The Fay Family: Biographies and Obits of Various Fays, Census Data

Researched, transcribed and contributed by Jim Shreve, Sr.
December 2001
Joseph Mason Fay (1805-1889) married Sophronia A. Brainard (1806-1885). His story, and that of some of his children, is to be found in Portrait and Biographical Album, Racine and Kenosha Counties, Wisconsin - Lake City Publishing Company, 1892.
Biographies can be read for Lyman (this also contains material for Joseph), Andrew and George.
Below are census entries for several years. Browse, or click to go directly.
Joseph M., 1850
Joseph M., 1860
Lyman (son of Joseph Mason), 1860
Lyman J. (son of Benajah), 1850
Lyman J. (son of Benajah), 1860
Mary, nee Burroughs (widow of Lyman J.), 1900
Andrew Fay, 1860
Allen Aiken and Lavina Fay, 1860
Edward Baltic and Ruth Fay, 1860

Joseph M. FAY
From the 1850 Wheatland, Kenosha County, WI census
Dwelling 103 Family 105
FAY, Joseph M.46 MFarmer1500Massachusetts
Sophrona44 F********Connecticut
Andrew17 MFarmer****Ohio
Lyman16 MFarmer****Ohio
Mary13 F********Ohio
George5 M********Wisconsin
Florilla3 F********Wisconsin
NOTE: Joseph Mason FAY is the son of Benajah FAY & Mary RAMSDELL. He was married to Sophronia A BRAINARD in Cuyahoga County, OH.
Mason FAY
From the 1860 Wheatland, Kenosha County, WI census
Dwelling 756 Family 721
FAY, Mason55 MFarmer8000600New York
Sophrona54 F************Connecticut
Caroline*20 F************Ohio
George15 M************Wisconsin
Florilla13 F************Wisconsin
NOTE: Here is Joseph Mason FAY again. This particular record (specifically the name and dwelling fields) is off by one line on the page. It actually has Sophrona as the head of household, and Mason FAY is listed with Family 755. I do not know who Caroline FAY is. In the bios of Andrew, George, and Lyman FAY, there is no mention of a sister named Caroline. Also, she is not listed with the family on the 1850 census. Additionally, her age could also be read as 10 from looking at the actual record.
Lyman Fay
1860 Wheatland, Kenosha County, WI census
Dwelling 727 Family 762
FAY, Lyman26 MFarmer800350Ohio
Clarissa18 F************Wisconsin
NOTE: This Lyman FAY is the son of Joseph Mason FAY, thus the grandson of Benajah. According to his bio, he was married to Clarissa J BRAINARD.
Lyman J. FAY
From the 1850 Wheatland, Kenosha County, WI census
Dwelling 99 Family 101
FAY, Lyman J.31 MFarmer****New York
Mary M.29 F********Ohio
Charles S.2 F********Ohio
Newton R.2 F********Ohio
Clarissa L.2 F********Wisconsin
Delia E.2 F********Wisconsin
NOTE: Lyman J FAY is another son of Benajah FAY. He was married to Mary M BURROUGHS in Cuyahoga County, OH. I do not know if Lyman followed his brother to WI, or if they followed Mary's family to the area.
Lyman J. Fay
1860 Wheatland, Kenosha County, WI census
Dwelling 726 Family 761
FAY, Lyman J.45 MFarmer11003500New York
Mary40 F************Ohio
Charles21 MFarm laborer********New York
Newton B20 M************Ohio
Clara A15 F************Wisconsin
Adelia10 F************Wisconsin
NOTE: Here is Lyman FAY, son of Benajah FAY & Mary RAMSDELL.
AIKEN, Allen
From the 1860 Lindon, Sheboygan County, WI census
Dwelling 410 Family 362
AIKEN, Allen30 M****Farmer************700Ohio
Lavina26 F************************Ohio
Ida3 F************************Wisconsin
NOTE: Lavina above is the only daughter born to Benajah FAY Jr. & Lois HODGMAN. She married Allen AKIN (as the marriage cert spells it) in 1853. I do not know when the family removed to WI, but there are several AIKEN families on the same page.
From the 1860 Chilton, Calumet County, WI census
Dwelling 1360 Family 1370
BALTIC, Edward45 MFarmer700300England
Ruth38 F************Ohio
Celina (??)14 F************Ohio
Charles12 M************Ohio
Wesley6 M************Wisconsin
Lathrop3 M************Wisconsin
NOTE: Ruth above in the daughter of Benajah FAY & Ruth WILCOX (and a twin to my wife's direct ancestor, Jeremiah Wilcox FAY). The marriage record for Ruth & Edward has the surname spelled his name as BALDICK. They were married in 1841 in Rockport, Cuyahoga County, OH.
Andrew FAY
1860 Wheatland, Kenosha County, WI census
Dwelling 757 Family 722
FAY, Andrew37 MFarmer1000400Ohio
Cynthia18 F************New York
Jane (??)10 F************New York
NOTE: I believe this is the son of Joseph Mason FAY, and the actual age of Andrew was either given incorrectly, or recorded incorrectly. He would have been 27 at the time of this census. According to his bio he was married to Cynthia NEWBERRY in 1858. Cynthia's age above matches the birthdate given for her in the bio. Jane FAY above is a mystery to me. She is too old to have been a natural child of Cynthia, and if she is an illegitimate child of Andrew FAY, where was she on the 1850 census? Andrew's bio does not mention Jane at all.
Wheatland, Kenosha County, Wisconsin 1900 Federal Census
Dwelling 122 Family 122
FAY, MaryHeadW F Mar 182080Wd042OHMAOHFarmer
PIERCE, AdeliaDaughterW F Apr 185050Wd022WIMAOH****
Fay, LusiusGrandsonW M July 188019S000WINYWIFarm Laborer