Fechenheim am Main, Hessen, Germany

Part of Frankfurt am Main

Home of My Kaiser Family from 1636 to 1949

My maiden name is Ursula Kaiser.  I was born and lived in Fechenheim until I was ten years old, when my mother, brother and I immigrated to the U.S. to join my American stepfather whom my mother had married in Germany after World War II.  My father had died as a German soldier in Albania in 1943. My father, grandfather and all of my Kaiser ancestors were born in Fechenheim.  I have traced my ancestry in this town through microfilmed church records of the Reformed and Lutheran church held by the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  In this web site I will share some memories as well as genealogical and historical information.
Additional surnames in my Fechenheim ancestry are: Beer, Bless, Boeff, Crass, Ewald, Heck, Klee, Kopff, 
Kuhn, Mueller, Petermann, Puth, Ruprecht, Schluckebier, Spuell, Weiss.


My Story

Childhood Memories 1928-1952

1914 Inhabitants



1636 Parish List


Hessian Soldiers

My Ancestry

Kaiser Grooms 1639- 1875

Kaiser Brides 1639 - 1875

Looking north on the street Alt Fechenheim in 1998. The catholic church steeple is in the background


Fechenheim City Hall (Rathaus) built in 1902


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