The Fay Family: William Walcott Fay

William Walcott Fay (6/17/1856 - after 1910)
return to the family of Barnabas 1806 - 1885
The following biography is taken from Orlin's book, p. 409.
Walcott was still living in Nantucket in 1900, with his wife Sallie and son Dexter. By 1910, however, the situation has changed. Walcott is a patient at the Taunton State Hospital; and Sallie and Dexter are boarding in Cambridge. In 1920, Walcott is still at the hospital; Sallie is with her brother John Rawson in Cambridge; and Dexter is elsewhere, possibly in Virginia, although I am not convinced that is he. By 1930, Dexter is working as Director of an orphanage in New Jersey.