The Christian Fender Family of North Carolina

The Christian Fender Family of North Carolina

A timeline of Christian Fender from documented sources found in N.C. records.

(Notes of Andy Fender) Christian Fender was the first of the Fender Family that we know in North Carolina. We can account for his movements from about 1768 to the time he died in 1800. In 1768 he is on the tax list on the "forks" of the Yadkin River.

* ( Carolyn Spence's note:) Christian lived in present Davie Co NC, from 1768 to 1778 and I went there on 10-23-1999 and located a historical map with the tracts drawn. The only tract that could have belonged to Christian is near the Abraham Welty tract on Dutchman's Creek, near the Bixby community on Cornatzer Rd. The area now Jadewood Lane, Hepler Rd. and Dulin Road off of Milling Rd in Mocksville is the general area. Christian probably attended the Old Heidelburg Evangelical Luthern Church which was about a mile and a half away as the crow flies.

* ( Notes of Andy Fender) He is on the Rowan County, North Carolina tax list in 1778. In 1782 he is on the tax list in Surry County as owning land on Deep Creek. In 1786 he was on the Surry County, North Carolina Census and was the only Fender listed in North Carolina. He was on the 1790 and 1800 Surry County Census. Christian died in 1800; left a will that named his wife and all his children. The original will survives in the North Carolina Archives in Raleigh, North Carolina. Christians date of birth is based on age of his children.

In the Compendium of American Genealogy, page 804, it states that Christian was from Germany and he is listed on the 1778 tax return as being at the forks of the Yadkin river. * Christian left a will dated Aug. 30, 1793, County of Surry, NC. * Christian Died between April and May of 1800.

See Surry County NC Will Abstracts", by Jo Lynn White. ________________________________________________________________________________ DOCUMENTATION OF TIMELINE WITH SOURCES:

1768 Rowan Co NC Tax list of Morgan Bryan: CRX 244 NC Archives, Rowan , Davie Co area, 208 taxables Christon Fender.... one white poll, neighbors: George Lagle, Michael Lagle, Henery Stansifer, John Stansifer, Christon Fender, Henery Railsback, William Cope etc.

1772 tax list of William Sharp Rowan Co NC, CR 85.925.1 Christian Fender... one white poll , neighbors: William Whitaker, Christian Fender, Henry Railsback, Henricus Stinsyfer.

1778 Rowan tax list. Christian Fender owning 1.13.2 pounds Rowan Co. Vacant land entries 4 Mar 1778 # 517 Henry Ralesback enters 300 acres on Dutchman's Creek, adjoining John Hendran, Greggory Glascock, Christian Fender and William Call. This is in the Heidelburg Lutheran Church area of Davie Co. Book 10 page 233. Another land purchase abstract book in Salisbury mentioned that Christopher Fender purchased 76 acres. This is probably the small tract adjoining William Whitaker on the Lagel historical tract map of Davie Co.

Surry County NC was formed from Rowan in 1771. The 1782 Surry County tax list shows Christian Fender with 200 acres on Deep Creek in present Yadkin Co.NC- Christian moved Northwest approx. 30 miles 1778-1782

1780-Lee Fender's book, says, : The Moravian Archives recorded the birth of son John in this manner: A baptism entry in the HOPE REGISTRY lists Johannes, son of Christian and Mary Finder, born 9-16-1780. This entry was among the baptisms of children of friends & neighbors, not members of the Moravian Church."

* The 1785 Surry County tax list of Capt. Wright shows Christian Fender with 200 acres, 1 white poll . * In 1786 Surry Co tax list he appears the same way and Gabriel Fender is shown with 1 white poll.

1790 tax list.... Christian appears taxed on 200 acres

15 Feb-1791... Christian was part of a jury to view and lay off a road from Mosby's Road on the Rowan line to the Surry County courthouse. 1791... 200 acres

15 Jun-1793... Surry Co NC -A deed from William Petty to Christian for 300 acres was proved by oath of William Elliott. This was the former George Phillips land grant on the North Fork of Hunting Creek in present Yadkin county, NC. William Petty purchased the grant from George Phillips, held it several years, then sold 300 acres to Christian.

1793... taxed on 600 acres in Surry Co. NC

1794 ...taxed on 600 acres in Surry Co NC

12 Aug-1795... Another road has been marked out. Christian was appointed the overseer.

14 Nov-1797... John Groce was appointed overseer in the road of Christian Fender and the hands convenient are to work thereon.

5-13-1800.. The Last Will of Christian Fender deceased was proven in open court by the oaths of John Castephens and Henry Hamrick. Wife Mary and son Gabriel appointed Executors.

Gabriel sold a tract of 440 acres in 1814, yet kept 30 acres from the sale. Believed to be the old homeplace. Mentions neighbor named Pinnix. This property was researched in 1999 and found to be near the corner of Marler Church Rd. and Collins Rd. in present Yadkin County, NC.. Marler Church Rd. is the first right off Hwy 421 after passing under I-77 going toward Wilkesboro, NC. Pinnix Road is found just before Marler Church Rd.

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