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Daniel Fay (10/10/1865-1/29/1936)
Jonathan Fay ( - 12/25/1883)
George Frances Fay (1/20/1887 - 8/28/1964)
Francis Fay (10/9/1828 - 7/30/1915)
Orion Jonathon Fay (6/20/1860 - )[bio, not obit]
Austin Fay (9/25/1859 - 5/15/1920)
Arthur R. Fay (~1890 - 1960)
Charlotte Fay (1839 - 6/30/1922)
Charles F. Fay (~1858 - 4/16/1945)
William Edward Fay (1863-5/17/1908)
William Edward Fay (1863-5/17/1908)
Anna Harryman Fay
Leo F. Fay
Florence Fay
Gary T. Fay
Thomas F. Fay

Daniel Fay, Belleville, Buried Saturday

--From the Carleton Messenger, Monroe County, Michigan, February 6, 1936

Daniel Fay, aged 70 years, passed away at Belleville, Michigan, January 29, 1936 after an extended illness.

He was born in Exeter township, Monroe County, Michigan October 10, 1865 where he lived until moving to Belleville, 11 years ago.

He is survived by his wife, three sons, and three daughters, 25 grandchildren, five great grandchildren.

Funeral services were held at St Stephans Church at New Boston Saturday, February 1, 1936 at 8:30 am.

Those left to mourn their loss are his wife, Mrs Eliza Fay of Belleville, George Fay of Exeter, Charles D Fay of Oceanside, California, Mrs Lulu Beach of Belleville, Jenner Fay of Romulus, Pearl Lewis of Flat Rock, Faith Nowland of Detroit, one sister Ms Dr. Hamilton of Detroit, two brothers Charles F Fay of Earlimart California, and Robert Fay of Detroit.

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Old Mr Fay Dies

From The Monroe Commercial, Friday, January 11 1884 (Monroe, MI) Dateline: Exeter North Side

Old Mr Fay, father of Austin and Francis Fay, of this place, died on Christmas day at the home of his son, Francis, aged over 80 years. He has been sick for some time.

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Obit for George Fay--Michigan

Enterprise Roman and the Legal Times Wed. Sept. 2, 1964.

Fay, George Frances 76, 35 Clarence St. Belleville, died at the Belvil Hospital Aug 28, 1964. He was born in Monroe Co. on January 20, 1887 [1888]. He is survived by two sons, Ralph of Ecorse and Frances L. of Belleville, three daughters, Mrs. Marie Hopkins of Romulus, Mrs. Viola Dyer and Eileen Simkins of Belleville. One brother, Genner Fay of Higgins Lake and 2 sisters, Mrs. Faith D'Annunzio of Florida, and Mrs. Pearl Louys of Mancelona also survive. Services were held at Robert Bros [now called Pawlus--2000] Funeral Home and St. Anthony's Catholic Church Sept 1. Mr. Fays grave is in Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Flat Rock.

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Obit for Francis Fay--Michigan

Obituary provided by the Monroe County [Michigan] Historical Museum, newpaper name not recorded, dated July 30, 1915.

FRANCIS FAY, who has been sick for several months from the infirmities of old age, passed away peacefully on Friday morning at 8 o'clock, July 30. 1915, removing from our midst one of the oldest settlers in this part of Monroe County. Mr Fay was born in Huron township, Wayne county, September 9, 1828, and died at the advanced age of 87 years 10 months and 21 days, being the last one of his father's family. When a young man he shouldered his ax and made his way on foot to the Northern pine woods, and after several months of hard labor he managed to save out of his earnings $250. Proposing to make his own way in the world he returned on foot to this part of the state, and with his fund of $250 he purchased the 80 acres in Section 1 of Exeter township, now owned by his son Dan. That part of the county at that time was a dense wilderness and the farm that Mr fay selected had not been touched by ax of settler in any way. Mr Fay's first team was an ox team, horses being too scarce, and in those days, on account of bad roads or no roads, it was common when visiting neighbors , for the men to walk and the women to ride in the oxcart. Deceased often spoke of his fishing trips with the Indians. He settled on the farm in 1847, and many others took up the farms in that section who have passed to the great beyond these 20 or 30 years, leaving Mr Fay the unique distinction of being the original and honored pioneer of this section. He was married in Huron township to Charlotte D Brown at the home of Enoch Chamberlain March 19, 1854. This union was blessed with ten children, six sons and four daughters. Two daughters died in infancy and two sons, William E Fay and Perry C Fay died in manhood. The surviving children left with the bereaved wife are: Dr O J Fay, Carleton, Mrs John Pryor, Belleville, Charles F Fay, Isle of Pines, Cuba, Mrs Dr. J D Hamilton, Detroit, Dan Fay, Exeter, Robert Fay, Detroit; he also leaves 20 grand children, and 7 great grand children, and Mrs Fay retired from the farm August 28th 1896, and since that time have made their home in this village. He was a man of sterling qualities and devoted to his home. He has often remarked that his long life and good health these many years were due to his clean habits for he neither chewed or smoked tobacco or indulged in intoxicating liquor of any kind. The funeral which was held in the M E Church Sunday afternoon at 2:30 was largely attended. The service was conducted by Rev C D Finch, pastor of the church. Burial at Carlton Cemetary.

