Exerpted from the Lagle Tract map of Davie County,

Exerpted from the Lagle Tract map of Davie County, NC,

Christian Fender in Davie County, NC 1768-1778

In March of 1778, Henry Railsback entered a land grant on Dutchmans Creek adjoining John Hendran, Greggory Glascock, Christian Fender and William Call.

The Lagle map below shows the only location that the above named persons were known to have owned land that adjoined.

The section marked 4 is William Call, who came from the Germanna Colony of VA.

Section 3 is John Hendran.

Section 5 is Henry Railsback, also from Germanna.

Section 8 was the Abraham Welty tract that Abraham acquired in 1787. Abraham was also from Germanna and some of his family moved to Missouri to the same location as Christian Fender's sons.

Section 2 is the Greggory Glasscock tract. Greggory was also from Germanna.

The Hinkles, Wolfscales, Booes, Beams,and Culphers were also from Germanna.

William Whitaker established a Baptist church on his holdings. (6) The section number 7 does not indicate who owned it. In the beginning we thought that possibly Christian Fender resided on tract 7, but further research indicates the Abraham Welty tract (8) is the most likely location because tract 7 did not adjoin Greggory Glasscock.

Section 1 is the location of the Old Heidelburg Evangelical Lutheran cemetery. The dates upon the tracts indicate the dates land grants were registered and confirmed. Until after the Revolutionary War, land grants were not commonly required to be registered. After the War, the lands of the Tories were confiscated and granted to other persons, and the new government began requiring proper registration of land holding, so most of these tracts bear the date of 1784. If land was not registered by the owner, the government could grant the land to other persons, and the currect unregistered owner forced to vacate.

Some of the oldest residents are known to be Peter Beam 1763, Samuel Tate 1762, and Evan Ellis 1761.

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