Home Words

A kind friend has given me three bound volumes of 'Home Words for Heart and Hearth'. They cover the years 1873, 1885-6 and 1887-8. Home Words was published by the Religious Book and Tract Society and consists of a magazine containing stories, articles about the Church of England, monthly ecclesiastical calenders, a young folks page etc. All with a christian and moral content.

This generic magazine then appears to have been personalised for the Parish with local advertisements and announcements. The two later volumes give listings of baptisms, marriages and burials which I am gradually extracting and putting on the site.

There are tables of extracted data on these pages. You can search them using 'find' on your browser's edit menu.


Baptisms 26th November 1886 to 15th August 1887 - more to follow

Marriages 5th December 1886 to 21st August 1887 - more to follow

Burials 25th November 1886 to 20th August 1887 - more to follow