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Orion Jonathon Fay

From "History of Monroe County, Michigan" Talcott E Wing, Editor, New York, Munsell & Company, Publishers. 1890

ORION JONATHON FAY, of Carlton is one of the self made men of Monroe County who have steadily worked their way from the lowest round of the ladder to a very enviable position, and whose ambition will hardly be satisfied until they have reached the top. He is a descendant of the old Puritan stock that came over on the Mayflower, being the son of Francis and Charlotte (Brown) Fay, and born in the township of Exeter June 20, 1860. The fathers family came from Massachusetts, the mothers from Vermont, and settled in Monroe County in the early part of the thirties. When the California gold fever broke out in 1849, Mr Brown, his wifes father, crossed the continet with a wagon train, and remained on the Pacific coast until the outbreak of the Rebellion, when he returned by water. He is next to the oldest of eight children, six boys and two girls: Edwin E. born 1858, Lucretia, 1862, Charles, 1864, Lois Lavina, 1866, Dan, 1868, Albert, 1871, and Perry, 1875; all of whom are married with the exception of the doctor, who with Charles, Albert and Perry, are still bachelors.

When a mere lad, Dr Fay began the battle of life and has fought his way heroically, unaasisted, until he has at an early age, by his indominable energy, sound business sense and sterling integrity, won the confidence of his associates and fellow citizens. He attended the common district schools of his township, which education his parents deemed sufficiant for him, but in this he disagreed with them and finally his father took him to Flat Rock to attend the high school there, but with positive injunctions to the party with whom he left him that he must earn his board and pay his own way, as he would not be responsible for any of his expenses. This he pluckily did, and the four years course was completed in three years and nine months., graduating June 28, 1878. The principal, Mrs Harriet B Jones, has in early years been the preceptress of Fays father. Having tasted the sweets of knowledge, Mr Fay determined to mount higher and accomplish more. With this purpose in view, after graduating from Flat Rock Union High School he matriculated in the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, taking a partial literary course and a special course in German and French, the knowledge of which he deemed esential in the practice of medicine, to which he had determined to devote his life. He took the two courses of dentistry and medicine at the same time, and by close application and pertinacious work completed the usual five year course in three years and three months receiving his degree as Docotr of Dental Surgury March 23, 1881, and of Medical Doctor June 30, 1882. Not content with this he determined to grasp all the honors that his Alma Mater could confer on him, and in the Department of general chemistry took special courses in electro therapeutics and practical manipulations o of electrical apparatus and in the physiologocal laboratory.

In politics he has always been a Democrat, his maiden vote being cast in the effort to seat General Hancock in the Presidential chair, but has never taken any active part in the councils of his party nor held other office than that of health physician for the Township of Ash, his time being too fully occupied in the practice of his profession of medicine and surgery.

Socially he has many warm friends, and takes great interest in the several fraternal organizations with which he is connected. He was made a Mason in Hiram Lodge No 110, at Flat Rock in 1880, and is a charter member of Orion Lodge, No. 123, Ancient Order of United Workmen, which was named in his honor.

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Suicide Victim Buried

From: The Monroe Evening News Tuesday May 18, 1920 p. 6 c. 3

The funeral of Austin Fay, Jr., of Carleton, who committed suicide by shooting himself in the head, was held at the Methodist church at Carleton this afternoon. He had been in failing health for sometime.

Austin Fay a prominent farmer of Exeter township ended all of his early troubles on Saturday evening by shooting himself while in bed. Mr. Fay has been sick for the past three weeks and in a serious condition. His brother, Wilmer, has been caring for him and on Saturday evening he was asked by the sick brother to go and care for the chores, When only a short distance from the house the shot was heard and instantly returning to learn the cause found his brother breathing his last. Austin Fay was born at Flat Rock, September 25, 1859, and had spent 45 years of his life in Exeter township, He had never married and lived alone on his farm for a number of years. The rash act is due to despondency over his failing health. When the news reached the village many were shocked for Mr. Fay had many friends here as well as in his own neighborhood.

