The Walling/Marshall Family of Erie Co. PA
Welcome to a website dedicated to the genealogy of the Walling and Marshall families of Erie County, PA. Other families included here are Elliott, Scott, Mosher, Sawdey, Lee, Beardsley, McClelland, Herringdeen, Johnston, Edgerton, Pomeroy, Hartley, Wilkinson, Greenman, Blackmarr etc. It contains old pictures, family trees, a big database report, a synopsis of Judge Walling's book, scans from three family Bibles, a section on the Old Ancestral Home in Ireland, a link to Scott Coyle's book "Five Generations of Family", etc.
The Walling/Marshall Family of Erie Co. PA

Loose ends that still need to be tied up include: whether anyone has any old pictures of 552 W. 8th; the fate of Bill Lee; the whereabouts of the source for the Marshall immigrant story last heard of in the possession of Ellen M. Marshall or Dora B. Merrill; the whereabouts of the Thos. and Laura Anna Walling family Bible, and of Judge Walling's family Bible; the whereabouts of Thos. Walling's original statement from the 1900 Walling genealogy; info about Judge Walling's daughter who died young; more pictures of the Elliott side and of Judge Walling's parents and sibs; any recordings of the Greenman Melody Boys; and the Marshall mystery pix. Anyone with info about these things or anything else that should go on this site please contact me.

Judge Walling's Book

Click here for a book report on "Memoirs of the Erie County, Pennsylvania, Bench and Bar" by
Emory A. Walling. (The sequel to this is now available from the Erie County Bar Association.
It contains bios of Judge Walling, Uncle Will, and Lindley McClelland.)
News Flash: Judge Walling's book has been republished: Amazon Heritage

The Ancestors

Click here for a text file report from my database on the Walling and Marshall families.
You can use the charts at the top as a clickable index into the body of it,
and ctl-f to search your way around in it.

Five Generations of Family

Click here for Scott Coyle's book on the ancestry of his grandparents Harry and Laura (Walling)
Sawdey - glossy, with a sturdy, built-to-last binding, and full of pictures,
several of which aren't found on this website.

The picture above is from Karen Michaelis: "Huldah Elliott Cherry," - that's Judge Walling's aunt - "Jessie Perrine (adopted by Hartley's) and Lucinda Walling Hartley." Jessie was an adopted or foster daughter of Lucinda and Joseph; she married a Perrine, and she has to be distinguished from Roby Walling Wilkinson's daughter Jessie, whose picture here also came from Karen:

Above are five of the children of Thomas A. Walling and Laura Ann Elliott. Karen Michaelis' notes: "L to right / Asenath Walling Wilkinson / Emory A. Walling / Roby Walling Wilkinson / Thomas Atwell Walling / Laura Lucinda Walling Hartley // Children of / Thomas A. Walling & / Laura Ann Elliott Walling". They're seated here from youngest to oldest.

Three of the children of James Elliott and Esther Scott Elliott. Karen's notes: "L to R / Laura Ann Elliott Walling - Mother / Henry Elliott - Uncle / Hulda Elliott Cherry - Aunt". They're arranged oldest to youngest. Laura Ann (Judge Walling's mother) died in early 1895, so this picture must have been taken before that year. It is not impossible that a picture of James and wife could exist, since both of them lived well into the age of photography. These two pictures, kindly sent me by Karen Michaelis, were apparently taken the same day.

Here is a new picture of Thomas A. Walling (1793-1863), father of Emory A. Walling, which was in the possession of granddaughter Ethel Beatrice Wilkinson who wrote "Thomas Walling/My grandfather" at the bottom of it. This is probably the oldest ancestral picture I have. From Karen Michaelis, 8/28/12, who got it from a cousin of hers.

The image above, from Scott Coyle, is from about 1923. The provisional
identifications below are from my mother and Aunt Lulu (on the left)
and Scott, along with ages (on the right):

1. Jessie Marshall, Uncle Will Marshall's wife
2. Laura
3. Judge Walling
4. Mariette Marshall Burton
5. Roger Marshall
6. Grace
7. Lewis Saxton Mosher
8. Harry
9. Ralph Walling (we think)
10. William Walling
11. Norma Roberts Walling (we think)
12. Marion Walling Crawford
13. Henrietta Walling (we think)
14. Marietta Walling Mosher
15. Mary Lee Crawford
16. Jane
17. Harriet
18. Mary Walling
19. Anne
20. Jean Walling
21. Ellen Walling
22. William Crawford
23. Tom Crawford
1. Jessie Angeline Pettit Marshall 48
2. Laura Cordelia Walling Sawdey 33
3. Emory Andrew Scott Walling 69
4. Mariette Marshall Burton 59
5. Roger Pettit Marshall 16
6. Grace Ellen Marshall Walling 64
7. Lewis Saxton Mosher 27
8. Harry Lee Sawdey 33
9. Ralph Gordon Walling 38
10. William Benson Walling 42
11. Norma Roberts Walling 29
12. Marion Elizabeth Walling Crawford 27
13. Henrietta Grace Walling 13
14. Marietta Marshall Walling Mosher 26
15. Mary Lee Crawford 2
16. Jane Elliot Sawdey 8
17. Harriet Lee Sawdey 3
18. Mary Roberts Walling
19. Anne Elizabeth Sawdey 5
20. Jean Kirkpatrick Walling 5
21. Ellen Elizabeth Walling 11
22. William Alexander Crawford 4
23. Thomas Walling Crawford 3

