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Life in Washington Co., PA "Little Washington" 
1700s to Present


Gratefully Accepted....

Everyone in involved in genealogy is disgusted with the rising costs of doing this hobby. Even when you have an exact date of birth/death, or know the exact Book/Volume and page number you want, court offices will often charge between $10.00 to $20.00 for ONE Xeroxed Page and postage (which is outrageous!). 

Other places charge $1.00 per Xerox Copy made on their machine, trying to re-coup at least 95% of every dollar they spend on maintenance and related costs (but, we all know Xeroxes have come down to 0.02 cents to 0.05 cents on most Xerox machines, and even small libraries only charge 0.25 cents per page). 

The high costs of postage, Xeroxes, travel and gas expenses, book costs, membership costs to societies etc., all make web sites like this one (and my site on Washington Co PA families) very important. The more transcripts of original documents that we can access online, the better for everyone,. especially for people who live out of State. But, in most cases, *someone* initially absorbed the costs to get the information in the first place.

If you would like to make a donation of appreciation for the items you have found here, I would be very thankful. You may send by regular mail to the address below, or email me if you would like to use the check-paying system through PayPal. 

Again, thank you very much for helping me to help you.


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Backgrounds by Marie. The background was chosen specifically to emphasize the matriarchal role of women in "the life" of children and families, and the resilience of all the women of southwestern Pennsylvania.