[Hand written on this obit is: Carleton Messenger Obit File 1904? And Sept. 25, 1859]

Editor's comment:
we are definitely dealing with one Austin, who was born 9/25/1859, died in 1920, had a father named Austin and a brother named Wilmer. See above for the listing of Austin, son of Jonathan, father of Austin and Wilmer. So far for the info from OPF. Next: The obit itself says that Austin was born in 1859. Somehow, the date of the original obit was lost. Someone read the obit itself for hints. Look at the sentence : "Austin Fay was born at Flat Rock, September 25, 1859, and had spent 45 years of his life in Exeter township." If you add 45 to the 1859 date, you come out with 1904: which is exactly the date that someone wrote in hand on the bottom. However, it does NOT say that Austin died at the age of 45 or that he spent his WHOLE life in Exeter. That is a false inference. Since the original date of 1920 IS on the burial notice, I would definitely accept 1920 as the date of death, and assume that he died at the age of 61, which fits in a lot better with the description "failing health" and so on.

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[Arthur R. Fay]

Feb. 12, 1960 (Special to the Evening News)

Arthur R. Fay, 70, of 3147 Douglas Rd., died Thursday in his home. Included among his survivors is a son, James B.Fay of Temperance. The body is in the Bennett Funeral Home at 3434 Secor Rd..where Toledo Commandery Knights Templar will conduct services at 3 p.m., Saturday. Burial will be in the Toledo Memorial Park Cemetery at Sylvania, Ohio.

Mr. Fay was born at Mansfield, Ohio, and lived at Toledo since 1919. He was employed as a sheet-metal worker until his retirement. He was a member of: Sanford Collins Lodge, F & AM, Council Chapter and Commandery: Scottish Rite and Zenobia Shrine, and South Side Post, American Legion.

He is survived by his wife, Estie, and two sons, James B. Fay of Temperance and Harold Fay of Toledo; a daughter, Miss Eloise Fay of Toledo; a sister, Mrs. Luella Hursh of Mansfield, Ohio, and four grandchildren.

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[Mrs. Charlotte Fay]

(This info hand written on obit "1839- 1922")

Mrs. Charlotte Fay widow of the late Francis Fay died last Thursday in Detroit. The remains were at the home of William J. Stoll, l929 Twenty-fifth Street until 10:00 am,. Saturday. When they were taken to Carleton for interment. She leaves six children, O. J. Fay, Mrs. J. Pryor, and D. Fay of Carleton, C. S. Fay of Earlimart, California, Mrs. D.J. Hamilton and R. Fay as well as the late W. E. Fay and P.C. Fay of Detroit.

Carleton Messenger Obituary File

[There was also a card that read Mrs. Charlotte Fay-92 years old, d. June 30, 1922 MEN July 1, 1922 Page 2 C. 4]

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Charles F. Fay

From: The Monroe Evening News Tuesday June 19, 1945 p. 7 c. 1

Charles F. Fay of Earlimart, California, formerly of Exeter township, died April 16, Monroe county friends have learned. Mr. Fay, who was 87 years old, had been ill some time with a heart ailment. He was a native of Michigan and lived some time in the Dakotas and Nebraska. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Minnie Fay; one daughter, Mrs. Frances Williams of California; and a grandchild.

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[William Edward Fay]

Carleton Messenger Obituary File May 17, 1908

[Handwritten on Card: Cem 1857 - Cem 1906. Also behind the initial E. was written Edward] William E. Fay was born in Exeter township in 1863, and died in St. Mary's Hospital in Detroit, Sunday, May 17, 1908 at 2 pm from apoplexy. He leaves a wife, one son, and two daughters to mourn his loss, Leo and Ethel of Detroit and Lottie of North Dakota, all married. He was taken sick May 8th and was removed to the hospital where a consultation of six doctors failed to help him. Mr. Fay was a son of Francis and Charlotte Fay, of this village. He lived here until about ten years ago when, he moved to Detroit and engaged in the real estate business. He was once treasurer of Ash township and a director of school district no 17, also a successful farmer. He was also charter member of Orion Lodge A.O.U.W. and member Flat Rock Masons. The funeral was held from the M. E. Church, Carleton, Tuesday Rev Hicks officiating. Interment in Carleton cemetery.

