The Fay Family: Olive Fay Munger

Olive Fay (1793)
And her Descendants
Samuel (10/11/1673-11/10/1732) m. Tabitha Ward

Ebenezer (OPF #15) (4/12/1713 - 10/13/1790) (son of Samuel) m. Thankful Hyde

Thomas (OPF #80) (10/2/1751-11/29/1837) (son of Ebenezer) m. 1/14/1779 Esther Chappel

Olive (b. 7/28/1793) (daughter of Thomas) m. Solomon Munger

Olive is part of a family group that includes
Thomas (1751), Thomas (1795), Betsey, Lucius Newton, Lucy, and Willard Wasmus
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Olive Fay, born in 1793 in Brimfield, Massachusetts, married Solomon Munger on May 29, 1823. Orlin knows of her marriage, but reports no further information. Her marriage is also mentioned in Jeremiah B. Munger's book The Munger book : something of the Mungers, 1639-1914, including some who mistakenly write the name Monger and Mungor, New Haven: Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor, 1915. Solomon's ancestry is provided to the first Munger in the United States (see Munger Cousins) Munger provides a list of her children. Although he assigns numbers to the children, no further information is given in the book. However, census and other research has provided a little more.
In 1860, Olive's three sons Henry, William and Frank are in New York. By 1870, they have arrived in Michigan where they and their families stayed. Solomon is in Attica, New York, in 1840; but he and Olive disappear from the census after that. Their deaths are not listed in Michigan after 1867, and I have not been able to find them in 1850, 1860, or 1870.

3 Henry M Munger b: 26 DEC 1823
  +Rhoda b: 5/1828
	4	Curtis P. Munger b: 8/1853
		+Millie Muier b: 5/1858
		5	Lena Munger b: 2/1891
		5	Charles Munger 6/1892
 	4	Lyman Charles Munger   b: 1855
 		+Agnes Sarah Hitchcock b: 1861
		5	Archie Milton Munger b: 1881
			+Flora b: 1889
 	4	Alice Munger b: 1864
 		+Elmer B. Wild
 	4	William W. Munger b: 1868
 		+Susan Ward

3 William W Munger b: 19 APR 1825 d: 9/15/1872
  +Sarah  b: 1827
	4	Frank Munger b: 4/1858 d. 12/28/1872

3 Emily Ann Munger b: 11 AUG 1826 d.y.

3 Louisa Munger b: 3 FEB 1828

3 Lyman Munger b: 12 AUG 1829 d.y.
3 Francis D Munger b: 5 JAN 1831
  +Harriet b: 1836
	4	Olive Munger b: 1850
  +Sarah Melvina Baldwin b: 10/1843
 	4	Frank E. Munger b: 1/1880
 	4	Ellen R. Baldwin b: 9/1866 (stepdaughter)