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If a documented source is not listed please do not take the information as fact but as a place to start to find the truth.

Descendants of Jorg George Merckle



Generation No. 1


1. JORG GEORGE1 MERCKLE was born 1625 in Prussia, and died 16 Dec 1686 in Bonfield, Baden, Wurttemberg, Prussia. He married EVA UNKNOWN 1645 in Bonfield, Baden, Wurttemberg, Prussia. She was born 1617, and died 13 Mar 1690 in Bonfield, Baden, Wurttemberg, Prussia.


2. i. ABRAHAM2 MERCKLE, b. 01 Mar 1664, Bonfield, Baden, Wurttemberg, Prussia; d. 27 Jun, Bonfeld, K, Prussia.


Generation No. 2


2. ABRAHAM2 MERCKLE (JORG GEORGE1) was born 01 Mar 1664 in Bonfield, Baden, Wurttemberg, Prussia, and died 27 Jun in Bonfeld, K, Prussia. He married ANNA VARONICA UNKNOWN 27 Feb 1684 in Bonfield, Baden, Wurttemberg, Prussia. She was born 1666 in Bonfeld, Prussia.



3. ii. ANNA MARIA MERCKLE, b. 16 Jan 1687, Bonfeld, Neckar, Prussia; d. 1738, Long Meadows, Frederick, West Virginia.

iii. ANNA FELICITAS MERCKLE, b. 06 Jan 1688.

iv. ANNA VERONICA MERCKLE, b. 22 Aug 1690.


vi. ANNA KATHERINE MERCKLE, b. 19 Mar 1695.

vii. ANNA VERONICA MERCKLE, b. 03 Jan 1696.

viii. REGINA CHRISTINE MERCKLE, b. 20 May 1699.

ix. ISAAC MERCKLE, b. 11 Jul 1701.

x. JACOB MERCKLE, b. 11 Jul 1701.

xi. ANNA ROSINA MERCKLE, b. 05 Nov 1705.

xii. ABRAHAM MERCKLE, b. 12 Mar 1707.


Generation No. 3


3. ANNA MARIA3 MERCKLE (ABRAHAM2, JORG GEORGE1) was born 16 Jan 1687 in Bonfeld, Neckar, Prussia, and died 1738 in Long Meadows, Frederick, West Virginia. She married BARON HANS JUSTUS (JOST) HITE 11 Nov 1704 in Bonfield, Baden, Wurttemberg, Prussia, son of JOHANNES HITE and ANNE UNKNOWN. He was born 05 Dec 1685 in Bonfeld, Alsace, Prussia, and died 07 May 1767 in Bunker Hill, Frederick, Virginia.

Children of ANNA MERCKLE and HANS HITE are:

i. ANNA MARIA4 HITE, b. 22 Feb 1705, Prussia; d. 24 Feb 1705, Prussia.

ii. ANNA BARBARA HITE, b. 28 Jan 1706, Prussia; d. 07 Mar 1707, Prussia.

4. iii. MARY ELIZABETH HITE, b. 02 Jan 1707, Treschklingen, Prussia; d. 1768, Frederick, Virginia.

5. iv. COL. JOHANNES HITE, b. 1710, Skippack Creek, Germantown, Phil., PA; d. 1792, Monocacy,Frederick, Virginia.

6. v. ELIZABETH HITE, b. 05 Nov 1711, Kingston, Ulster, New York; d. 1794, Mercer, Kentucky.

7. vi. MADELINE HITE, b. 06 Sep 1713, Kingston, Ulster, New York; d. 1771, , Frederick, Virginia.

vii. JACOB HITE, b. 1719, Perkiomen, Chester, Pennsylvania; d. 01 Jul 1776, Frederick, Virginia; m. (1) CATHERINE O'BANNON; m. (2) FRANCIS MADISON BEALE; m. (3) FRANCES MADISON.

Notes for JACOB HITE: Was married  five times.

