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Bringing Flint Family History Together

Brief History

The original Flint ancestors came from Scandenavia with the invasion of the Saxons, or with William the Conqueror in 1066 with the invasion from Normandy (modern-day France).

They probably originated in Flint, Flintshire, Wales, a small market town where Flint Castle was built in the 1100's. From there, their descendants spread across England, Wales, and possibly into Scotland by the 1500's.

At this point, Flints have spread themselves across the earth, many residing in Australia, the United States, and other countries. Many early settlers include Flints of Salem and Virginia. From there, several moved to New York, Maine, California, and dozens of other states.


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I have a little bit of information on two Flint brothers, Thomas and William, who immigrated to Salem, Massachusetts about 1638. Their descendents moved to Maine and then to California.

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