Letter from Lydia's brother Charles Griswold:


Mrs. Thomas Hall


County of Fillmore


Date on this letter is February 1? (smudged) 1859



My Dear Sister Lydia,

I am ashamed of being so long in writing you. I can give no reason for it but hopes that you will forgive my
negligence. But I take this opportunity of writing you a few lines to let you know that we are all in good health at
present. Thanks be to God for it will be verry (sic) glad of hearing from you all enjoying the same. I was sorry to
hear of your troubles and trials. We are sorry to hear of the death of your small son Daniel. I have no doubt but
you would feel it heavy to commit the Body to the Deep but we have reason to rejoice that we are told in
scripture that the sea shall give up its dead.

We have very good land and well watered which is verry valuable. Last year we had a verry good crop of nearly
everything we sowed or planted.. Our potatoes and corns (sic) was hurt a little with an early frost but we could
not complain much for we planted about 12 bushels of potatoes and we had about 250 bushels again and we had
about 30 bushels of corn from 9 quarts planting. We had above a hundred bushels wheat and rye and barley. We
had a very good crop of turnips. The letters that you and Thomas sent had been very long on the way. It was
about the end of February before I got them. We are in great hopes that you will be over to see us this spring.
You mentioned in your letter that I should mention all particulars if any of our friends came out but you must
excuse me at this time as I just had the opportunity of sending it over with a certain hand that was in a hurry. We
hope that you will be out if you and yours are in any measure of health to see us all. Fathers health has not been
as well as he has had bouts with the dysentery and he has been said to miss you terribly. It would give him great
pleasure and joy I know to see you of this I know. Del sends his kind respects to you all as he is hear (sic) beside
me. He does give me trouble as I keep riting (sic) you instead of send this on its way.

I add no more at present but remain your affectionate brother Charley Griswold