October 25, 1750 The Pennsylvania Gazette ITEM #12339

October 25, 1750  The Pennsylvania Gazette

TEN PISTOLES Reward. Run away from the subscribers, of Frederick county, Virginia, three servant men, viz. Joseph Fitzwater, an Englishman, a convict, belonging to Jacob << Hite>> , a shore fellow, about 20 years of age, can read and write, wears his own short hair; had on an ozenbrigs shirt, a Negro cotton jacket, leather breeches, and old felt hat, and took with him a dark bay low squat horse, branded on the near buttock OHH. The other two belonging to Doctor Adam Stephens, viz. David Dunblass, a Scotsman, a lusty well set man, round shoulder, has a down look, bluff face, much pock mark, and speaks very thick: Had on then he went away, a linsey coat, of a light grey, brown country cloth jacket, new shoes, linnen trowsers, and wears his own hair, and is much given to drinking and swearing. Abington Nicholls, born in Virginia, is a well set fellow, of a swarthy complexion: had on and with him, a bearskin coat, with a flying velvet neck, lined with German serge, and has gilt buttons, and a linnen coat, a brown cloth jacket, blue cloth breeches, and old shoes, and wore a whitish colourwig; and took with them, a black pacing horse, branded on the near shoulder and buttock with TP; the other suspected to be a black mare, stolen out of the woods. Any person or persons, that will bring or secure the said Fitzwater, shall have Five Pistoles, and all reasonable charges, paid by Jacob << Hite>> : And likewise for Dunblass and Nicholls, to be secured or brought to William Mitchell, in the county aforesaid, shall have Five Pistoles, and all reasonable charges, paid by WILLIAM MITCHELL


January 10, 1765 and September 20, 1764

The Pennsylvania Gazette ITEM #34965

The Pennsylvania Gazette   TO BE SOLD,

NINE Hundred and Thirty odd Acres of Land, in Frederick County, Virginia, on which there are three Plantations, with a good Dovetail Log house and Barn, near about 100 Acres of cleared Land, the most Part good Bottom for growing of Hemp; a Spring, and Meadow Ground; a fine large Creek, for any Kind of Mill, runs through the whole, and lies convenient to the Gap of the Mountains, within 60 Miles of Navigation. For Terms of Sale, apply to JACOB << HITE>> .

September 11, 1776 The Pennsylvania Gazette  ITEM #59998 



By MR. William Harrison, in nine days from Fort Pitt, we have advice, that Capt. John Hingston, with a number of settlers, arrived from Licking Creek, near the Kentucky, the very day he left home. Capt. Hingston gave the following account, that one James Cooper, and another person, a Dutchman, being on their way to a buffalo lick, were fired upon by a couple of Indians, who shot down Cooper, and frightened the Dutchmanhorse so that he flung him. His foot hanging in the stirrup, one of the Indians made up to him, to tomahawk him; but, although in that disadvantageous situation, he found means to aim his gun so well (which he never omitted) as to shoot the Savage dead on the spot, and, seeing the other Indian making up to him, he disengaged himself from his own horse, mounted Cooper, and got clear off to the inhabitants. Upon his arrival, many of the Kentucky settlers immediately went about

sorting themselves at Boonsborough and Harwoodtown; and numbers agreed to come into the neighborhood of Fort Pitt, with Captain Hingston. - Mr. Harrison likewise informs, that Mr. Jacob <<Hite>> , who lately removed from Berkley county to the neighborhood of the Cherokee country with his family, and a large parcel of Negroes, was murdered at his own house by those Savages, with most of his slaves, and his wife and children carried off prisoners; his son, who was in the Cherokee country, was likewise murdered. - The Shawanese, Delawares, and Mingoes, had not met our Commissioners, although two expresses had been sent to them for that purpose, and returned without any answer. A third express was sent off, but had not returned.

viii. ISAAC HITE, b. 12 May 1721, Perkiomen, Chester, Pennsylvania; d. 28 Sep 1795, Shenandoah County, Virginia (Source: Buried Long Meadows - Hite Cemetery in Shenandoah County, VA,; m. ELEANOR ELTINGE, 12 Apr 1775; b. 1724; d. 10 Nov 1792, Shenandoah County, Virginia..

