Nimrod Fender

Nimrod Fender

son of Christian Fender

A Fender descendant stands in the Fender Cemetery near Spencer IN, at the grave of his ancestors Nimrod & Sarah Fender.

The family of Nimrod & Sarah Fender lived in old Surry County, North Carolina, in 1790, near Nimrod's father Christian Fender in present Yadkin County. Nimrod and Sarah were the parents of ten known children, named in his Last Will & Testament. They married circa 1785-1786, although no record of their marriage has been found to date. There is also uncertainty surrounding the identity of wife Sarah.

There is also the unresolved issue of another possible son, Andrew Fender ( see bottom of this page) possibly born before the marriage of Nimrod to Sarah, ( a possible unknown first marriage ? ) and a bastardy bond was recorded on Nimrod for yet another child, a daughter. NC Court records state that Nimrod Fender was ordered to pay monies to one Jane Spurlin for the support of his female child born to Jane Spurlin ( of the Zachariah Spurlin family ?) . To date, the identity and fate of this daughter of Jane Spurlin has not been found.

Nimrod was a farmer. His early years were spent in north western NC where he can be found in records of Surry, Ashe and Wilkes County. From 1800 to 1820, the family lived in Ashe County, present Alleghany county , North Carolina. Nimrod's Will was located in Owen County, Indiana, dated 31 January 1849 and probated on 26 June 1856.

Census records; 1790- Surry Co., NC,; 1800-1810 Ashe Co., NC,; 1830, 1840 and 1850 Indiana. Nimrod Fender was born in Virginia. He was in Surry Co. near his father in 1790 and moved to Ashe Co. by 1800. Nimrod, his wife and other members of the family, migrated to Indiana, where he homesteaded land in Owen County, shortly after 1830. He made a will Jan 31, 1849. The will was probated June 26, 1856. Nimrod's tombstone shows date of death to be June 22, 1851, at age 87. He is buried in the Fender Cemetery in Owen County, Indiana with his wife. Nimrod and Sarah were living with son, David in 1850. In his Will, Nimrod left son Daniel only $1.00, saying that he had already had his share. Since Daniel did not go to Indiana, he probably got part of his fathers property in Ashe Co., NC.

31 January 1849 I, Nimrod Fender, of the County of Owen and State of Indiana, do make and publish this my Last Will and Testament revoking all former wills by me at any time made. First, I direct that my body be decently interred and as to such worldly estate as it has pleased God to entrust me with, I dispose of the same in the following manner, to wit: I direct first that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid as soon after my decease as possible out of the moneys that shall come to the hands of my executor from that portion of my estate. I direct that my beloved wife, if she be living at the time of my decease, to have two cows and the one-third of all my estate and at her----dispose of the same as she may see proper and in case of my surviving her, then at my ---, I direct my executor to call two disinterested, evitable (sic) persons to appraise and value all my estate, including my household furniture and sell the same for money with a credit of nine months. I also, direct that my executor give notice to each and all of my children, if alive and if not, representatives as herein---after directed, of the time of said sale, if convenient, if not as soon after as may be convenient for him to do so. And I further direct that after the payment of debts and expenses, that the remainder of my estate, whatever there may be, equally divided amongst my sons and daughters, share and share alike, that this exception of my son Daniel Fender and my daughter Sarah Bass, each of them having already had more than their proportional share. I direct then that the distribution be made in the following manner or order, to wit: That my son, Absalom Fender, have one equal share and that my son, Daniel Fender, have the sum of $1.00, he having been advanced more than his distributive share and that my daughter, Polly Edwards, have one equal share and that my daughter, Nancy Krouse, have one equal share and that my daughter Susan Connelley, have one equal share and that my son, John Fender, have one equal share and that my son, David Fender, have one equal share and that my daughter, Elizabeth Mitchell, have one equal share, but instead of the share that would be coming to Elizabeth Mitchell, I direct that her share be divided equally amongst her children, share and share alike; that her husband, Isaac Mitchell should survive said Elizabeth Mitchell, never ----- is said Elizabeth's share to be ----- in any way so as to ever placed it in the hands of her husband, Isaac Mitchell, either directly or indirectly, and that my daughter, Sarah Bass, have the sum of $1.00, she having been advanced more than her distributive share, and that my daughter, Frances Beasley, have one equal share. I also, direct that if any of my sons and daughters should die before the time of such distribution, the heirs of their bodies of such deceased, are to be entitled to such share as their respectable ancestors would have been entitled to receive. And, I hereby make and ordain my son, David Fender, Executor of this my Last Will and Testament. In Witness whereof, I Nimrod Fender, the testator have hereunto set my hand and seal, by my mark, this 31st day of January, in the year of our Lord, 1849.

