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Data and stories about persons or families from Little Washington, Washington County, Pennsylvania.


This website focuses on "Life in Washington Co., PA" - 1700s to Present

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Washington Co., PA primarily.
Also includes Bedford Co., PA; Ripley Co., IN; and Carroll Co., OH,
with information also from Frederick Co., MD.

Life in Washington Co., PA - Home Page List of Farms & Farmers -  PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR FAMILIES!


Life in the County: 

TownTalk - main page of descriptions of towns, boroughs and villages

Cities, boroughs, villages....maps and zip codes...
with links to "Town-Talk" pages and scans if any.

Please keep in mind many of these places are tiny boroughs 
so there might not be much to write.

Allenport -Map (17066)
Amity -Map (15311)
Atlasburg -Map (15004)
Avella -Map (15312)
Beallsville-Map (15313)
Town-Talk about Beallsville
Scans concerning Beallsville
Bentleyville -Map (15314)
Town-Talk about Bentleyville.
Town-Talk about Bentleyville - page 2
Scans concerning Bentleyville.
Bulger -Map (15019)
Burgettstown -Map (15021)
Town-Talk about Burgettstown
Scans concerning Burgettstown
Burgett Cemetery - Interment.Net
-Map (15419)
Canonsburg -Map (15317)
Cecil -Map (15321)
Charleroi -Map (15022)
Town-Talk about Charleroi
Scans concerning Charleroi
Claysville -Map (15323)
Coal Center -Map (15423)
Town-Talk about Coal Center.
Scans concerning Coal Center.
Cokeburg -Map (15324)
Town-Talk about Cokeburg.
Scans concerning Cokeburg
Daisytown - Map ? (15427) 
Denbo -Map (15429)
Donora -Map (15033) 
Dunlevy -Map (15432) 
Eighty Four -Map (15330)
Elco -Map (15434)
Eldersville -Map (15036)
Ellsworth -Map (15331)
Town-Talk about Ellsworth
Pictures/Scans concerning Ellsworth
Elrama -Map (15038)
Finleyville -Map (15332)
Fredericktown -Map (15333)
Gastonville -Map (15336)
Hendersonville - Map (15339)
Hickory -Map (15340)
Houston -Map (15342)
Town-Talk about Houston
Joffre -Map (15053)

Langeloth -Map (15054)
Lawrence -Map (15055)
Marianna -Map (15345)
Town-Talk about Marianna.
Articles - Marianna Mine Disaster.
McDonald -Map (15057)
Town-Talk about McDonald.
Articles - McDonald and area.
McMurray -Map (15317)
Town-Talk about McMurray
Scans concerning Monongahela
Meadowlands -Map (15347)
Midway -Map (15060)
Millsboro -Map (15348)
Monongahela -Map (15063)
Town-Talk about Monongahela
Scans concerning Monongahela
Muse -Map  (15350)
New Eagle - Map (15067)
Paris -Map (15021)
Peters Township 
Prosperity -Map (15329)
Richeyville -Map (15358)
Roscoe -Map (15477) 
Scenery Hill -Map (15360)
Town-Talk about Scenery Hill
Scans concerning Scenery Hill
Slovan  -Map (15370)
Southview  -Map (15361)
Stockdale -Map (15483)
Strabane (Township)-Map (15363)
Ten Mile -Map (15345)
Taylorstown -Map (15365)
Van Voorhis -Map (15366)
Venetia -Map (15367)
Vestaburg -Map (15368)
East Washington PA -Map (15301)
Town-Talk about East Washington Washington -Map (15301)
Town-Talk about Washington
Uptown Landmarks -1 by Judith Florian
Uptown Landmarks -2 by Judith Florian Scans concerning Washington
West Alexander -Map (15376)
West Finley -Map (15377)
West Newton
West Middletown -Map (15379)
Westland -Map (15378)

