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QUINTON PATCH (1727 - 2/9/1818)
MERCY AMBLER (11/30/1724 - 1780)
I was most interested in the descendants of Thompson Partch, Sr., one of the sons of Quinton Parch, but looked briefly at different lists of his siblings. One excellent source is Partch, collected and published by Steve Winant. In his introduction, Steve quotes an unknown source on the name itself: "Sometime between 1810 and 1820, Thompson Sr. and his seven sons changed the family name from Patch to Partch. The first change in the family name appears on the census for 1820 when it was recorded Parch. On the census for 1830 it is recorded as Partch." Aside from the contradiction there, this statement, like many statements in genealogy, is an oversimplification. Census evidence shows at least one "Partch" besides the line of Thompson; and Thompson's line itself varies almost without pattern between Partch and Parch. My guess is that they sound exactly the same; and since spelling was not the chief interest of the census taker or the individual, the name was written down either way without real reason. Only in 'modern' times did it perhaps become consistent.
Even the number of children varies from list to list. Winant, for example, makes 'Sally' and 'Polly' refer to the same person; and Winant lacks Rebecca. The birth order is also undetermined. I have not followed Winant's order because his does not seem to reflect date of birth but seems based on some other criterion. For a family whose child bearing years seemed to span 1748 to the 1770's, the number of known names known is small.
This page shows the line from Quinton to Thompson to James.
Rebecca Partch b: 7/19/1748
Thompson Patch, Sr. b: 9/28/1750
William Partch b: 11/10/1760
Ezra Partch b: 1762
Elijah Partch b: 10/29/1769
Sally Partch
Mercy Partch
Polly Partch
Prudence Partch d: 3/1780

THOMPSON PATCH, SR. (9/28/1750 - 8/6/1828
MARY LOCKWOOD (4/24/1757 - 5/8/1842)
Hannah Partch  b: 7/2/1777  d: 9/2/1812
	+Talmadge Benedict  b: 1/22/1776  d: 11/23/1854 
James Partch  b: 1/11/1779  d: 3/22/1817
	+Tamar Hayes  b: 1785  d: 4/1/1817
John Partch  b: 9/29/1780  d: 7/13/1873
	+Ruby P. Lawrence  b: 4/19/1794  d: 7/24/1855
Daniel Patch  b: 7/22/1782  d: 1/18/1797
Enos Patch  b: 5/3/1784  d: 1832
	+Abigail Hurlburt 
Calvin Partch  b: 11/11/1785  d: 6/2/1786
Warren Partch  b: 7/3/1787  d: 1870
	+Susannah Stearns 
Thompson Partch, Jr.  b: 10/11/1790  d: 1865
	+Lephia Ann Lawrence 
Loretta Partch  b: 9/9/1792  d: 12/1798
Adoniram Partch  b: 3/11/1796  d: 1/25/1860
	+Hanna Clark b: 6/1804 
Ezbon Partch  b: 6/25/1799  d: 7/8/1865
	+Clarissa Stearns  b: 4/15/1804  d: 6/5/1897
JAMES PARTCH (1/11/1779 - 3/22/1817)
TAMAR HAYES (1785 - 4/1/1817)
Almina Partch  b: 1805
   +Henry T. Fay  b: 1797
see Henry T. Fay

Daniel Merrit Partch  b: 12/23/1806  d: 4/21/1876
   +Adeline Blackman  b: 3/19/1809  d: 12/17/1879
		Ellen M. Partch  b: 11/9/1830
		Henry D. Partch  b: 1/5/1832
		Edgar H. Partch b: 3/3/1833 d: 3/19/1886
		+Deborah Cordelia Haines
		Joseph Blackman Partch  b: 2/13/1836
		James H Partch  b: 11/30/1837
		Samuel P. Partch  b: 9/14/1840
		Sarah E. Partch  b: 10/30/1842
		Betsey E. Partch  b: 11/4/1844
		John Nelson Partch  b: 12/9/1848
		Esther A. Partch  b: 12/23/1850
		Laura M. Partch  b: 6/21/1853

John A. Partch  b: 1809
   +(1) unknown
		Lucius Partch  b: 2/3/1833
		Phoebe Partch  b: 1839
		+ (1) Levi Barum
		+ (2) Henry M. Slater
   +(2) Esther H.  b: about 1823  d: before 1860
		Arba Niles Partch  b: 2/1844
		+ (1) Lucy Fuller
		+ (2) Elizabeth
   + (3) Sarah A.  b: 1821

Homer Hayes Partch  b: Abt. 1811
   +Lois b: 1814
		Tamar Partch b: 1832
		+Ambrose Ford
		Jane Partch b: 1833
		Minerva Partch b: 1846
		Susannah Partch b: 1841 or 1843
		+Henry Sawyer b: 1840
		Lucy Partch b: 1847

Valentine Perry Partch  b: 3/30/1813  d: 12/30/1883
   +Sarah Ann Green  b: 4/11/1815  d: 10/22/1881
		infant child Partch  b: Bef. 1839
		Minerva J. Partch  b: 1839  d: 1855
		Augustus J. Partch  b: 1843  d: 1886
		+Lucy D. Weber  b: 1852  d: 1917
		Wilbur Valentine Partch  b: 1847  d: 1925
		+Rachel Tellefson  d: 1910
		Edward Franklin Partch  b: 1849  d: 1914
		+Leodisia Maxwell  b: 1854  d: 1925
		Mary Jane Partch  b: 1856
		+William J. Windus

James Thomas Partch  b: 3/8/1817
   +Lucy Barnum
no children born to them, but reared several