1900. Some time between 1900 and 1910, William died. Rosa and Floyd still lived together in 1910; Bessie was out working; and Ora seems to have married, but I have not been able to confirm that.
Rosa Hulbert's ancestry seems quite clear. She was the daughter of Josiah and Elisabeth Hulbert, who were living in Wilmington, Wabaunsee, KS, in 1880. Josiah was born in CT; Elisabeth was born in NY; and Rosa in MI. The birth states match perfectly. One source gives Rosa's last name as "Hurlburt", but I think "Hulbert" is correct; however, spellings do vary. I traced the Hulberts back to 1870 (Michigan), where Josiah is recorded as "Joseph H." and to 1860 (Illinois), where he is simply "J.H." I did not trace them further. (Her maiden name was originally found in two Wellsted entries.)
With the ancestry of William R. Mayabb, we seem to be on slightly less solid ground. LDS identifies him as the son of John D. and Eliza Jane Flinchum Mayabb. John and Liza were married October 15, 1845 (LDS) and were living in Brookline, Green, Missouri, in 1880. If this is in fact William's family, they lived in Wright County, Missouri, in 1870, and in Missouri in 1860. I did not find them in the census of 1860, but their son Green was born in 1859 in Missouri, and Susan in 1861 or 1862 in Missouri. In 1850, John and Eliza are in Breathitt, Kentucky, with two children, Daniel, whom we later see, and William T., who is 11 months old. William T. seems to be pretty clearly the child later called just "Thomas." John and Liza were born in North Carolina; no state is given for the children. This early residence in Kentucky may have been one of the reasons for confusion.
LDS says that John was the son of Thomas Mabe (note the spelling change). The Mabe family does appear in North Carolina in significant numbers in 1830 and 1840.
John and Liza had 11 children of whom I know the names: Daniel H., 1847; William Thomas, late 1849; Mary, 1853; Martha, 1854; John, 1858; Newel Green, 1859; Susan E., 1861; William R., 1863; Julia A., 1865; Sarah F., 1867; Joshua (or Josiah), 1868; there may well have been other children. John died May 31, 1889 (LDS) in Wright County.
Before we leave John and Eliza, we should note that at least one researcher thinks that William, the son of John and Eliza, was born in Alabama and married Sarah Eleanor Tarrant in Alabama, and then lived and died in Texas. I do not agree; I think the census evidence is clearly against that for several reasons. It is my firm belief that he married Rosa Hulbert as discussed above.
The three children of William Riley Mayabb and Rosa Hulbert were Bessie Elizabeth, Ora Mae (or May), and William Floyd.
William Floyd Mayabb was the youngest child. His birth and death, and that of his son, are confirmed by the Social Security records:
William Floyd Mayabb born 12/2/1895, died 7/1974 Richmond, Macomb, MI
William F. Mayabb born 4/14/1925, died 3/2/1992 Mount Clemens, Macomb, MI
William Floyd's family is found in the 1930 census in Richmond, Macomb, MI, although misindexed as "Mayhall." It is quite clearly Mayabb; but the recorder taker made one mistake, which was then compounded by the indexer. Floyd and his wife Anna seem both to have been married before, since Floyd's first marriage was at the age of 21, or 14 years ago, and Anna's first marriage was at the age of 19 or 19 years ago. Anna was previously married to a man by the name of Suer; in 1920, she was living with Bessie Mayabb Pratt, Floyd's sister (see below). I have not been able to find Floyd in the census of 1920. The children of Floyd and Anna are Viola M, 10; Twila J., 8, and William F., 5.
It proved a little more difficult to track Bessie. According to Dee Dee Wellsted, in a posted message, Bessie Elizabeth Mayabb Pratt Sheen ORourke was born 13 Mar 1889 and died 27 Apr 1969. In the census of 1900, her birth is given as March 1889, which agrees. In 1910, William had died, and Rosa and Floyd, who was then 14, were living in Riley Twp, St Clair, Michigan. Bessie seems to be living close by in Armada Twp, Macomb County, and working as a servant in a private family.
From now on, it becomes difficult to know from census alone what is happening. I have found Bessie in 1920 and in 1930; but I have no records in between. Sometime after 1910, she married a man by the name of Pratt. He died, and there seem to have been no children of that marriage. In 1920, Bessie Pratt is widowed, living in the household of Otto Shearm, who is single, born about 1889 in Michigan, his father and mother having been born in Canada. There is another woman living in the household, also a widow. Her name is Ann Suer; the children are Dorothy, age 7, Harold, age 5, Edwin, age 4. This is the Ann who between 1920 and 1923 married William Floyd Mayabb, Bessie's brother. In 1930, Harold and Edwin are living as stepsons in the household of Floyd and Anna.
Otto Shearm married Bessie. His last name is one of those that seems to have changed over the years. In the census records of 1900 and 1910, where Otto is in his father's household, the name is spelled "Shearon." The age of Otto, and the birth places of his mother and father, make this identification almost positive. Otto seems to appear in the social security records with the spelling "Shearm", born September 28, 1889, in Michigan, and died September 1962 in California, although he does not seem to appear on the California death list.
In any case, Bessie divorced Otto, and in 1930 was still living in Richmond. There are four children with Bessie; and the entry lists them all under the last name of "Shearm": Howard, 19; Marguerite, 17, Vonda 5, Veldora B. 4 11/12. The younger two are pretty clearly the children of Bessie and Otto. But who are Howard and Marguerite? Otto was single in 1920, and there is no sign of Howard and Marguerite. I have run searches in 1920, and I cannot find them. Nor do I have records later than 1930, so that I cannot follow them beyond this point. Bessie was only 41, however, and she may well have married again, and quite possibly an O'Rourke.
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Descendants of
John D. Mayabb (about 1820 - 5/31/1889) and Eliza Jane Flinchum
.....2  Daniel H. Mayabb  b: 1848	
.....2  Thomas William Mayabb  b: 1850	
.....2  Mary Mayabb  b: 1853	
.....2  Martha C. Mayabb  b: 1854	
.....2  John E. Mayabb  b: 1856	
.....2  Susan E. Mayabb  b: 1858	
.....2  Newlen (Newel) Green Mayabb  b: 1859	
.....2  Julia A. Mayabb  b: 1864	
.....2  William Riley Mayabb  b: 2/1865	
......  +Rosa M. Hulbert  b: 3/1868	
............3  Ora Mayabb  b: 3/1893  line continues	
............3  Bessie Mayabb  b: 3/13/1889	
.............  +(1) unknown Pratt		
.............  +(2) Otto Shearm
...................4  Vonda Shearm  b: 1925 
...................4  Veldora B. Shearm  b: 1926
.............  +(3) O'Rourke?
............3  William Floyd Mayabb  b: 12/2/1895  d: 7/18/1974
.............  +Anna Christina Suer  d: 7/21/1945
...................4  Viola M. Mayabb  b: 1920
...................4  Twila J. Mayabb  b: 1922
...................4  William F. Mayabb  b: 4/14/1925  d: 3/2/1992
.....2  Sarah F. Mayabb  b: 1867	
.....2  Josiah (or Joshua) Mayabb  b: 1868