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If a documented source is not listed please do not take the information as fact but as a place to start to find the truth.
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Descendants of William Buntin

Generation No. 1


1. WILLIAM1 BUNTIN was born 1709 in Augusta, Virginia.


2. i. JAMES2 BUNTIN, b. 1744, Rowan County, North Carolina; d. 1780, Nicolas County Kentucky.


Generation No. 2


2. JAMES2 BUNTIN (WILLIAM1) was born 1744 in Rowan County, North Carolina, and died 1780 in Nicolas County Kentucky. He married MARY BYERS 23 Jun 1763 in Rowan County North Carolina. She was born Abt. 1745. Notes for JAMES BUNTIN: Buried Buntin Cemetery

Children of JAMES BUNTIN and MARY BYERS are:

i. WILLIAM3 BUNTIN, b. 1765, , Rowan, North Carolina; m. SUSANNAH HILL, 1799, , Bourbon, Kentucky.

ii. SARAH BUNTIN, b. 1767, , Rowan, North Carolina.

iii. JAMES BUNTIN, b. 07 Feb 1768, , Rowan, North Carolina; d. 1845, , Clinton, Indiana; m. NANCY LOCKRIDGE, 27 Jul 1797.

Notes for JAMES BUNTIN: Buried Buntin Cemetery

iv. MARY BUNTIN, b. 1773; m. ROBERT MCMAHOM, 1795.

v. JOHN BUNTIN, b. 1775; d. 26 Apr 1857,  Clinton, Indiana; m. ELIZABETH HAWKINDS.

3. vi. ANDREW BUNTIN, b. 1777, Kentucky; d. 30 Aug 1838.


Generation No. 3


3. ANDREW3 BUNTIN (JAMES2, WILLIAM1) was born 1777 in Kentucky, and died 30 Aug 1838. He married ELIZBATH LOCKRIDGE 26 Nov 1801 in Nicholas County, Kentucky, daughter of JOHN LOCKRIDGE and MARY UNKNOWN. She was born Abt. 1778.

Notes for ANDREW BUNTIN:  1810 and 1820 Census KY states Andrew had at least 7 children. Andrew was the guardian of Martha G. Buntin HOPKINS children after the death of Eldrige, Andrew made his WILL 2 Jul1836 in which he left his daughter, Martha, a burea and $50.00. On 11 May 1826, Eldridge Hopkins signed a security bond for Andrew Buntin, Sr., for the amount of #273.00. On 11 May 1826 Andrew deeded land to James Buntin and Eldridge Hopkins, stated for the consideration of one dollar and the consideration of the love and affection that, "I have for my son and son in Law" go give, grant... Deed Book G, p 284, 1826 Nicholas county, Kentucky.

On 13 Jun 1831 James Buntin, Eldridge Hopkins and Martha G., his wife of Clinton county, Indiana, deed back to Andrew Buntin the same land which he had deeded to them earlier. Deed Book I p 389, 1831 Nicholas county, Kentucky


4. i. MARTHA G.4 BUNTIN, b. 29 Aug 1802, , Nicholas, Kentucky; d. 07 Dec 1893, Kingfisher County, Indian Territory, OK.

ii. JAMES BUNTIN, b. Abt. 1803; d. 1833; m. MARGARET JANE UNKNOWN, 18 Feb 1824.   I had death date listed as 1833 but found what I believe to be him in 1850 Census IL ?? County pg 205. This is possible another James Buntin married to a Margaret

iii. JOHN L. BUNTIN, b. 10 Oct 1805, , Nicolas, Kentucky; m. SARAH RILEY, 23 Apr 1828, Kentucky.

iv. ELIHU BUNTIN, b. 12 Sep 1808; m. ELIZA A. MADDOX, 25 Sep 1834.1850 IN Census

v. ANDREW BUNTIN, JR., b. 1811, Kentucky; d. 24 Oct 1856; m. LUCINDA BOULDEN, 25 Oct 1839; b. Abt. 1812. 1850 IN Census

vi. JESSE BUNTIN, b. 1814; d. 1845.


