The Fay Family: Michigan Vital Records

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Some Michigan Deaths 1867 - 1884
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date of death place county status age cause birth state occupation

Aaron Fay 4/18/1876 Quincy Branch married 53 years 10 months dropsy NY farmer Aaron Fay Fannie Fay
Alice Fay 10/30/1870 Brooklyn Jackson single 3 months 6 days diphtheria MI baby James Fay Caroline Fay
Bessie M. Fay 10/13/1882 Eaton Rapids Eaton single 1 year 3 months 9 days cholera infantum MI baby Ed Fay Mary Fay
Charles F. Fay 11/24/1870 Vermont- ville Eaton single 14 years 2 months 19 days gunshot NY child Ochie P. Fay Laura B. Fay
Claud Fay 8/1/1871 Montery Allegan single 3 days fits MI baby Samuel Fay May Fay
Edna Fay 10/1/1883 St Charles Saginaw single 2 months cholera infantum MI baby Willard Fay Elvisa Fay
Edwin D. Fay 12/9/1871 Plainwell Allegan single 18 years spotted fever IN child U S Fay Lucinda Fay
Eliza Fay 6/9/1875 Pontiac Oakland married 36 years 1 month 9 days congestive chills Eng housewife Geo Rogers Eliza Rogers
Frank Fay 9/22/1874 Detroit Wayne single 7 months diarrhea MI baby Edmond Fay Elizabeth Fay
Frank Fay 4/25/1882 Norvell Jackson single 12 years 4 months 17 days inflammatory rheumatism MI student James Fay Caroline Fay
Jennie Fay 4/7/1873 Exeter Monroe single 1 month unknown MI baby Francis Fay Charlotte Fay
Jessie Fay 12/16/1881 Woodville Kent married 17 years diphtheria MI housewife Harry N. Kingin unknown
Kitty M. Fay 9/20/1881 Van Buren Wayne single 9 years 10 months diphtheria MI domestic John Fay Lucy S. Fay
Libbie Bell Fay 5/27/1869 Goodland Lapeer single 7 months 3 days inflamation of the lungs MI baby Thomas Fay Rosella Fay
Lillian Fay 1/1/1867 Pontiac Oakland single 7 years typhoid fever MI child Charles H. Fay Rachel Fay
Mary Bertha Fay 12/26/1883 Bingham Leelanau single 4 years 11 months 20 days quinsy MI child A. Fay Susan J. Fay
May Fay 4/18/1872 Hazelton Shiawas- see single 7 years 2 months 20 days groin MI child John Fay Ann Fay
Nellie W. Fay 11/19/1872 Grand Rapids Kent single 8 years 8 months typhoid fever MA child William W. Fay Martha A. Wilson
Richard Fay 6/11/1877 Eaton Rapids Eaton married 64 years consumption lungs NY farmer Aron Fay Tamer Fay
William B. Fay 9/29/1873 Vermont- ville Eaton single 21 years 6 months 3 days typhoid fever NY farmer Oliver P. Fay Laura B. Fay
William H. Fay 3/28/1879 Crystal Oceana widowed 78 years 9 months 15 days asthma NY blacksmith John Fay Mary Fay
William L. Fay 2/14/1884 Bay City Bay married 63 years dropsy NY lumber mfg unknown unknown
William Fay 8/30/1869 Dewitt Clinton unk. 67 years typhoid fever NY blacksmith unknown unknown
Willis A. Fay 9/15/1871 Grand Rapids Kent single 1 year 4 months 12 days unknown MI baby William W. Fay Martha W. Fay