The Delanson M. Griswold Family
The Delanson M. Griswold Family

W elcome to a website devoted to the genealogy of the Delanson (dee-LAN-son) M. Griswold family. This includes his siblings, parents, and maybe an uncle or two; and all their descendants. Other families included here are Boyce, Gammet, Broughton, Brown, Wright, Hall, Gates, Salisbury, Roberts, Risley, etc. They lived in Ashtabula Co. OH, before that in Crawford Co. PA, and before that in Otsego Co. NY. It contains old pictures, family trees, a big database report, etc. My main reason for setting up this site is in hope of finding a way to prove Delanson's parentage. It is very likely his father was Daniel Griswold b. 1787, and the line back from there is well established all the way to the 1630's. This is the one missing link.

Loose ends that still need to be tied up, besides Delanson's parentage, include: the whereabouts of the Daniel Griswold family Bible; the whereabouts of the Delanson Griswold family Bible; any picture of Delanson's son Lester; more pictures of Daniel's children; proof that Lester b. 1817 was a son of Daniel; Daniel's place of death; the whereabouts of a picture I saw once of Ralph King Wright Griswold and his wife and son; the whereabouts of Linda Bartlett of Arizona; the whereabouts of Julia Millard of Conneaut; the parentage of Ann Griswold Wright. Anyone with info about these things or anything else that should go on this site please contact me.

The Ancestors

Click here for a text-file report on Delanson's family. You can use the charts at the top as an index into the body of it, and ctl-f to find your way around in it.

Some Speculations on the Origins of the Griswold Name

Click here for some ideas from me and others. Includes a section containing some correspondence with Dirk Schultze of Greifswald, Germany. Please e-mail me if you have any further ideas.

---- Daniel Griswold, Mary Gammet Griswold, and Their Children ----

The Daniel Griswold Family

Click here for what pictures I have of the family of Daniel Griswold b. 1787, plus one Gammet picture. Think they look like a family?

The Griswold coat of arms, as painted by my grandmother Jess Gardner Griswold. "Fortiter et Celeriter", down at the bottom, means "strongly and swiftly."

Lester Griswold Family

Click here for pictures from the line of Lester, son of Daniel.

Pix from Lydia's Line

Click here for a picture of Lydia Griswold Hall and one mystery pic.

Charles Perry Griswold Letter to Sister Lydia

Click here for Chris Eschbaugh's 1859 letter from Charley Griswold to his sister Lydia Griswold Hall. This establishes her as a daughter of Daniel Griswold.

Gilbert Griswold Family

Click here for a picture from the line of Gilbert b. 1826, son of Daniel.

Charles Perry Griswold Family Pictures

Click here for pix of Charles, Betsy Jane, a recent reunion, etc.

The Freestone Bible

Click here for some pages from a Bible in the possession of Sandra K. Freestone of the Charles Perry line.

Another Charles Perry Griswold Bible

This is probably the Bible that accompanied Charles Perry Griswold and family out West.

---- Delanson M. Griswold, Lovina Boyce Griswold, and Their Children ----

The Delanson M. Griswold Family

Click here for pix of Delanson's family. Think they look like a family?

Delanson M. Griswold Death Record

Click here for evidence that he was born in Otsego Co. NY.

Mary Eliza Griswold Salisbury Family Pictures

Click here. Includes a 5-generation photo and a page from the Salisbury Bible.

Ralph King Wright Griswold

Click here for pictures of my great-grandfather.

Herman S. Griswold

Click here for a picture of Herman S. Griswold and an article about him.

---- Other ----

Elind Griswold Family Pix

Click here for pictures of Elind Griswold and family, brother of Daniel b. 1787 and son of Daniel the Revolutionary.

J. W. Bray Autobiography

Click here for a 56-page memior written by J. W. Bray of the Elind line. P. 26 mentions Lydia Samantha Griswold Hall. Also mentioned is Elind's son Uncle Lucius Griswold, first cousin of Delanson M. Griswold. Click here for a couple of explanatory e-mails from Mary Foster Ludvigsen.

Griswold Mystery Pix

Can you identify any of these?

Grandpa Griz

Click here for some pictures of L. D. Griswold, 6/28/1882 - 6/28/1982

Recent Pix

Click here for some more recent Griswold family pix

Europe 1965

Click here for the story of our 10-country journey through Europe


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