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Hello and Welcome, if you have been here before welcome back and yes it's has been changed in looks!!

Most of the content is the same, you know the saying ~a change is as good as a holiday- well in this case a change might help me find those elusive missing rallies, you know the one's that swam to Australia and then never registered themselves or their kids!!

Any way I am hoping to fine tune this site before adding anymore content, if you have any comment please feel free to let me know what you think!! the good the bad and the ugly !! please! <Grin> 

To find my family history and Surnames use the My Family History Button on the left of your screen the surnames listed in here are Major names in my tree, they are either a direct relative or belong on my long suffering husbands side of the tree.

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I am sorry (not) for the cold tea's and night's with my nose in the computer, and/or  books most of all my absent mindedness.

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