Generation No. 4


4. MARTHA G.4 BUNTIN (ANDREW3, JAMES2, WILLIAM1) was born 29 Aug 1802 in , Nicholas, Kentucky, and died 07 Dec 1893 in Kingfisher County, Indian Territory, OK. She married ELDREDGE HOPKINS 19 Nov 1822 in , Nicolas, Kentucky, son of WILLIAM HOPKINS and PEACE SCOTT. He was born 13 Feb 1800 in Kentucky, and died 22 Jun 1831 in Clinton County, Indiana.
Notes for MARTHA G. BUNTIN: Martha seems to have lived with her children on the farm after her husbands death.

Many of Martha's relatives, including her father and his family, uncles and their families, and some of the Hopkins were in Indiana, so she was not alone. In the Original Plat Book of Clinton county, Indiana, Martha is shown as the owner of two plots of land. After Eldridge's death, Andrew Buntin, Martha's father was named as guardian of the estate and the children. In May term of Court 1839,(after the death of her father) Martha was named guardian. In February, 1835 Martha had petitioned the court for money to maintain the children. Buried Sheridan Cemetery, east of Hennessey, OK

1850 Census IN Clinton County roll 139 page 449  HOPKINS, Martha G.

Notes for ELDREDGE HOPKINS: Eldridge married in Nicholas County, Kentucky, then went to Clinton County, Illinois, where died in 1831. He is buried in the Buntin Cemetery in that County. His widow, seems to have lived


5. i. JAMES FRANCIS5 HOPKINS, b. 29 Oct 1823, Nicholas County, Kentucky; d. 1892, Berwyn, Custer, Nebraska.

ii. ELIZABETH HOPKINS, b. 22 Dec 1825; d. 27 Jan 1897; m. JOHN J. PRICKET, 29 Nov 1849, , Clinton, Indiana.

iii. WILLIAM HOPKINS, b. 18 Feb 1828, Kentucky; d. 26 Sep 1902, Indian Territory, Oklahoma; m. (1) KESIAH WILLIS, 19 Nov 1851, , Boone, Indiana; m. (2) NANCY SMITH, 25 May 1862, , Boone, Indiana.

iv. ALFRED ELDGRDIGE HOPKINS, b. 10 Jun 1830, Kentucky or IN; d. 20 Aug 1838, , Clinton, IN.

Notes for ALFRED ELDGRDIGE HOPKINS: Buried at Buntin Cemetery.


Generation No. 5


5. JAMES FRANCIS5 HOPKINS (MARTHA G.4 BUNTIN, ANDREW3, JAMES2, WILLIAM1) was born 29 Oct 1823 in Nicholas County, Kentucky, and died 1892 in Berwyn, Custer, Nebraska. He married MARY FRANCIS SNODGRASS 24 Oct 1850 in Boone County, Indiana (Source: Marriage Book Boone County, Indiana.), daughter of ROBERT SNODGRASS and REBECCA GREGG. She was born 31 Oct 1831 in Boone County, Indiana, and died 05 Jan 1919 in Berwyn, Custer, Nebraska.     1850 CENSUS IN

Notes for JAMES FRANCIS HOPKINS: Buried in Janesville Cemetery, Berwyn, Custer, Nebraska.

Family Histories- in NE library Do not have title.

