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I need help folks!!  I've barely scratched the surface of black/African American Sloans in the U. S. and I'm basically still in the experimental mode.  I have a few families entered in my database.  Right now, I'm establishing an index of black Sloans as I find them in the census.  If anyone is working on a black Sloan line, I'll be glad to help track the family.

Observations, Comments, Questions, Problems, etc.

1.  I'm assuming many black Sloans picked up the surname of their previous owners after the civil war.  In 1870 census you frequently find them still living together.  I've been trying to maintain a link between black Sloans and the previous owners, but there is no easy way to do it with current genealogy programs.  What I do is establish another spouse which I call "Slave/Owner Surname Connection."  Relationship is listed as unknown in the FTM program, however, this doesn't show up when posted on the Worldconnect and it looks like a valid bloodline connection.  Under this "spouse" I'll list the neighboring black Sloans as children regardless of age etc.

2.  The 1870 census of black/mulatto Sloans is a real mess to sort out.  Many "families" are not established yet and you frequently only find the female Sloan and her children.

3.  I've come across "bulk" marriages after the Civil War, sometimes all on the same day.  Although, they may not be listed as black, it appears to be the county clerk playing catch up and entering the families as married.

4.  Many individuals are listed as "mulatto" in the 1870 census, which implies a mixed bloodline.  These are a real challenge, I consider it a real accomplishment to determine the white ancestor.   Several Sloan researchers have been successful at establishing the origin of the mixed bloodline.  In most cases you'll find the family split.  Some children raised as black some as white.  Race frequently going back and forth thoughout the census.  I'd love to see some black Sloan take part in the Sloan DNA testing project.

I have completed compiling the Native American Sloans that I could find 1880-1900, and they are in my database as such.  Unfortunately, the WorldConnect database does not sort on the Race field.  I noticed several Chinese Sloans in California census, however, I have not process these yet. 

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