Witnesses: James Robinson and Henry Criss

Nimrod left many various records within the courts of Surry and Ashe counties of NC.

Surry Co. Court records: 3 Feb. 1794 Nimrod Fender is charged for begetting a bastard female child on Jane Spurlin. He came into court and entered into bond with Airs Hudspeth and Gabriel Fender as security for the maintance of said child. Ordered that he pay Jane four pounds yearly for her support.

The Ten Known Children of Nimrod and Sarah Fender:

1. DAVID FENDER, born Ashe Co. NC, died November 28, 1882 in Owen Co. IN, married FRANCES M. WHITACRE ( Whitaker) born August 12, 1805 and died July 28, 1890, Spencer Co. IN.

2. ABSALOM FENDER, born between 1785-1790 Surry Co NC, died March 10, 1849 Lee Co. IL, married SALLY TOLLIVER about 1808, born about 1790 in VA or NC, died December 28, 1859.

3. MARY D. "POLLY" FENDER, born May 18, 1796 in Ashe Co NC, and died March 14, 1870 in Yancey Co. NC. She married RICHARD EDWARDS, about 1815 in NC, who was born Dec. 31, 1794, died Oct. 6, 1875.

4. DANIEL "BIG DAN " FENDER, b. between 1789-1791 Surry Co NC, died 1866 Yancey Co NC, married (1) UNKNOWN, married (2) SALLIE, born abt. 1790, died between 1850-1866 Ashe Co NC.

5. JOHN FENDER, born March 13, 1794 Surry Co NC, died Feb. 21, 1857 Ashe Co NC, married MARTHA "PATSY" TOLIVER abt 1812 NC, born March 13,1797.

6. NANCY FENDER, born 1796 Ashe Co NC married JACOB A.CROUSE

7. SUSAN FENDER, born 1799 Ashe Co NC, died June 1867 IN or IL, m. (1) JOHN CONNELLEY, m. (2) SAMUEL COX, born abt. 1795 Ashe Co NC.

8. SARAH FENDER, born Jan. 12,1802 Ashe Co NC, died July 12,1871 Lawrence Co. IN, married JOHN BASS, abt. 1820, born 1798 Ashe Co NC, died Jan. 9, 1874 Lawrence Co IN.

9. ELIZABETH FENDER, born Aug. 15, 1808 Ashe Co NC, died July 6, 1868 Greene Co IN, married ISAAC MITCHELL, born Aug. 15,1783 in NC, died July 20, 1858.

10. FRANCES FENDER, born May 14, 1811 Ashe Co NC, died Sept. 6, 1881 Greene Co IN, married ALEXANDER BEASLEY, March 28, 1828 Lawrence Co IN, born abt 1810 TN, died April 16, 1891.

Andrew Fender, the Mystery

ANDREW FENDER , born July 22, 1782 in Surry Co NC, died March 11, 1883, Mercer Illinois, married SARAH BASS, ELIZABETH BASS, MARGARET DYER and MAHALA BINGHAM.

While it is thought by some researchers that Andrew was a son of Nimrod, the evidence has not been found, as Andrew is not listed in Nimrod's Will.. Other researchers are inclined to think that Andrew may have been a son of Gabriel Fender, or possibly the child of another undocumented son of Christian Fender, namely Silas Fender. Andrew was bound out to Simon Groce as a child, but upon becoming an adult he returned to live near the Fender families, moving with them and naming his children after the other Fenders. Andrew was the father of 17 children. There is no doubt that Andrew was a descendant of Christian Fender.

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