Among the early homesteaders in the Berwyn Precinct was the James Hopkins family. There were thirteen children born to James and his wife, Frances Snodgrass Hopkins, James and five sons all took homesteads in the Berwyn Precinct. The father filed his claim on March 12, 1883 for the SW 1/4 552 R19 and on April 13, 1889 was given title to that land. (This farm is presently owned by Marvin and Donna Olson). The improvements put up by the Hopkins were: a sod house, 14 X27 feet with board and sod roof and a wood floor, a sod stable 16X24 feet, two wells, one 33 feet deep and the other 17 feet , a sod hen house, cave, frame corn crib, 30 acres were fenced 90 acres cultivated, 200 forest trees 12 nut trees 12 small fruit and apple trees and a hog pen. James Hopkins had been born in Nicholas County, Kentucky the son of Eldredge and Martha Buntin Hopkins. When about seven years of age the family moved to Clinton County, Indiana where his father died in 1831. In 1850 James married Frances Snodgrass the daughter of Robert and Rebecca Gregg Snodgrass of Boone County, Indiana. Soon after they moved to Davenport Iowa but did not stay long. They returned to Indiana but by 1866 were in Madison County, Iowa. in 1860 they moved back to Clinton County, Indiana where they remained until 1869 when they again moved to Madison County, Iowa. In 1877 they moved to Lancaster County, Nebraska later to Butler County and finally to Custer County were James filed a claim on the homestead there. He did blacksmithing along with farming. The going back and forth from Indiana to Iowa may have been job related, it is not really known.  His sons who filed for homesteads in Berwyn Precinct were Alfred Eldredge S10,T15,R19 in 1882; George S14,T15,R19 in 1882: William S10, T15, R19 in 1882; John S14, T16, R19 in 1886; Jesse S9, T15, R19 in 1893. Others in the family were James who lived in Missouri; Rebecca Hopkins Lipstrap; Frances Hopkins; Elizabeth Hopkins Haggard; and Nancy Jane Hopkins Allen. All the above are deceased. Names of the remaining three are not known, James the father died in 1892 and Frances in Jan 1919. Both are buried at Janesville Cemetery.


GRANDMA HOPKINS- Widow of James Hopkins (Originally written in 1919)

Mrs. James Hopkins died at Berwyn, Nebraska, 01-05-1919, in the home of her daughter, Mrs. Nancy J. Allen. She was age 88 years at the time of her death.

She was born Mary Frances Snodgrass, in Indiana on 10-31-1831. When she was 19 years of age, she married James Hopkins and they moved to Iowa. They lived there for 15 years, then moved to Lancaster County, Nebraska. Four years later, they came to Custer County, Nebraska and took a homestead one mile southeast of Berwyn, where they have lived since. Mr. Hopkins died in 1892.

Mrs. Hopkins joined the Church of God soon after it was organize in Berwyn, under the leadership of Rev. J. L Jackson and Rev. John Etherton and she was an active worker in the church during her entire life.

Thirteen children were born to them and eleven now survive, being: Mrs. Elizabeth Haggard of Seneca, Nebraska , Mr. James Hopkins of Fairfield, Nebraska, Mr. Jesse Hopkins of Kendrick, Colorado, Samuel Hopkins of North Platte, Nebraska, W. R. Hopkins of Deer Creek, Colorado, Mrs. Mary Brown of Bayard, Nebraska, George Hopkins of Weissert, Custer Co., Nebraska, Mrs. Nancy J. Allen of Berwyn, Nebraska , Miles and Eldridge Hopkins both of Kendrick, Colorado, and numerous other relatives and many friends.

Funeral services were held at the Church of God in Berwyn on January 8th at 2:00 P.M., with a very large audience of relatives, neighbors and friends present. The funeral was conducted by Rev. Richard Bellis, Pastor. Burial was made in the rural Janesville Cemetery southeast of Berwyn, Custer Co., Nebraska, with a long procession following the hearse to the cemetery there.

"Grandma Hopkins" as she was known, who died Wednesday at Berwyn, truly was a pioneer of the early day period of settlement of Custer County, Nebraska.

