Fredrickson-Johnson connections FREDRICKSON-JOHNSON CONNECTIONS
A collection of genealogies of the extended family of Dorothy Barker Johnson and her husband Donald Davidson Fredrickson, with thanks to Aunt Eleanor for starting us on the search.
This is a work in progress, clearly much more work is needed. Contributions of documented information are always welcome.
Living persons are not specifically identified on this site.
Ancestors of Mary Abigail Jackman (Dorothy's maternal grandmother)

Ancestors of  George W. Sanborn (Dorothy's maternal grandfather)

Ancestors of  Irving Halsey Johnson  updated 2-7-2002

Ancestors of  Donald Davidson Fredrickson

Ancestors of  George M. Bouton  updated 4-8-2002

Ancestors of  Anna Frederica Watts  updated 8-30-2001

Ancestors of  Semaskaite

George W. Sanborn photo album   new 3-11-2002

Most Wanted:  Ephraim Rowe and Sally Seavey information.

        Someday, Maybe:  More photos,  Jackman letters.  Other ideas?

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To quote John Noyes of Calne "These thinges I receaved by hearsay, for I sawe them not, and therefor, if I have fayled in anything, it is because I have been misinformed myselfe, not because I delight to forge any Lies."
Well, ok. And maybe because I should proofread more carefully.

Surety- What do the blocks of numbers in the endnotes mean?  The numbers indicate my estimation of the accuracy of the information presented.  There are five potential numbers, ordered 12DPM.

1 Surety that the principal is properly identified
2 Surety that the second principal (if any)is properly identified
D Surety of the event Date
P Surety of the event Place
M Surety of the event Memo

The numbers approximately indicate as follows:
3  Primary source, reliable record contemporary to the event
2  Secondary source, probably reliable, primary source cited or known
1  Hearsay, tradition, memory of distant event, less reliable information
0  Guess, assumption, unreliable or unknown source
-  Information known to be erroneous (not printed in these reports)

I've not done much with this for a while, and recently found that the free web provider I used had changed hands, and my website was no more.  I expect rootsweb will prove more stable over time.  I have more info than is currently in these pages, including some especially exciting information from letters belonging to a woman in the midwest, confirming our Johnson connection to Nathan in Bridgewater.  Most likely any serious updates to this info will have to wait for winter.  Please note that I no longer have email through att or freei.
Best wishes to all.   Bill  6-4-2012