The Fay Family: Rimmon Wesley Fay

Rimmon Wesley Fay (1881 - 1963)
And his Descendants
John of Marlborough b. 1848
Samuel (10/11/1673-11/10/1732) m. Tabitha Ward
Ebenezer (OPF #15) (4/12/1713 - 10/13/1790) (son of Samuel) m. Thankful Hyde
Thomas (OPF #80) (10/2/1751-11/29/1837) (son of Ebenezer) m. 1/14/1779 Esther Chappel
Elisha (OPF p. 182) (5/2/1754 - 8/24/1799) (son of Thomas) m. Lucy Colton
Lucius Newton (OPF p. 182) (4/21/1823 - 3/15/1890) (son of Elisha)
Rimmon Colton (8/6/1848 - 1/16/1920) son of Lucius and Cornelia Elizabeth Chapman
Rimmon Wesley (11/22/1881 - 2/1/1963) son of Rimmon and Anna Izette Doane
Rimmon Wesley is part of a family group that includes his grandfather Lucius Newton, as well as Thomas, Lucy, and Willard Wasmus.
Obituary of Rimmon Carlton Fay, grandson of Rimmon Wesley
Rimmon Wesley's father (Rimmon Colton) was born in Ludlow, MA, in 1848, according to his biography, and Massachusetts remained his base of activity. For many years he travelled back and forth between Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island (see Kinville's biography of Rimmon Colton. One child was born in Connecticut, three children were born in Rhode Island, five in different places in Massachusetts, and the youngest in New York. Later, Rimmon Colton travelled to Pennsylvania and Ohio. In 1920, he was living in Pennsylvania with his daughter Pauline and son in law. Because of his constant travels, he and his wife Izette seem to have had different households in some years. It is possible that she remained behind to sell the house or to maintain it during his (temporary) absence. This seems to be the case, for example, in 1880. Izette is Lincoln, Rhode Island, with their three children and her mother, while Rimmon is in Milford with his father. In 1900 there is an interesting situation: Izette and the four younger children, Rimmon Wesley, Frank, Pauline, and Dorothy, are living in Springfield, Ohio, while Rimmon is in Providence, Rhode Island, with the three older ones, George, Arthur and Elsie. By 1910 Rimmon and Izette are together in Philadelphia, PA, with Elsie, Arthur, Pauline and Dorothy.
Rimmon Wesley was born in Milford, Massachusetts on November 22, 1881 (confirmed by the Vital Records of Milford and his WWI registration). He appears on the 1900 census with his mother; by 1910, he has married Mary Estelle Gussen, has a son Rimmon Lorraine, and set up his own household in Pennsylvania. Mary's father is living with them. Boarding with them is Oskar Caines.
1910   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Some time between 1910 and 1920, Rimmon Wesley and Mary were divorced. Mary remarried, choosing Oskar Caines, and she, Oskar and Rimmon Lorraine moved to California. This was the first appearance of this line of Fays in California.
1920   San Antonio, CA
Rimmon Wesley stayed in Pennsylvania, and he also remarried by 1917 (WWI registration), choosing a woman who had been married before. Her son by her previous marriage lived with them.
1920   Philadelphia, PA
The census of 1920 gives us a last glimpse of Rimmon Colton, the grandfather of Rimmon Lorraine. He is in Pennsylvania with his daughter Pauline and her husband. With them also are George Lucius, son of Rimmon, and his two children; and Elsie, daughter of Rimmon.
1920   Rockledge, PA
1930 shows Rimmon Wesley and Grace still in Philadelphia.
1930   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
We know from the California birth index, as well as other California records, that Rimmon Lorraine and Ella Elizabeth Meile were married and were living in California when their son Rimmon Carlton was born in Los Angeles county on July 22, 1929. I have tried to find Rimmon Lorraine, Ella, and the baby, in the census of 1930. Rimmon Carlton's obituary mentions Santa Monica and Venice. They should be there, but I have not been able to find them.

Descendants of Rimmon Wesley Fay (11/22/1881 - 2/1/1963)
Rimmon Wesley Fay
Mary Estelle Gussen b: 10/26/1883 d: 5/25/1961 m: 6/10/1905 divorced
9  Rimmon Lorraine Fay  b: 11/15/1906  d: 6/1978
...+Ella Elizabeth Meile  b: 3/9/1906  d: 4/5/1989  (divorced 1970)
........10  Rimmon Carlton Fay  b: 7/22/1929  d: 1/1/2008
............+Janet Martella  b: 12/11/1936  (divorced 12/1974)
.................11  Rimmon Bernard Fay  b: 9/15/1958
.................11  Wesley Roy Fay  b: 6/17/1961
.................11  Douglas Paul Fay  b: 12/18/1962
.................11  Trevor S. Fay  b: 8/7/1964
........10  Ella Lorraine Fay  b: 11/16/1930
............+James Allen Moomaw
.................11  James Arthur Moomaw  b: 3/24/1952
.................11  Janice Dee Moomaw  b: 3/11/1954
.................11  Ricky Allen Moomaw  b: 8/29/1961
........10  Jacquelyn Ann Fay  b: 11/15/1933
............+Marshall Glenn Blurton  b: 4/8/1933
.................11  Teri Lee Blurton  b: 7/15/1954
.................11  Cheri Lynn Blurton  b: 12/1/1956
........10  Lynda Lou Fay  b: 10/6/1942

Rimmon Wesley Fay
Grace Chartleigh (Robinson) Smith d: 9/9/1947 m: 5/19/1917
January 2008