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Updated:  20 October 2007

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Hi, We're Jack & Fran LaChance and we welcome you to our family history. We have been married since June 25, 1955 and have five children, 13 Grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren.   Not bad for someone as young as we are. ;o)

Link to Jack's webpage at Poems-Pieces

Jack's poems & pieces have been published in many venues and are humorous and inspiring.  You can ask to see more than are on his site.

  Our daughter Wendy is suffering from MS, be sure to visit her inspiring site.

   Our children's French & British Ancestry. They're not only brother and sister but cousins in several ways.  Over 1244 direct ancestors of my father's and Jack's mom's Canadian ancestry of French origin; some over 10 generations.  If you are interested in Canadian genealogy, have a look.

My French Canadian lines includes Deschamps, Rivet, Tremblay, Dupuis, Bonneville, Chatel, Asselin,  and lots more.
My British heritage: Whitehead, Davies, Howarth, Mackey, Humphries, Turk.

Jack's French Canadian line include Reaume, Renaud, Perrin, Duchesne, Trudel, Pelletier & Others. There is also the a LaChance line, which is Jack's half-siblings' ancestry.

Jack's British bio lines: Croucher, Alderton, Beale, Coleman, Chapell, Flint, Grigsby, Rose, Vine, Wakefield, Wilson.
There could be a name you need. 99-44/100% French-Canadian on my father's and Jack's mother's.

This crest was created by The Association des descendants de Toussaint Hunault dit Deschamps before 1996.  DESCRIPTION: The arms are the Tawny Owl (for Hunault) on two keys representing Saint-Pierre-es-Champs the origins of Toussaint Hunault dit Deschamps.  The motto is "Crie te Joie" "Cry your Joy" .  The oak leaves represent the 10 children of Toussaint & Marie.

     Toussaint Hunault dit Deschamps & Marie Lorgueil descendants -
(My paternal 7th grandparents).  I am attempting to compile a complete descendancy from this couple, including female lines. At present,  there are over 30,000 names online, including spouses and spouses' parents, and I have over 87,000 names in my database and everything up to 1900 is online. What you don't see after that please contact me to see if I have more information. Hunault and its many variations, Deschamps, Dishaw, Deshaw, Dayfield, Quevillon, Charpentier, Courval, Leclerc, Chartrand, and numerous surnames.

Any additions or correction are always welcome.  I'm sure there are more than a few errors and typos amongst the many names, dates & serial numbers, and it is always fun to meet new "cousins."

The gedcoms are updated fairly frequently as new descendants are found and information is corrected.  Most data between 1600 - 1900' had been sourced through the online PRDH.  Where possible the Fiche Origines has been used to confirm information about the original settlers to New France who are our ancestors.  In some cases baptism dates have been used in birth dates in order to help searchers verify the data for themselves. I have usually made the birth date "abt . . ." and used the baptism date.  In the event of the name with Marie I have used the second part of the name first: i.e. Marie-Therese becomes Therese Marie. the same for Joseph. It just makes searching easier.

I do not claim to have found or verified all the information myself but have been generously aided in this project by many descendants of many surnames.  It was particularly interesting to meet cousins with the surnames Deshaw, Dishaw and Dayfield: a revelation to them and me when we discovered they connected to Toussaint and Quebec.

<>NOTE:  If you do not find a link to Hunault dit Deschamps ancestry here, you might be a member of the Enaud dit Canada line. Pierre Enaud is the founder of this line. Some of these families later took the names, Henault, Lefreniere, Canada-Cadieux and Delorme.   

The Story of Toussaint and Marie.  (English)

"Le Grande Recrue" History of the Recruitment of 1653. Toussaint and Marie and several other ancestors were a part of this recruitment.    (French)   - 

English Translation of Les Recrue

My British DNA Roots +++

   Howarth, Humphreys, Davies, Whitehead, et al


Notary files:

Full Transcriptions & some translations of Notary Documents

Toussaint's engagé contact dated 18 Apr 1653 at La Fleche (& translation)

Toussaint & Marie's Marriage Contract (& Translation)

Toussaint's first land deal (1654) and sale of land to Pierre Chauvin 1666 (& Translation)

Inheritors cession to Charles Couagne 1690 (& translation)

Robert Reaume's Engagé Document (French & English)

Marie-Therese Hunault marriage contract with Guillaume Leclerc (French & English)

Maurice Rivet & Marriage Contract (French & English)

Links to SOME COMMON ancestors

If you'd like to add your site, please contact me. [email protected]

 Acadian & French Canadian Ancestral Home - Lucie Leblanc Consentino -Best on the web for Acadian research.

wonderful Acadian site relating to the Terriault tree -  be sure to browse the complete site

In my opinion the best genealogy program on the market. Shareware, which means you can try it for free. Very reasonably priced and the author is available through a Rootsweb email list. Only US $49/ to register and worth every penny. I have no financial interest.

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