Can you identify any of these Mystery Pix?

Mystery Pix

"Marietta Marshall Walling - my guess is she is about three years old", says Scott Coyle. Mom and Aunt Lulu don't agree this is their mother, though. Mom thinks it might be Grace (the daughter of Aunt Cora Marshall), a picture of whom can be found elsewhere on this website.
From an old postcard. Judging from the costumes, I'd say this must be from before WW I. Aunt Lulu doesn't recognize any of these women. I think the one at upper right might be Marietta Marshall Walling.
The caption says, "When nieces were a novelty."

The caption says, "Fair was she to behold / That maiden of seventeen summers." If that's Aunt Marion Walling, and she was 17 years old, then Aunt Lulu thinks the kid might be Henrietta or Mary.

That's my grandparents Lewis S. Mosher with Marietta Marshall Walling (Mosher) in the middle. To the left is Earl O'Connor, Grandpa's best friend from childhood, who was a really nice guy, along with Frank Schultz's wife Jeanette, and to the right is Frank Schultz, Grandpa's other best friend from childhood, who was not so nice, along with Earl's wife Eleanor. Identifications from Mary Lou Mosher.

Above: Walling mystery picture, courtesy of Karen Michaelis. Can you identify them? Identifications so far:
Top right: Everyone agrees this is Uncle Will Walling.
Top center: My mother thinks this is her mother Marietta Marshall Walling. Harriet Lee Sawdey and Esther Scott Sawdey Lennertz say it's Uncle Will's wife Anna Bostwick Walling.
Top left: Harriet Lee Sawdey and Esther Scott Sawdey Lennertz say this is their father Harry Sawdey.
Bottom right: Mom thinks this is Uncle Will's wife Anna Bostwick Walling, next to her kids. Harriet Lee Sawdey and Esther Scott Sawdey Lennertz say it's definitely not her, and they think it's Marietta Marshall Walling.
Bottom center right: Everyone agrees this is Judge Walling.
Bottom center left: His wife Grace Ellen Marshall Walling.
Bottom left: Harriet Lee Sawdey and Esther Scott Sawdey Lennertz say this is their mother Laura Cordelia Walling Sawdey. Perrie Soth at first thought that this was her grandmother Marion Walling Crawford, though the man behind her was not her husband Wm. Lee Crawford. Scott Coyle: "Laura and Marion looked alike -- hence the identification as Marion instead of Laura. But it definitely is Harry Sawdey standing behind her."
As for the two kids, Aunt Lulu thinks Judge Walling has the two oldest daughters of Uncle Will Walling on his lap - that would be Henrietta and Ellen. Scott: "If the children are Henrietta and Ellen, and looking at the ages, the picture was probably taken in the summer of 1913 or 1914. Henrietta would be 3 1/2 or 4 1/2, and Ellen would be 1 or 2. Harry and Laura Sawdey were married in 1913. Their first child was born in February 1915."
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Previous Mystery Pix

Click here for the identifications for previous mystery pictures.

1910 Reunion Picture

Click here for a Walling family reunion picture.
Identifications are still needed for some of them.

Walling Family Pix

Click here for some pictures of Emory A. Walling and family,
including a picture of Commander Ralph Walling.

552 W. 8th St.

Click here for pictures of Judge Walling's house along with some commentary from
the current owners and various Walling descendants.

716 Cherry St. and the Houses on Chestnut St.

Click here for a look at the two houses on Chestnut St. where Judge Walling lived, plus the Mosher
house on Cherry and a glance at their earlier abode on Poplar St.

Eastwood Farm

Click here for some pictures of the farm in North East Twp. where
Judge Walling's family spent much of their time in the summer.

Walling Cousins

Click here for pix of the grandchildren of Judge Walling, including a one of
Uncle Will's daughters. Notice a family resemblance?

Walling Second Cousins

Click here for pix of some of the great-grandchildren of Judge Walling.

Walling-Elliot Reunion Notes

Click here to see the notes - birth, death, marriage and so on - from the Walling-Elliot family reunions.