Francis Hopkins died January 10,1919, left no Last Will, left estate, died resident Cuter County, Nebraska. Estate duly administered. She left heirs, all reached majority, as follows: Alfred E. Hopkins a son Kendrick, Colorado; Robert W. Hopkins, son , Dove Creek, Colorado; Nancy Jane Allen, daughter Berwyn, Nebraska; George W. Hopkins, son Weissert, Nebraska; John G. Hopkins, son of Maxey, Colorado; Elizabeth A. Haggard, daughter , of Seneca, Nebraska; Mary T. Brown, daughter, York, Nebraska; James F. Hopkins, son of Fairfield, Missouri, Jesse Hopkins, son of Yoder, Colorado Miles Hopkins, incompetent person of Hasting, Nebraska; Samuel Hopkins, son North Platte, Nebraska; Viola Allen, grand daughter, Kansas City, Missouri, James F. Liptrap, grandson US Navy.

Final decree was entered by said county May 21, 1920, finding all of the above to be heirs. Said Francis Hopkins died owning southwest quarter of Section 22, Twp 16, Range 19, Custer County ,Nebraska. Decree assigned one-twelfth interest to each son and daughter on a one-sixty interest therein to each grand daughter and to each grandchild. (Fee Book No. 10, Page 138, Recorded in Probate Record No. 27, page 373-382, Custer County Court herein. 
Buried in Janesville Cemetery Berwyn, Custer, Nebraska.



6. i. MARTHA REBECCA6 HOPKINS, b. 24 Sep 1851, Davenport, Scott, Iowa; d. Abt. 1917, South Dakota.

7. ii. NANCY JANE HOPKINS, b. 06 Jun 1853, Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana; d. 04 Sep 1936, Berwyn, Custer, Nebraska.

8. iii. ALFRED ELDREDGE HOPKINS, b. 29 Mar 1855, Iowa; d. 03 Jun 1927, Kendrick. CO.  

iv. ROBERT "WILLIAM" HOPKINS, b. 16 Mar 1857, Indiana; d. Imperial, California; m. (1) EMMA MARY ORCUTT, 17 Jun 1882; m. (2) NANCY UNKNOWN, Aft. 1992.

v. ELIZABETH ANN HOPKINS, b. 14 Dec 1858, Indiana; m. WILLIAM C. HAGGARD, 30 Jun 1885, , Custer, Nebraska.

vi. GEORGE WASHINGTON HOPKINS, b. 12 Sep 1860, Indiana; d. 12 Aug 1934, Caldwell, ID; m. MARTHA STARK, 29 Apr 1888, Berwyn, Custer, Nebraska.  1900 Census

9. vii. JOHN GUYE HOPKINS, b. 02 Aug 1862, Indiana; d. Nov 1943, Caldwell, Idaho.

viii. MARY THERESA HOPKINS, b. 15 Mar 1864, Indiana; m. CAL BROWN.

ix. DAVID HENRY HOPKINS, b. 01 Jun 1868; d. 10 Jun 1868.

x. JAMES FRANCIS HOPKINS, b. 14 Dec 1869, . Madison, Iowa; d. 20 Jul 1944, Fairfield, Benton, Missouri; m. LULU REDMOND, 17 Jul 1898, Berwyn, Custer, Nebraska.

xi. JESSE HOPKINS, b. 14 Sep 1871, Iowa; d. 19 Apr 1944, Caldwell, ID; m. (1) HANNA OVERTON; m. (2) MARY LIZA BALL.

xii. MILES HOPKINS, b. 14 May 1876, Iowa; d. Abt. 1950, Colorado; m. CLARA OVERTON.

10. xiii. SAMUEL HOPKINS, b. 09 Oct 1877, , Madison, Iowa; d. 27 Aug 1951, North Platte, Lincoln, Nebraska.


Generation No. 6


6. MARTHA REBECCA6 HOPKINS (JAMES FRANCIS5, MARTHA G.4 BUNTIN, ANDREW3, JAMES2, WILLIAM1) was born 24 Sep 1851 in Davenport, Scott, Iowa, and died Abt. 1917 in South Dakota. She married WILLIAM JOHN LIPSTRAP 11 Apr 1875 in Peru, Iowa.






