Mystery Pix Seven ambrotypes and daguerreotypes were found in L. D. Griswold's stuff after his son R. L. Griswold died. The ambrotypes were probably taken before or during the Civil War, and the daguerreotypes in the 1850's before the Civil War. Only one of them has a name on it. The only part of my family they could logically be of is Delanson's family. That means they were probably taken in Crawford County or maybe next door in Conneaut. This page has those mystery pix that are not covered elsewhere on this website.

The first two ambrotypes are probably the same little girl. She looks like the girl in the picture on Ralph King Wright Griswold's page elsewhere on this site.

This daguerreotype is marked Emily S. Harison inside the picture. One of Delanson's sisters, maybe? But somehow her eyebrows don't look much like a Griswold to me. Joseph Loehr McGerity says that in Crawford County in an area called Four Corners, "Across from the family homestead there was a church with a graveyard. In that graveyard I seem to recall a grave of an Emily Harrison."