E. A. Walling Memorabilia

Click here for Emory A. Walling's high school graduation testimonial.

By-Gone Days

Click here for a poem about life in North East in the late 1800's. Mentions some of the Wallings.
Courtesy of Cheryl Kline of the Laura Lucinda line; notes by Scott Coyle.

Earliest Walling Pictures

Click here for pictures of the family of Thomas Walling b. 1793. Plus some
headstone pix, including those of Thos. and Laura Ann Walling.

Bureau of Thos. A. Walling b. 1793

Click here for a picture of an antique owned by Judge Walling's father.

New Huron Letters

Click here for two letters written to Judge Walling's father.

Early Elliott Pictures

Click here for a composite picture of some of the children of James Elliott b. c. 1799; and for
a 5-generation picture including Aunt Huldah Elliott Cherry.

Elliott Haystack Picture

Click here for the tallest hatystack you ever saw. Contains Henry Elliott etc.

Walling/Elliott/Wilkinson Picture

Click here for a reunion picture, from 1911 according to Scott Coyle.

Walling/Wilkinson Bible

Click here for some pages from the Walling/Wilkinson Bible.

Laura Ann Elliott Walling

Click here for some documents relating to Judge Walling's mother.

Laura Lucinda Walling Hartley's Family

Click here for some pix of Jos. C. and Lucinda Walling Hartley and family.

Joseph C. Hartley Family History

Click here for a history of the Hartley family, including some
info on Judge Walling's sister Laura Lucinda.

Roby Jane Walling Wilkinson's Family

Click here for Geo. S. and Roby Wilkinson and family.

Asenath Walling Wilkinson's Family

Click here for some pix of Thos. O. and Asenath Walling Wilkinson and family, including some from
the collection of the late Blanche Zurl, a letter written by Asenath about the last days of her sister Roby,
and a letter written by Asenath containing some interesting info about Uncle Henry and Aunt Huldah.

The 1900 Walling Genealogy

Click here for the booklet written by Asenath and her nephew H. T. Walling.

Aunt Marion Walling Crawford's Line

Click here for a 4-generation Crawford photo and more.

Mercy Blackmarr Line

Click here for pix from the line of Stephen B. Walling, half-brother of Judge Walling and
son of Thomas A. Walling's first wife Mercy Blackmarr.

Walling/Marshall Extended Family

Click here for a four-generation picture and more.

The Marshall Ancestral Homeland

Click here for some pix of the Lough Neagh, the Arboe High Cross, etc., including
some material from Barbara Brookes-Harris.

The Marshall Immigrants

Click here for pictures of the immigrant ancestors of the Erie County Marshall line.

Marshalls, the Next Generation

Click here for pix of Robert W. Marshall Jr. and his children, plus a picture of a funeral card for him.

Aunt Ettie and Spencer Burton

Click here for pictures and other memorabilia of Grace Ellen Marshall Walling's youngest sister
and of her husband Spencer Burton, inculding a picture of him.

Aunt Cora

Click here for pictures of Cora Eloise Edgerton Marshall Greenman and family.

George Nelson Marshall

Click here for pix etc. from the line of George N. Marshall, son of immigrant
Robert W. Marshall. There is also an Edgerton connection here.

More Recent Marshalls

Click here for pix of the Roger Marshall line.

Marshall Mystery Pix

Can you identify any of these?

George Nelson Marshall Bible

Click here for four pages of Marshall Bible records. They have not been transcribed because
they're pretty legible already. They came from Bob and Leigh Glazier, who also provided...

Edgerton Bible

...the Edgerton family Bible which goes all the way back to Benjamin Osborn born 1751,
as transcribed by the Glaziers, with a few minor corrections. Some commentary is provided by
Scott Coyle, who says that several of the people mentioned herein are linked on Find A Grave.
The full-size scans for both of these Bibles are available upon request.

Edgerton Pix

Click here for early pix of the Edgertons, including one of Laura C. Edgerton Marshall
and one of Frank and Rose Edgerton of Colorado.

Edgerton Headstones

Click here for the headstones of John (b. 1691) and Phebe Edgerton, plus Hiram
and wife Louisa, plus one from the dedication of the grave of Civil War veteran Frank W. Edgerton.

Aunt Gertrude's OSS Record

Click here for spymaster Gertrude Horner Mosher's Office of Strategic Services
record from World War II.


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This site was authored by Fred Griswold, great-grandson of Emory A. Walling by the line Marietta Marshall Walling (Mosher), Natalie Mosher (Griswold), and me. All relationships mentioned on this website are from the point of view of its author - Aunt Lulu is Mary Lou Mosher, Uncle Will is William Benson Walling, and so on. Background: the Arboe High Cross, from the Marshall Ancestral Homeland.