7. NANCY JANE6 HOPKINS (JAMES FRANCIS5, MARTHA G.4 BUNTIN, ANDREW3, JAMES2, WILLIAM1) was born 06 Jun 1853 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, and died 04 Sep 1936 in Berwyn, Custer, Nebraska. She married GEORGE WASHINGTON ALLEN 18 Feb 1875 in Winterset, Madison, Iowa, son of UNKNOWN ALLEN. He was born 1836 in New York, and died 20 Jan 1907 in Berwyn, Custer, Nebraska.

Notes for NANCY JANE HOPKINS: 09-04-1936   MRS. GEORGE ALLEN of Berwyn

Nancy Jane Hopkins, she was born in Indianapolis, Indiana June 6, 1853 and died at her home in Berwyn, Nebraska on September 04, 1936, at the age of 83 years, 2 months and 29 days. When a child she moved to Iowa with her parents.

She was united in marriage to George Allen at Winterset, Iowa in 1879 and moved to Custer County, Nebraska in 1884. To this union, eleven children were born, seven boys and four girls. Her husband and two children, a boy and a girl preceded her in death.

1920 census Nebraska Berwyn Township Village, Custer, Sup. 6 ED 76 Sheet 11

In grandma Allen's obituary it says she had 11 children, 7 boys, and 4 girls, two children that preceded her in death. Which would be Guye James and Clara. Sarah was not Nancy's daughter, her mother was Matilda (Hiatt) Allen


Compiled by: Mable E. Allen, Newport, WA.

So far I haven't been able to trace George Washington Allen back to his parents. He was born 1836 in New York State. (This information is from court records and census. All have the same birth place.) Stories handed down are: His parents died and he was raised by two unknown maiden aunts. He ran away at the age of 15 and nothing else is heard of him until he married Matilda Eveline Hiatt.

After Matilda's death George married Nancy Abernathy. (Source: Madison County, Iowa , District Court clerk..) Marriage: George W. Allen to Nancy Abernathy, 07-31-1873--by D. Baxter, Justice of Peace and affidavit signed by Abijah Abernathy, as to full age. (Nancy's brother.)

Birth date 1848 NY came from 1900 Census Berwyn, Custer , Nebraska.

Sup.#6 EN.Dist.60 Sht.3B Family Histories- a book in NE Library

Allen-Loy Family  by Bernice Allen Loy

George William Allen married Nancy Jane Hopkins. To this union was born seven children: Alfred, Lewis, Walter, Oliver, Richard, Charlotte, and Fannie. The family of George and Nancy was raised and educated in the Berwyn vicinity. George was a farmer. George and Nancy lived on a tree claim in Custer County. After George's death Nancy and her mother Francis lived on the tree claim until 1909.

In the records of Walnut Twp, Madison County, Iowa, George W. Allen bought 120 acres for $100. He paid cash for it in 1872, later lost it to creditors who sued to recover their money. This is on record at Winterset Court House.

Martha Allen was born in Iowa, but soon after George and Nancy left Iowa , where he had been farming with Nancy's father James Hopkins, soon after she was born. They went to Lancaster County NE where Guye James Allen was born.

Lancaster County

  NE -1880 Census:

George Allen      44  born NY-  Parents New York
Nancy Allen        27  born Iowa
John Allen          16  born Iowa
Sarah Allen        13  born Iowa
Frank Allen         11  born Iowa
Mabell Allen           8  born Iowa
Martha Allen        4  born Iowa
James Allen           3  born Iowa
Clara Allen             1  born Iowa

Broken Bow TwpCuster Co,  NE 

- 1885 Census

George Allen     


born NY

Nancy Allen       


born Iowa

Frank Allen       


born Iowa

Martha Allen      


born Iowa

Clara Allen         


born Nebraska

William Allen     


born Nebraska

Alfred Allen       


born Nebraska

Lewis Allen        

 7 months 

born Nebraska

John 21 was listed in separate household and Guye James is not listed. In the 1885 census Sarah age 13 and Guye James are not listed.