Notes for ISAAC HITE: October 6, 1779 The Pennsylvania Gazette ITEM #64808

Land, of the best Quality, for Sale, CONSISTING of 200 acres, contiguous to that of Mr. Isaac <<Hite>> , situate on a flat of Cedar creek, about 16 miles from Winchester, near the road that leads to Stanton; on which are a spring, an orchard, good meadows, and all improvements necessary for a farmer or planter, relative either to the land or buildings. There are two other tracts of about the same quantity each, adjoining mine, to be disposed of, which perhaps may make it more valuable to some. The terms, and an opportunity to view the land, may be obtained of Mr. Isaac Hite. Abraham BOWMAN.

ix. ABRAHAM HITE, b. 10 May 1729, , Pennsylvania; d. 17 Jan 1790, Near Moorfield, Hardy, Virginia; m. REBECCA VAN METER, 03 Dec 1751, Hampshire, Virginia.

Notes for ABRAHAM HITE: June 29, 1774 The Pennsylvania Gazette ITEM #55631


His Excellency the Governor, with the advice of his MajestyCouncil, was this day pleased to order writs to issue for the election of a new Assembly; which, we hear, is to meet as speedily as may be.

On Monday evening last an express arrived in this city from Hampshire, with letters from Col. Abraham << Hite>> , residing there, to his Excellency our Governor, which give us fresh assurances of the determined resolution of the Indians to declare war against us. It would be needless to expatiate with respect to the distresses of the inhabitants in many of the back parts of this colony, as their situation must be sufficiently obvious to every one, who has attended to the many late accounts of the barbarity of the Indians towards them. -- Colonel << Hite>> reports, that he has received intelligence from Cheet River, upon which he can depend, that on the 4th instant, some people going to or by the house of one William Speir, they discovered him, his wife, and four children, murdered and scalped, with a broad axe sticking

in the manbreast, and his wife lying on her back entirely naked. At another place they found a mancoat, with a number of bullet holes in it, and a child murdered close by the same. The cattle they have likewise killed. In short, the outrages committed by these barbarians are hardly credible; and, we are told, that scarce a day happens but some cruelty or other is committed. Colonel << Hite>> declares, that although he resided there during the two last wars, he never saw a greater consternation and distress among the people than is at this time.

On Saturday, the 21st of May, was found, on the Buffaloe Ridge road, about 5 miles above the mouth of Tye river, in Amherst county, the body of an elderly man, who appeared to have been murdered some days before; his head had been violently beat (probably with a club) and his body removed some distance from the road, and nearly covered with stones. He was dressed in a dark grey coat, with black cuffs and buttons, black velvet waistcoat and breeches, and jackboots. There is reason to believe he was a dissenting clergyman, as the jury found in his pockets some printed and manuscript sermons, and some memorandums, in one of which was wrote, Reverend Jacob Peoples," which is supposed to have been his name, and is said to have been an inhabitant of the back parts of Pennsylvania. They also found about

30s. in silver, with some other things, and a note of directions for the road; from which it appeared he was traveling into Augusta, by Rockfish Gap. The murderer has not yet been heard of.

Not sure if the information below is for the right Abraham Hite (copy of document in photos.

Warrant ID Veteran Name
0301.0 Hite, Abraham
Acres 2,000
Years 3
Rank Captain
Unit Virginia Continental Line
Branch Unknown
Date 4/7/1783
Authorized VA 7098 VA 7576
Note Partial Payment

x. JOSEPH HITE, b. 1731, , Virginia; d. Frederick, Virginia; m. (1) ELIZABETH MACHKAY; m. (2) HANNAH HARRELL, 1758, Hopewill Mo. Mt., , Virginia.

xi. MARIA SUSANNAH HITE, b. 1733, Frederick, Virginia; m. ABRAHAM WEISSMAN.


