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The Database was last updated 1 Aug 2007. 
Before proceeding to the Database, you may find the Comments below helpful.
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Misc. Comments & Information

The Rootsweb Search Engine is totally alphabetical!! and Timely!! JOHN ROBERT SLOAN is not the same as John R. Sloan, or John Sloan.  Start specific and work your way to vague.  Entries are sorted by date of birth.
Want to a list of all Sloans from one location?  Use the advanced Search Engine function!  Ask for Sloan, SCOTT Co. Va.  etc.
If you can't find it under Sloan, check Slone or Sloane. I usually assign an Alias "Sloan" to make them equal in my FTM program, NOW, the alias shows up in the Rootsweb Search Engine.
TOO MANY JOHN SLOANS!!! Yes, also too many William and Marys. I don't have a simple method for you to find your John in the database. They are sorted by date of birth. If you know the full name of the spouse, try locating the wife/husband first.

  ABBREVIATIONS YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF!! Yes I have some that I've made up.
     dob,dpob - date of birth & date place of birth.
     dod,dpod - date of death & date place of death.
     doDiv - date of divorce (sometimes referred to as independence day)
     myod - month & year of death.  common with dates from the SSDI.
     SSDI - Social Security Death Index

  FOUND an ERROR!!! make the correction with a post-em.  You provide your own password and you (or I) can delete it later.  I receive email notice of each post-em that is posted, I usually immediately make the correction in my home database.  After I do an update, I confirm that post-em correction have been made and then I delete the Post-em.  This prevents post-ems from getting shifted to the wrong person as I add, delete and merge individuals. If someone adds a post-em naming living individuals which are normally hidden, then I let those post-ems remain.  Sorry, In May 2004, Rootsweb deleted all my Post-ems.  If the program treats a living person as dead, it's because I've added a date/location to the death field.   Having a known location is very helpful to me, but it does make the individual look dead. SORRY!

MY RESEARCH HAS LIMITS!!  If you descend from Archibald Sloan #1 of Lancaster Co. Pa. then I'm interested in compiling all descendants.  OTHERWISE, I limit the Sloan database to the various spellings of Sloan, Slone, Sloane, Slown, etc.  I limit tracking the Sloan females to one generation of descendants, i.e. husband, children and the children's spouses. That should be enough to provide the "Sloan Connection."

WHAT YOU SEE IS ALL THAT I HAVE!!  If the Surname is NOT SLOAN or it's various spelling then I probably could care less about the surname or it's ancestors.  If someone provides the non-Sloan spouse's parents then I note it in the notes field.  If it's not given to me, I don't go looking for it.  AND I DON'T HAVE ANY MORE INFORMATION, SO PLEASE DON'T ASK!!

GETTING CREDIT FOR YOUR RESEARCH AND HARD WORK: Nobody (including me) list themselves as a source or the researcher in their own files. When I merge your Sloan gedcom files with my database, your work can quickly lose it's identity. I TRY to add your name & address to EACH individual file, however, it's a lot of work and the lines get so convoluted it's easy to miss some people or entire branches of a family. Bottom line, I'm not trying to take credit for your work. You're the one that said uncle Charlie was a drunken horse thief, NOT ME.

BRØDERBUND'S WORLD FAMILY TREE CDs: I currently own 2 of the 7 WFT CDs and don't expect to buy any more.  I have been lucky to find several of my family lines on these CDs (also a lot of conflicting data). I have certainly got my money's worth. For me, WFT is an excellent source to find Sloans.  Some of the lines are well documented, but most files usually have no supporting reference information what-so-ever. I have downloaded a few Sloan segments and I'm in the process of trying to locate the submitter, which is not listed or available for many of the files. When a WFT file is downloaded, it automatically adds the Brøderbund WFT reference to each field source notes (wish I knew how to do that!) unfortunately, that gets wiped out when converted to HTML. I realize I need to check all those files to ensure Brøderbund and/or the original submitter gets the credit. I don't like to use "PRIVATE" in a data field.  Any file with that entry is a Brøderbund file.  If the WFT is cited as a source in any of my files, highly recommend you investigate buying the CD.  Some of these family lines contain thousands of descendants and ancestors, while I'm only interested in the Sloan segments.  Sorry, I cannot download the WFT files and send them to you.

Rather than copy or cut & paste the data, send me a note and ask for a gedcom file of that particular Sloan line. (Don't forget to attach YOUR Sloan segment!) Some lines are so large I will probably limit the gedcom to straight line ancestors with siblings.

HARDWARE: I'm currently using an IBM type computer with plenty of storage space. This means I can accept data in almost any format EXCEPT as an E-mail attachment from someone using a MAC.

SOFTWARE: I like using Windows, MSWord, PKZIP and Brøderbund's Family Tree Maker is my current genealogy program. Attachments sent and received in these formats can usually be used "as is."  Too avoid FTM version problems, Send genealogy info in GEDCOM format instead of FTM format.

ATTACHMENTS: Sending and Receiving attachments is often unpredicable due to all the different Servers out there. So far, I have never had a problem receiving attachments except from MAC users (comes out garbage). MAC users must send everything in body of the message.

ALLIGATOR MOUTH, HUMMINGBIRD REAR COMPLEX: I sometimes get caught up in the excitement of discovering new information, make promises to send something and then forget all about it. If I do, please remind me. If you have sent me a message and received no answer, please re-transmit. I try to answer all correspondence, even if it's a negative response.

To make comments, corrections, or additions E-mail me at note at:
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