NOTES: Story as told to Mable Allen by Ethel (Hopkins) Spenser, the daughter of May Belle (Allen) Hopkins, goes like this: May Belle had a sister that died when she started menstruation. She had tried to wash herself in a creek in cold weather, that caused complications and she died. A few days later. So this could account for Sarah's disappearance, the age would be right.

When the Allen family left Lancaster Co., NE they went to Butler Co., NE. Alfred Eldridge Allen was born 08-25-1882. George Washington Allen had moved to Custer County and on 07-23-1882 he took out a homestead claim. Nancy must have stayed in Butler County because Alfred was born there a month later. In November of 1884, Lewis Christfer was born in Custer County.

The first homestead claim George W. Allen filled out, March 2, 1889 on section W1/2, NW1/4, section 32-12-6, which he did not perfect title to because of grasshoppers. The one he filed in 1890, according to Custer County records was W1/2, NW1/4,and N1/2, SW1/4, section 24-16N-19W-160 acres, which he owned until he died. It also said in the homestead papers that he and his family were away from the homestead for several months after their crops burned out. They went to Enid, Oklahoma to work in the harvest. Nancy's brothers had settled in that area. Her brothers were involved in the big race to claim land when the Oklahoma Territory opened up. Fannie Okly Allen was born in Enid, Oklahoma, she was George and Nancy's eleventh child.

George Washington Allen died 01-20-1907 at the age of 71 years in Berwyn, Custer County, NE. He is buried in Janesville Cemetery. Nancy out lived him 29 years, she is buried in Janesville Cemetery next to George W. Allen and their daughter Clara who died at the age of twelve, she had diphtheria. After George Allen's death, Nancy Jane (Hopkins) Allen moved to Berwyn, NE and rented the farm to her son. Alfred E. Allen, her son bought the home place in later years.

James and Mary Frances (Snodgrass) Hopkins are also buried in the Janesville Cemetery, they are Nancy's parents.


i. MARTHA7 ALLEN, b. 17 Feb 1876, Winterset, Madison, Iowa; d. 01 Jan 1964, Enid, Oklahoma; m. JAMES M BLANCHARD, 17 Feb 1892, Broken Bow, McCurtain, Oklahoma.

ii. GUYE JAMES ALLEN, b. 27 Aug 1877, Lancaster County, Nebraska; d. Abt. 1880.

iii. CLARA LUELLAA ALLEN, b. 28 Apr 1879, Lancaster County, Nebraska; d. 17 Oct 1891.

iv. GEORGE WILLIAM ALLEN, b. 22 Dec 1880, , Lancaster, Nebraska; d. 04 May 1953; m. TILLY JANE STACK, 03 Jul 1902, Berwyn, Custer, Nebraska.

v. ALFRED ELDRIDGE ALLEN, b. 25 Aug 1882, Custer, Nebraska; d. 19 May 1962, Idaho; m. PEARL ANN YOUNG, 05 Jul 1904, Nebraska.

vi. LEWIS CHRISTOPHER ALLEN, b. 18 Nov 1884, , Custer, Nebraska; d. 06 Nov 1941, , McPherson, Nebraska; m. (1) MARY ADELINE HARVEY MILLER; b. 03 Jan 1889; m. (2) IVY MURELL MEEKER, 1909; b. 02 Aug 1893; d. 10 Jul 1926, , McPherson, Nebraska..

Notes for IVY MURELL MEEKER: Buried Berwyn Cemetery in Custer county, Nebraska

vii. RICHARD PARIS ALLEN, b. 27 Aug 1886, , Custer, Nebraska; d. 29 Dec 1964, , Custer, Nebraska; m. (1) BERDINE GLASSIER; m. (2) BLACH BRODEN; m. (3) MRTLE EVANS, 14 Jun 1917; b. 1897; d. 21 Apr 1946.

