The Game Ancestry - Table of Contents
The Game Ancestry - Second Edition - Table of Contents

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2nd Edition ISBN 0-9681842-1-9
© Felix G. Game 1997, 2000

Table of Contents
Index of documents (#) Bibliography Zlist                                Alpha List of all Names
Zwierzina and Related Families
Farsang and Related Families
My Austrian Line My Hungarian Line
Chapter 1: Introduction to Part I Chapter 8: Introduction to Part II
Geopolitical Background Historical
Rulers of Austria 1740-1918 German Migration to Hungary
Socioeconomic Background Name Change
About becoming an Officer Visit to the ancestral village
About Promotions Life in Pázmánd
About the poor Nobility Notes for Introduction to Part II
About Marriage Chapter 9: The Fasching Family Overview
About Pensions Fasching József 1747
Zwierzina Family Overview Fasching György 1775
Notes for Introduction to Part I Fasing Antal 1808
Chapter 2: Johann Zwierzina 1741, Brewer Fasing Simon1825
Chapter 3: Johann Zwierzina 1792 Fasching Pál 1849
Chapter 4: Johann "Muki" Zwierzina1825, Capt. Farsang György 1884
                    Moritz Zwierzina1834, Oblt. Biller Katalin 1883, "Mama"
                          Moritz Zwierzina1868, Farsang Mária Therézia 1914, Mariska
Chapter 5: Anton Heinrich Kutschera1815, Goldsmith Chapter 10: Farsang Katalin 1909, Kató

                          Robert Franz Schenk1882, Oblt.

Chapter 11: Felix G. Game

                          Alfred Edler von Schenk 1863, FML.

Chapter 6: Hans Zwierzina 1889, Capt.
Chapter 7: Emil Zwierzina 1891, Capt.                arrow Gallery of Capt. Emil Zwierzina's photos
*** All chapters are work in progress until this line disappears.***

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