Generation No. 4


4. MARY ELIZABETH4 HITE (ANNA MARIA3 MERCKLE, ABRAHAM2, JORG GEORGE1) was born 02 Jan 1707 in Treschklingen, Prussia, and died 1768 in Frederick, Virginia. She married GEORGE BOWMAN 1731 in Berks, Pennsylvania. He was born 1706 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and died 1768 in Frederick, Virginia.


Children of MARY HITE and GEORGE BOWMAN are:

i. JOHN GEORGE5 BOWMAN, b. 27 Apr 1732, Opequon Creek, Frederick, Virginia; d. Abt. 1732, , Frederick, Virginia.

ii. JACOB JOHN BOWMAN, b. 02 Dec 1733, Opequon Creek, Frederick, Virginia; d. 20 Jun 1780; m. GRACE GRIZEL GREENLEE; b. Abt. 1748.

iii. EMMA MARIE BOWMAN, b. 19 Nov 1735; m. LEWIS STEPHANS.

iv. ELIZABETH BOWMAN, b. 18 Mar 1737; d. 1815, Bourbon, Kentucky; m. ISAAC RUDDELL; b. 1729, Nottingham, Pennsylvania; d. 1806, Bourbon, Kentucky.
Affidavits Regarding Ruddell's Station given by  Mrs. Ruddell

v. JOHANNES BOWMAN, b. 19 Dec 1738.

vi. SARAH BOWMAN, b. 19 Feb 1740.

vii. REGINA BOWMAN, b. 13 Jan 1742.

viii. ABRAHAM BOWMAN, b. 16 Oct 1742.

ix. REBECCA BOWMAN, b. 25 Mar 1745; m. GEORGE BRINKER.

x. GEORGE BOWMAN, b. 24 Mar 1746.

xi. ABRAHAM ABRAM BOWMAN, b. 16 Oct 1749.

xii. JOSEPH BOWMAN, b. 08 Mar 1751.

xiii. CATHERINE BOWMAN, b. 16 Nov 1754.

xiv. ISAAC BOWMAN, b. 24 Apr 1757.

Notes for ISAAC BOWMAN: There is a Isaac and Eleonor Hite Bowman buried in BOWMAN CEMETERY II in Shenandoah County, VA.

1. M. Mary Bowman wife of Isaac Bowman born 31st day of October 1773 and departed this life the 21st of August 1830

2. Eleanor B. Hite born Dec. 13, 1813 married June 8, 1841 to Isaac Bowman died May 19, 1903

3. Isaac S. Bowman born Nov. 17, 1808 married June 8, 1841 died Dec. 28, 1866 .

5. COL. JOHANNES4 HITE (ANNA MARIA3 MERCKLE, ABRAHAM2, JORG GEORGE1) was born 1710 in Skippack Creek, Germantown, Phil., PA, and died 1792 in Monocacy,Frederick, Virginia. He married SARA ELTINGE 1735 in Kingston, Ulster, New York.


i. JOHN5 HITE II, b. 25 Jun 1751, Hampshire, Frederick, Virginia; d. 12 Jun 1808, , Rockingham, Virginia; m. CORDELIA REAGAN, 31 Jan 1793, , Frederick, Virginia.


6. ELIZABETH4 HITE (ANNA MARIA3 MERCKLE, ABRAHAM2, JORG GEORGE1) was born 05 Nov 1711 in Kingston, Ulster, New York, and died 1794 in Mercer, Kentucky. She married PAUL FROMAN 1731 in , Pennsylvania. He was born 1708.


i. MARIA CHRISTINA5 FROMAN, b. 1735; d. 1783; m. JOHN OVERALL, JR..


