Before listing any Internet resources that should be of help in your Flory/Flora researches, we should point out that one of the premier aids is off-line, and that is "The Flory Flora Fleury Family Newsletter" put out by Bill Flory of 300 Birch, Grandview, WA 98930 (Bill Flory).  The newsletter comes out four times a year, and subscriptions are a mere $5.00.  Each issue contains stories on Flory genealogies, Flory/Flora re-unions, famous people with the Flory name, the latest in Flory research, and genealogical thoughts in general.  Since its inception approximately 14 years ago, the publication has proven to be an essential tool for any Flory family member seeking to find out more about his/her history. Its readership is international, and back issues are jealously horded by subscribers.  




There are numerous excellent general genealogical resources on the net that provide links to other good resources.  Here are a few of the top ones that you should consider.  They should lead to virtually all sites on the net.

I.  Church of the Latter Day Saints sites. Sooner or later, everyone who does genealogy on the net comes across the wonderful resources of the Mormon Church on-line.  If you would like to use their data bases, click on http://www.familysearch.org/.  For an excellent primer on genealogy, on-line or not, try http://www.lds1.com/genealogy/index.html.

II.  One of the largest collection of references to genealogical sites anywhere on the net is Cyndi's List of Genealogical Sources on the internet (http://www.cyndislist.com/).  With approximately 100,000 sites referenced, it is a bit confusing at first to use, but well worth the trouble.

III.  Kraig Ruckel's Palatine Page (http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/3955/).  An excellent source for anyone interested in Palatine immigrants to the United States, particularly the Pennsylvania Dutch.

IV.  If you have ever pondered over early writing in Germanic script attempting to figure out what the letters mean, you might try clicking on http://www.genealogienetz.de/misc/scripts.html for help.

V.  The standard site for people interested in their Swiss ancestors is the "Swiss Genealogy on the Internet" Web Site.  It is an all volunteer site that contains a wealth of resources including surname directories, Swiss history, research "how to" materials, etc.  It can be accessed at http://www.eye.ch/swissgen/schweiz-en.html





Here are some resources that are devoted specifically to Flory/Flora/Florea research:

I.  The Flora/Flory mailing list, maintained by Michael A. Barnhart, is an interesting source for the latest news and queries about your Flora/Flory/Florea descendants.  To subscribe, email  FLORA-L-request@rootsweb.com and type in the word "subscribe" in the subject column.  This newsletter is free.   

II.  There are three related bulletin or message boards at  http://www.genforum.genealogy.com/flory, one for Flory, one for Flora, and one for Florea.  Most respondents are simply posing questions regarding their own ancestors, but it is worth while to check it out.  You really need to look at all three, since the spelling of Flory ancestors varies so much.  One spelling is linked to the other two.  Another message board for Flory family members can be found at http://boards.ancestry.com/mbexec?htx=board&r=rw&p=surnames.flory

III.  Pat Hageman has recently changed her server.  However, her really nice site on Adolph Flohri and his descendants (E-2 Line) can be called up at http://users.motion.net/hageman/index.htmIf you are thinking of putting up a web site for your particular line, you might take a look at Pat's site as a possible model.

IV.  An extensive GEDCOM file for the E-Line, listing over 7,000 people beginning with Hans Flori in 1610 and continuing down to the present can be found at: http://www.swcp.com/~dhickman/gedcom/florey/surnames.htmlPerhaps one day there can be a data base for the other four lines as well.

V.  If you are interested in the Naff/Neff family, which has links with the B, C, and E lines, check out http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~neff/index.html.  On the site of Betty Naff Mitchell is an interesting section regarding Jacob Naff, husband to Eva Flohr (whom Bunderman calls Katherina Flory), daughter of Joseph Flory.  There is information about Eva here that is not found in Walter Bunderman's Book. The page can be accessed at http://naff.bravepages.com/    

VI.   The Tarvin family has a strong relationship to the A-Line of Thomas Flora.  They have an interesting site at http://www.tarvinfamily.org

VII.  William Flurry, who was born prior to 1780, possibly in North Carolina, and whose descendants lived in Alabama and Mississippi, is represented, along with his line, at http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/b/u/r/JERRY-F-BURR/ODT2-0001.html 

VIII.  This is a fun site for those of you who are members of the E-Line.  Giving the ancestors of Princes Grace Kelly of Monaco, it uncovers connections to Hans Flori of Birkenau.  See especially numbers 920, 460-1, 230-1, 114-5 of the listing.  http://worldroots.clicktron.com/brigitte/famous/g/gracekellyanc.htm

IX.  There is an interesting genealogy of the descendants of Samuel Floore, who migrated to Kentucky at the beginning of the 19th century, possible from Maryland.  Whether Floore here is a variant of Flory is not known at present, but that spelling is known in our various lines.  The link is at http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Meadows/5110/

X.  There probably is not much of a real genealogical connection, if any, between the name of Flory/Flora and that of Flower or Flowers.  Still, the names have become confused enough in the past that exploring the connections may yield some fruit.  A site devoted to Flowers family research can be found at http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Ridge/7524/  

XI.  One family that may cause some confusion to Flory researchers is that of Conrad Flores and his son, Michael, who arrived here on the ship Friendship on Sept 3, 1739.  Conrad was one of the founders of Springfield Township in Bucks County in 1743. Michael eventually moved to Lehigh County.  Conrad is sometimes associated with Leonard Flohr, who came over on the same ship, and Valentine Flohr, who could have been Leonard's son.  To date, though, there is no proof of a relationship between Conrad's family and Leonard's family, despite the similarity of names.  A site devoted to the descendants of Conrad can be found at http://www.pafloresfamily.com/ps02/ps02_263.html .

XII.  The first extensive genealogy that I have found that deals with a post-1754 Flory immigrant is that of William Barber, who has an extensive list of the descendants of a Joseph Flory, who was born in France in 1824 and who died in Fulton, Co., OH in 1898.  The url is http://www.barbergenealogy.com/records/master1/d1/i0000424.htm



  There are several sites on the web that have been put up by descendants of Joseph Flory.  Some of these sites include names and other Flory information not listed elsewhere.  We have not checked all of these sites for conformity to the Gethmann-Marcinkowski project on the C-Line, but we are including their listing here in the event that you might find them to be of interest or relevance to your own research.  If you have a web site that you would like to see listed, send a brief description of it, along with its url or web address, and click on the following link: florey.

I.  A file of over 2,000 names of the descendants of John M. Flora, great grandson of Joseph Flory (Abraham, Jacob, Joseph) is at the following site--http://www.angelfire.com/in/septimus/johnweb1.htm

II.  A rather large family file is that of Barry Flory, a descendant of Joseph Flory's son John.  His url is http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~imbflory

III.  Charles Andrews' home page at  http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Plains/5971/index.html contains links to Flory pages as well as to others (many of which are Mennonite).

IV.  Another extensive genealogy that includes Joseph Flory descendants as well as other families is that of David Blocher.  David's research is helping to augment the Gethmann-Marcinkowski project. The url is http://www.familyorigins.com/users/b/l/o/David-A-Blocher-WA/

V.  Michael Barnhart, the administrator of the Flora email list, has his Flory ancestors listed at http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~barnhart/dline/fam00271.htm