Descendants of Sgt. John McVey

Descendants of Sgt. John McVey

The parents of John, James, and George McVey of Virginia
by Vern Taylor Email: stanleyscribe(atsign)

After 30 years of searching I have not found any record of the parents of John McVey. I have not found any record listing his brothers and sisters. I hope that changes. Until then, a quick look at the families of James of Virginia and John of West Virgina will suffice to identify the names that children of this family would have used. They include Elizabeth, George, James, John, Mary, Margaret, Sarah, Thomas and William in alphabetical order. These names are reused over and over through their descendants. The name Aaron seems to have only been used by James McClure McVey descendants, and Samuel by Sgt. John McVey descendants.

It's possible that John's parents were James and Margaret McVey from association at the Samuel Samples Vendue Sale 1780. If so, James and Margaret would have been 60 to 70 years old at that time. This James cannot be James McClure McVey Jr. because James was married to Mary McCormack about 1771.

The parents of James McClure McVey Jr. are listed as James McVey Sr. and Miss McClure. If Miss McClure ever proves to be Margaret McClure, this would certainly help substantiate my claim that Sgt John McVey and James McClure McVey are brothers.

James McClure McVey lived at Franklin Co. Virginia and Sgt. John McVey in Greenbrier Co. Virginia which became West Virginia in 1863. Family tradition has John's death at Franklin Co. Virginia in 1823 even though his wife, Sarah Snedigar was living in the Ardury-Bath-Bourbon Co. area of Kentucky up through 1820. If true, this would indicate a James and John family connection.

I have felt that James and John were brothers except that John was born in Scotland and James McClure McVey was born in Pennsylvania. But I hadn't considered that John may have immigrated with his parents and they traveled west through Pennsylvania before settling in Augusta Co., Virginia. Our cousin Marylu Walker sent an unsourced family group listing Sgt. John and James McClure McVey as brothers.

We have descendants of James McClure McVey living and intermarring with descendants of John McVey in Fayette Co., West Virginia. Descendants of Sgt. John McVey also lived near other McVey lines possibly James descendants in Center Twp. Marion Co., Indiana. This may have occured much more often than we know about.

The estate of George McVey of Rockingham Co. Virginia was given to his brother James McVey for administration. This makes him the third brother of this group.

With this in mind, it's possible that James and Margaret McVey/McVeigh/MacVey born before 1712 in Scotland and their son John McVey b. 1737/1727 Scotland among others, emmigrated to the British colonies between 1737/27-1743. A son James was born 1743 in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. The son George died before 1778. John and parents attended the Samuel Samples sale in 1780 Augusta County, Virginia. James McClure McVey died in 1822 Franklin Co. Virginia. John died 1823 in Virginia according to his grandson.

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