7. MADELINE4 HITE (ANNA MARIA3 MERCKLE, ABRAHAM2, JORG GEORGE1) was born 06 Sep 1713 in Kingston, Ulster, New York, and died 1771 in , Frederick, Virginia. She married JACOB CHRISMAN 1730 in Pennsylvania, son of JOHANNES CHRISMAN and ANNA GETRAUD. He was born Abt. 12 Sep 1706 in Strasbourg, Alsas, Lorr, and died Oct 1778 in Winchester, Frederick, Virginia (Source: 1. Augusta county Courthouse, Stanton, Virginia, Deed Books vl.7 pg.219 , vl. 9 pg. 368-9, 376).

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i. JACOB5 CHRISMAN II, b. Abt. 1732, Virginia; d. 28 Apr 1809, Winchester, Frederick, Virginia; m. MADALIN MCDONALD; b. 1731; d. 04 Feb 1809.

ii. ABRAHAM CHRISMAN, b. 15 Oct 1733, Frederick, Va.; d. Abt. Oct 1798, Montgomery County, Virginia; m. KEZIAH UNKNOWN, 1759, Augusta, Virginia; b. 1737, Augusta, Virginia; d. 05 May 1814 (Source: LDS film 177915 pg.172 Ordinance#6520 Temple Logan).

iii. SARAH CHRISMAN, b. 23 Sep 1734, Orange, Virginia; d. 1784; m. THOMAS SPERRY, 1755, Frederick, Va.; b. 1734.

iv. ANNA MARIA CHRISMAN, b. 29 Sep 1735, Orange, Virginia; m. PETER STEPHENS,JR., 1754, Frederick, Virginia; b. 1732, Frederick, Virginia; d. 1812, Montgomery, Virginia.

v. ISAAC CHRISMAN, b. 09 Nov 1736, , Frederick, Va.; d. 19 Jul 1776, Rye Cove Fort, Lee, Virginia; m. JANE SCOTT, 1761, Hardy, Bedford, Virginia; b. Hardy, Bedford, Virginia; d. 1825.

Notes for ISAAC CHRISMAN: Glade Hollow Fort, lists Isaac Chrisman. He was in Dunsmore's war, presumably at the battle of Pt. Pleasant. See "The Annals of Southwest Virginia" by Lewis Preston Summers, 1929 pg. 1424. Monument in Pt. Pleasant, Mason, West Virginia, that bears his name ( a memorial to those involved in the battle at Pt. Pleasant).

Killed by Indians in Ryer Cove, Lee ,Virginia.

NAME Chrisman, Isaac. DATE 1778 SOURCE 

Will Book 1, 1777-1792 (Reel 15)  p. 2. Inv. & Appr. rec. 18 Aug 1778.  p. 104. Accounts rec. 21 Oct. 1784.

NOTE Part of index to Washington County Wills and Administrations (1770 - 1800)

PLACE Washington County (Va.)

FORM Estate inventories. aat.

COLLECTION Virginia wills and administrations.

vi. JOHANNES CHRISMAN, b. 09 Mar 1739; d. Aft. 22 May 1772, Augusta, Virginia; m. MARY HINTON, 1763.

vii. JOSEPH CHRISMAN, b. 1740, Frederick, Va.; d. 1762, Frederick, Va.; m. ELIZABETH MCDOWELL.


Some sources say Elizabeth Purtle

viii. REBECCA CHRISMAN, b. 1741, Va; d. Mar 1826, Russell, Va.; m. JAMES SCOTT, Bef. Apr 1769; d. 1823, Virginia.

ix. GEORGE CHRISMAN, b. 1744, Va; d. 29 Aug 1816, Rockingham, Va; m. HANNAH MCDOWELL; b. 1747; d. 24 Jan 1817.


xi. HENRY CHRISMAN, b. 09 Mar 1749; d. 1778; m. JANE EARL ROUT, 17 Jul 1770.


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