My father, Fazekas Ferenc was born in Viss, Hungary on May 01, 1890. He came to America through Ellis Island in 1922 and settled in Cleveland, Ohio. While in Cleveland, he met and married my mother, Margit Duncsak. They moved to Detroit, Michigan and raised their 5 Children; Gabriel, Eleanor, Frank, Margaret and Gerald. He worked for the General Motors Corporation as a wood/clay model maker, the trade he learned in Hungary.

This link, Fazekas' in Hungary, is dedicated to my father, his family, relatives and friends.

The Fazekas' in Hungary link was made possible through the efforts of many, many people. Internet assistance from Frank Kurchina, Beth Long, Balogh Istvan and Zlatica Beca all strangers but wonderful helpers. My brother Jerry Fazekas, my daughter-in-law Julia Fazekas (David's wife and Ashley's mom) and my cousin Zsolt Fazekas, his parents and relatives in Hungary.
Their wonderful contributions are listed below.
Take a moment and meet my extended family, The Fazekas' In Hungary.
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This picture was taken by Zsolt Fazekas, my cousin, in Budapest's 2nd District, only 1 minute walking distance from Zsolt's office and app. 5 minutes walking time to the Castle Hill and Matthias Church.

Frank & Janet Visit Hungary Sept. 2003

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Fazekas Ference 1890 -1975

My father,Frank Fazekas' Declaration of Intent.
The 1st step in becoming a United States Citizen - 1925

My father,Frank Fazekas' Naturalization Certificate.
A citizen of American - 1929

My father, Frank Fazekas (Fazekas Ferenc) around 1930.

My father's trade school certificate issued 1918 as a cabinetmaker.

Fazekas Veronica

Veronica (Fazekas)Buban.My father's sister and godmother to Gabriel, Eleanor and myself.
Veronica sponsered my father to America
No date available on Photo

My godparents Gabor Buban and his wife Veronica (Fazekas)Buban.
Wickliffe, Ohio circa 1940's

Fazekas Bertalan 1887 -1965

Fazekas Bertalan circa 1910

Fazekas Bertalan with his wife Erzsebet (Csorba). Circa 1950-1960

Taken around 1955-1960 in Viss, Hungary.
The children of Fazekas Bertalan, my father's brother, (1887-1965)
left-right: Bertalan, (1914-2002),
Sandor,(1918-1994), Maria,(b:1923), Gyula, (1928-1995) and the father of the present mayor of Viss, Hungary,
Jozsef, (1920-1996) and Janos, (b:1925)
Picture and identification by Fazekas, Zsolt Sr., my cousin in Hungary.

Taken around 1955-1960.
Children of Bertalan and Erzsebet Fazekas.
Standing-Sandor, Jozsef, Bertalan, Janos, and Gyula.
Siting: Fazekas Bertalan (1887-1965)and my father's brother, his wife Csorba Erzsebet (1895-1970)
and Fazekas Maria, (b:1923)
Photo and identification by Zsolt Fazekas.

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Julianna (Planko) Kurucz, Frank Fazekas, Maria (Fazekas) Planko and Janet Fazekas- Sept.2003-Sajolda, Hungary

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A Son of Fazekas Bertalan (1887-1960)
and brother to Maria (Fazekas) Planko.

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My Cousin Fazekas Bertalan, 1914-2002.
Viss, Hungary
Grandfather to Zsolt Fazekas Sr.
and Great-Grandfather to Noemi and Zsolt Jr.
November 2002


The Mayor of Viss, Hungary, Fazekas Gyula, - Hungary. September 2003


My cousin Zsolt Fazekas with his parents, Bertalan & Erzsebet, Gyula and his wife Terez, with Janet and Frank Fazekas - Viss, Hungary 2003.

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Noemi, 5 years old & Zsolt, 7 years old,
children of Zsolt and Timea Fazekas.
Lake Balaton, Hungary Summer 2002

Fazekas Timea and Zsolt.
Wine Tasting Party- Hungary. November 2002

Timea Fazekas Shows The Way......

Timea Fazekas helps maintain this Hungarian Internet Web-Site.
Take a tour and see items of interest in Hungary.
A must "See" site if you plan to visit Hungary. XPATLOOP

Zsolt Fazekas, 7 years old, son of Zsolt and Timea Fazekas kissing a horse.
December 2002, Hungary.

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Fazekas Zsolt and his wife Timea. September 2003. Bator bagy, Hungary.
Zsolt was so helpful in not only gathering much family History Pictures and Data,
but he met us at the airport, drove us throughout Hungary, introduced us to our relatives and even took us to Kosice, Slovakia.
What a wonderful host. We owe Zsolt so much for taking
so much of his time to make our trip so memorable.
Thanks ZSOLT & TIMEA!. You are the best. Thanks.

Zsolt Fazekas and his family. Timea, Noemi
and Zsolt Jr. Budapest, Hu. Sept 2003.

Zsolt Fazekas, Oscar and Tamas Duncsak.
Budapest. Sept 2003

Zsolt Jr. and his sister Noemi Fazekas
Budapest Sept 28, 2003.

Zsolt Jr Fazekas, march 2005

Noemi Fazekas
March 2005.

Timea, Noemi and Zsolt Fazekas
Budapest Sept 28, 2003.

Julia Fazekas. 3.1 kg and 56 cm. (6 pounds 8 oz and 21 inches).
Budapest. April 16, 2006

Timea and Julia Fazekas. April 2006.

New member of the Fazekas Zsolt family. 2006 CLICK HERE to view photo's

Zsolt Fazekas & family.
Noemi, Julia (16 months old), Zsolt Jr. and Zsolt Sr. Wife Timea took the picture. August 2007

Zsolt Fazekas, age 13, his sisters Noemi 11 and Julia 2. Hungary. February 2008.


Boldizsár Fazekas was born on May 6, 2008 in Semmelweis Hospital in Budapest.To see new addition at the family click HERE

Julia 10,and Boldizsar Fazekas 8, in Hungary, May 2016.

Fazekas Rozalia 1898

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Rozalia (Fazekas), my father's sister, with husband Mihaly Zurocsik 1921.
picture and ID by Kovacs (Zurocsik)Emma.

Taken around 1960-1965.
Standing-left to right: Zurocsik Lajos (b:1921), his wife Bosko Maria, and Margit with her husband Arpad.
Sitting:my father's sister-Fazekas Rozalia (B:1898), Zurocsik Lajos Jr. and Rozalia's husband, Zurocsik Mihaly, (b:1893)
Picture and ID again by Zsolt Fazekas.

Taken around 1960-1965.
Fazekas Rozalia, my fathers sister, and her husband, Zurocsik Mihaly.
picture and ID by Zsolt Sr.

Emma Kovacs,
a child of Rozalia Fazekas

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Emma & Janos Kovacs with daughter Csilla and their son Attila. Budapest Circa 1973.

Duncsak Family