Ken & Madalyn McGuffin. 1992 in S.C.

Janet McGuffin (Mrs. Fazekas 4 months later)
and her mother, Margurite McGuffin.

Edward McGuffin (Janet's brother), Marguerite Mcguffin and Janet.

Key West May 9th, 1999.

Dick and Kathy McGuffin Mackinac Island
1985 or 1986

Jim and Pat Draper(Julie's parents), Frank, Julie and Frank Fazekas III.
March 03, 2003 Florida.

Ashley, my brother (Jose), my brother in-law (Norman), David my father in-law, Frank, my father, Marco A. my mother Julia, my mother in-law, Janet.

Janos and his wife, Erzsebet (Duncsak) Szimjonas sponsored my mother, Margaret (Duncsak) Fazekas to America.

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