Notes for RICHARD PARIS ALLEN: Family Histories, a book in Waco, TX  found in 1995 no title. The daughter of J.E. Evans and Alpha Zadia Hale Evans, Myrtle Mae and Richard all were married by Judge N. Dwight ? in Broken Bow, Nebraska on June 14, 1917. Ruby Bernice, ? Mae, Billie Richard, Jessie Mae are all children who joined this union. Richard Allen farmed in the Berwyn area most of his life. Several years were spent on the ? Rapp farm northeast of Berwyn. At age 48 years, on ? 21 1946, Myrtle Allen passed away. Richard Allen was 78 when he passed away Dec 29 1946. Interment for Mr. and Mrs. Allen was in the Janesville Cemetery. Dorothy passed away at the age of twelve, Billie married Dona Meyer, daughter of George Myers of Westville, Jessie married Glen Ward, son of Ray and Katheryn Ward of Berwyn. Nancy married Porter Chamberlin son of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Chamberlin of Mason City, Ruby Bernice married Kenneth Floyde Loy.  Buried Janesville Cemetery Custer county, Nebraska

viii. WALTER WILBUR ALLEN, b. 02 Apr 1888, , Custer, Nebraska; d. 02 Feb 1940, Broken Bow, Custer, Nebraska; m. LOIS ELLIS, 29 Jun 1909, Broken Bow, Custer, Nebraska; b. 25 Jun 1890.  Notes for WALTER WILBUR ALLEN: Walter was a member of the Methodist Church and Lola the Baptist Church.   They farmed near Walworth, Custer, Nebraska, then they moved to his mother's farm. He farmed it until it was sold in 1927.

ix. OLIVER LEE ALLEN, b. 23 May 1890, Custer, Nebraska; d. 1946, Caldwell, Idaho; m. GERTRUDE GEPHART.  Notes for OLIVER LEE ALLEN: Buried Canyon Hill Cemetery in Caldwell, Idaho

x. CHARLOTTE FRANCIS ALLEN, b. 28 Feb 1892, Berwyn, Custer, Nebraska; d. 07 Jan 1979, Gillette, Campbell, Wyoming; m. (1) WALTER ERNEST EVANS, 03 Sep 1910, Berwyn, Custer, Nebraska; b. 08 Sep 1889, Berwyn, Custer, Nebraska; d. 07 Jul 1939, Paxton, Keith, Nebraska; m. (2) BENJAMIN MCCLARA, Aft. 1917; m. (3) WILLIAM OLIVER, Aft. 1918.   Notes for CHARLOTTE FRANCIS ALLEN:  Buried Mount Pisgah 804 S Emerson Ave Cemetery in Gillette, Wyoming, 1900 census Custer County, Nebraska. with Oliver and Fannie on top page Sup 6 ED 60 Sheet 3

xi. FANNIE OKLA ALLEN, b. 29 Oct 1894, Enid, Garfield, Oklahoma; d. 24 Mar 1953, Sheridan, Wyoming; m. GEORGE CLINTON "CLINT" DECKER, 17 Oct 1912; b. 01 Jun 1888, , Comstock, Nebraska; d. 30 Mar 1976, Pierre, South Dakota.



8. ALFRED ELDREDGE6 HOPKINS (JAMES FRANCIS5, MARTHA G.4 BUNTIN, ANDREW3, JAMES2, WILLIAM1) was born 29 Mar 1855 in Iowa, and died 03 Jun 1927 in Kendrick. CO. He married MARY ELIZABETH STARK, daughter of ELI STARK and SARAH WRIGHT.  1900 Census






9. JOHN GUYE6 HOPKINS (JAMES FRANCIS5, MARTHA G.4 BUNTIN, ANDREW3, JAMES2, WILLIAM1) was born 02 Aug 1862 in Indiana, and died Nov 1943 in Caldwell, Idaho. He married MAY BELLE ALLEN (Source: Information about this line from XWORD@aol.com - Paul 1998.) 05 Apr 1885, daughter of GEORGE ALLEN and MATILDA HIATT. She was born 20 Sep 1870 in Des Moines, Iowa, and died 07 Jan 1948 in Caldwell, Idaho.