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[[William] Edward Fay]

From: The Monroe Democrat Friday May 22, 1908 p. 5 c. 2

Edward Fay, well known here [Carleton], died in Detroit Saturday night from apoplexy and was brought-here [Carleton] Tuesday and the funeral held from the M.E. church Tuesday afternoon. He leaves a widow and three children.

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[Anna Harryman Fay]

Carleton Messenger--Jan 17, 1918

From: [This obit had William E written in before Edw ] Mrs. Anna Harryman Fay wife of the late Edw. Fay, died at Detroit, Thursday, Jan. 17th 1918. She was the daughter of the late Henry Harryman of Flat Rock, where she spent her childhood. She died at the home of her daughter, Ethel, in Detroit. She was in her 55th year. She leaves to mourn her loss one son, Leo, of Detroit; also two daughters, Ethel of Detroit, and Lottie of Kansas City. The funeral service was held in the M.E. Church in Carleton, on Jan. 19, , Rev C D .Finch officiating. Interment took place in Carleton cemetery.

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[Leo F. Fay]

Monroe Evening News 5-29-1945 Pg 9 Col 8

[This obit says "continued" but I did not find the first part.] Leo F. Fay (Cont.) Friday, May l8, funeral services were held in the Cooper Brothers' mortuary in Detroit and burial was in Carleton cemetery last Tuesday. Mr. Fay attended Carleton public school and, was a son of the late Edward and Anna (Harryman) Fay. He leaves two daughters, Mrs. Frances Payne of Garden City and Mrs. William Bigler of Wyandotte; a son, Wilson Charles Fay of Wyandotte; and two sisters, Mrs. Lottie Gifford of Hollywood, California, and Mrs, Ethelyn R. Rayner of Detroit.

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Mrs. Florence Fay

B E L L E V I L L E - October 11, 1972 [This obit does not say which paper it is from]

Florence Fay, 81, of Belleville, formerly of Carleton, died of a heart ailment Monday night in Grayling Hospital, Grayling, MI. She had been visiting relatives, in Higgins.Lake. She was the mother of Joseph Fay, of 628 John Anderson Ct. Friends may call in the Roberts Funeral Home in Belleville. Services will be at 10 am Friday in St. Anthony's Catholic Church, Belleville, and burial will be in Michigan Memorial Park Cemetery, Flat Rock. The daughter of Mr. Joseph Brown, she was born March 22, 1891, in Sandusky, Ohio. Her husband, Jenner A. Fay, died Aug. 28, 1970. Surviving are 5 sons, Joseph, of Monroe, Jerome of Belleville and Harold, James and Robert of Higgins Lake; 4 daughters, Mrs. Margaret Marak, and Mrs. Keith (Joann) Carnahan, both of Belleville, Mrs. William (Helen) Gielincki of Higgins Lake and Mrs. Clyde (Shirley) Y o u n c e of Plymouth. 4 brothers, Fred of Carleton, Harold of Detroit, Alfred of Dearborn and Vernon of Lake Worth, Fla.; 36 grandchildren and 21, great-grandchildren. A sister preceded her death.

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Detroit News 9-28-94

FAY, GARY T.- Beloved husband of Barbara. Loving father of Brian, Stacy (MichaeI) Kulaszewski and Kelly. Dear son of Emma. Dear brother of Sandra Verduce and Carol McDowell. Loving uncle of many nieces and nephews. In state Wednesday 3 p.m. Scripture service Thursday 8 p.m. Funeral Friday 9:30 am, from Czopek Trust 10 Funeral Home, 2157 6 Oak St. Wyandotte, to St. Plus the X Church at 10, Interment Michigan Memorial Park..

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FAY - Thomas F.

News Herald 11-2-94

1930 - October 29, 1994
FAY - Thomas F., age 64, October 29, 1994, of Allen Park, Beloved husband of Mary A. Loving brother of Mary A. Mc Iver of Cypress, California. Dear father at Lynn (Nancy) Ferguson of Flat Rock, Linda A. Walker, Joyce C. (James) Smith of Taylor, L. Michael (Nancy) Ferguson of Taylor. Also survived by nine grandchildren, one great grandchild and three nephews of California. Funeral services are Wednesday, November 2, 9am at The Martenson Funeral Home, 10915 Allen Road (corner of Goddard) to St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Church at 9:30am., Interment Our Lady of Hope Cemetery. Donations may be made to the American Cancer Society,

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