  See Cemeteries at the Washington County PAGenWeb



Washington PA Uptown Landmarks - 1 from North Main St. Jeff-Main -- Descriptions of places along Jefferson Avenue, and Christmas-time on Jefferson to Main Sts.
Washington PA Uptown Landmarks -2 for South Main area. Goat Hill - coming soon

City Bus and G.G.& C. Bus Co. - Stories

Jefferson Ave to Main St. - and Christmas Time 

Washington Steel Corp. - Plant & Employees

Jessop Steel Plant & Employees


Washington Hospital

Washington Hospital School of Nursing

Washington Hospital School of Nursing Graduates-Shirley Jean Harps

Washington Hospital School of Nursing - Judith Ann Florian



Photos - coming soon  
St. Hilary Grade School photos 1967-1968 - help me identify the kids!  




Churches in Ten Mile (includes Ten Mile Church of the Brethren, South Pigeon Creek Dunkard Cemetery also known as Leatherman-Tombaugh Cemetery, and Bethlehem Lutheran Church) The Church of the Brethren History (COB; German Baptists, also called Society of German Baptists, Fraternity of German Baptists, Dunkard, Tunkard)
Map Enlargements:
Ten Mile Church of the Brethren
South Pigeon Creek Dunkard Cemetery also known as Leatherman-Tombaugh Cemetery
Map to Bethlehem Lutheran Church "Dutch Glory"
Families of Ten Mile Church of the Brethren
Donald F. Durnbaugh Obituary  


BRENNEN FAMILY FOLDER (Also see Finleyville PA under Towns folder)


Farmers in the County

LANE FAMILY in MD and PA My Lane Family Memorials:
Special acknowledgement to my genealogy teacher, co-researcher, my grandmother Ruth Lane McGary
Special acknowledgement to my co-researcher, co-author, and co-trouble-maker, my sister Cathy Caldwell 
Daniel and Anna England Lane, and family (photo) - *EXTERNAL LINK All-Name Index of the book Lane Family History: Descendants of John Lane, Sr., by Ruth Lane McGary and Judith Ann Florian, 1990, Includes 1794-1990.)  (Contact webmaster about this book at "WashingtonCoPA Webmaster" < "AT">)
Elderly Anna England Lane (photo) - *EXTERNAL LINK  
Lanes in Bedford Co PA - DAR Application (not my line)

Our John Lane Sr. (ca.1780-1844) was mistakenly (we think) included in a DAR Application, 
linking him to the wrong Revolutionary Soldier (although his father was supposedly in the Revolutionary War).  Read the files disproving this DAR Application and see the actual documents.  (DAR Application of Emma McKinley Nease for Record of John Lane, Bedford Co., PA) I welcome comments and any researcher's proof either way concerning this issue.

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Documents supporting my research - coming by 2006

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  Everyone in involved in genealogy is disgusted with the rising costs of doing this hobby.  And in some areas, costs continue to climb.  Even when you have an exact date of birth/death, or know the exact Book/Volume and page number you want, locations will often charge between $10.00 to $20.00 for ONE Xeroxed Page (which is outrageous!). Other places charge $1.00 per Xerox Copy made on their machine, trying to re-coup at least 95% of every dollar they spend on maintenance and related costs (but, we all know Xeroxes have come down to 0.02 cents to 0.05 cents on most public Xerox machines, and even small libraries only charge 0.25 cents per page).

  The high costs of postage, Xeroxes, travel and gas expenses, book costs, membership costs to societies etc., all make web sites like this one and my primary Washington Co PA website very important.  The more transcripts of original documents that we can access online, the better for everyone,. especially for people who live out of State.  But, in most cases, *someone* initially absorbed the costs to get the information in the first place.  My sister, grandmother and I spent tons of money to get the research materials I am now sharing here.  If you were to get the same records now yourself, they could cost 10 times more for you at today's prices than when I was doing in-person research. 

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The background was chosen specifically to emphasize the matriarchal role of women in "the life" of children and families, and the resilience of all the women of southwestern Pennsylvania.