Children of JOHN HOPKINS and MAY ALLEN are:







10. SAMUEL6 HOPKINS (JAMES FRANCIS5, MARTHA G.4 BUNTIN, ANDREW3, JAMES2, WILLIAM1) was born 09 Oct 1877 in , Madison, Iowa, and died 27 Aug 1951 in North Platte, Lincoln, Nebraska. He married DAISY MAY WARD 02 Feb 1902. She was born 05 May 1883 in Clay Center, Clay, Nebraska, and died 06 Oct 1959 in Lexington, Nebraska.

Notes for SAMUEL HOPKINS:  Family Story:

Son in law had built house for Sam and Daisy to live in. He had included a built in ironing board. Daisy didn't like it. Sam had had found an ironing board and bought it at an auction "barn" within walking distance of home. He bought it and carried it home. Daisy didn't like it either. Sam was started to carry it back, but collapsed in the yard from a heart attack and died.


Samuel Hopkins died suddenly Monday at 2:15pm following an attack at 1105 East 10th. Hopkins resided at 912 North Silber. Born Oct. 9, 1877, at Winterset, Iowa, Hopkins had lived in the North Platte area for the past 35 years. Hopkins was a member of the Berean Fundamental church and the Modern Woodmen lodge. Surviving at his widow, Mrs. Daisy May Hopkins: three daughter, Mr. Ruby Teater of Cheyenne, WY., Mrs. Betty Stafford and Mrs. Vivian Vierson, both of North Platte: eight grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. Hopkins will lie in state at the Maloney, Cox and Kuhns Funeral home, where final arrangements are pending.

Buried in North Platte Cemetery

Notes for DAISY MAY WARD: Daisy Mae Ward was in the nursing home next to the old Memorial Hospital in North Platte. While she was there, the staff had a heck of a time keeping clothes on her.


Mrs. Daisy Hopkins, 76, died in a Lexington Nursing Home Monday afternoon. She was born May 5, 1883 in Clay County and moved to the North Platte area from Senacca and had lived here for more than 42 years. Survivors include three daughter; Mr. Ruby Teater of California,, Mrs. Betty Freeze, North Platte and Mrs. Vivian Vierson, of North Platte: one sister, Mrs. Meilia Bradburn, Nampa, Idaho: three brother John Ward, Fred Ward, Nampa: and W.H. Ward, Sargent: eight grandchildren and fifteen great grandchildren. She was proceeded in Death by her husband, Sam in 1951. She had been a member of the North Platte chapter of the Royal Neighbors of America since 1931. Funeral services are pending at the Maloney-Cox and Kuhns Funeral Home.

Children of SAMUEL HOPKINS and DAISY WARD are:

i. TWILA VAY7 HOPKINS, b. Abt. 1903.

ii. RUBY GERTRUDE HOPKINS, b. 24 Jun 1903; d. Aft. 1951; m. UNKNOWN TEATER.

iii. CLIFFORD HOPKINS, b. Abt. 1905.

iv. XIE DOLAS HOPKINS, b. 15 Jun 1912.

v. HAROLD HOPKINS, b. Abt. 1913.

vi. VIVIAN DELORES HOPKINS, b. 22 May 1914, Seneca, Thomas, Nebraska; d. 31 Mar 1976, North Platte, Lincoln, Nebraska; m. (1) ROBERT PIERRE DOUGHERTY, Bef. 1947; b. 18 Feb 1911, South Dakota; d. 1965, North Platte, Lincoln, Nebraska; m. (2) MERLE EDWARD VIERSON, 08 Nov 1947, North Platte, Lincoln, Nebraska; b. 14 Jun 1914, Hayes county, Nebraska.

vii. ELIZABETH HOPKINS, b. Abt. 1915; d. Aft. 1951; m. UNKNOWN STAFFORD.



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