Archibald Sloan of Blount Co. TN.

The first record of our Archibald Sloan in what is now Blount county Tennessee is when he made entry #99 for one of the earliest known land grants in Tennessee.  This was 26 Febuary 1778 when the land was first opened up for settlement and all of Tennessee was part of Washington county North Carolina. Archibald was not able to take immediate possession of the land on Nine Mile Creek. The 200 acre tract was located near the Big Spring on the War Path (a prominent Indian trail). The entry was revoked the same year because it was situated on Indian land and a treaty had not been negotiated yet.
Archibald also bought 200 acres of land [entry #648] adjacent his former entry on Lick creek near the Walnut valley in Nov. 1784, he was mentioned again in vic of Holston River in Nov. 1786 and he had 640 acres [entry #968] adjoining own land in 1791 possibly all the same farm. This was all listed as Washington county NC.   Later to become Greene county then Knox county and finally Blount county NC a few years before Tennessee statehood in 1796.  All his makes it difficult to determine where Archibald's farm(s) were actually located and when he actually moved to his original entry in Blount County. Lick creek appears to be located in what is now Greene County Tennessee.   I have always assumed these land entries were made by the same Archibald Sloan of Nine Mile Creek.  Possibly, our Archibald Sloan never left the Nine Mile Creek property or never took possession of the other land entries.  I have not seen any record that these other properties were surveyed or sold.
Archibald's farm on Nine Mile Creek was not surveyed until 10 Aug. 1782 when his sons William & John served as chain bearers and sons Alexander, William & John had neighboring adjacent farms. In 1787 Archibald receive a passport to enter Cherokee lands and remove his belongings, this would have been from his Nine Mile Creek farm. In 1788 when the Cherokee were on the rampage Sloans were listed as one of the families in the Houston's station when it came under attack.  Houston's Station was located on Nine Mile Creek near the Sloan farms.  Archibald did not actually get clear title to his Grant [#1072] until 27 November 1793.

The origins of Archibald Sloan prior to Washington county NC. in 1778 is speculative at the moment.  The early 1930s genealogist, Will E. Parham, and some DAR applications have stated that this Archibald Sloan is the Lt. Archibald Sloan from Rowan/Iredell Co. NC.  That is incorrect.  The Lt. Archibald Sloan died in Natchez, Mississippi.  There is another Sloan line (I call the Commadore Line) from Virginia that also lived in Blount county. There appears to be no connection between these two families.  I believe the Lt. Archibald Sloan and our Archibald Sloan were 1st cousins.  More to come on Archibald's origins!!

We know that Archibald is dead when son James reports as administrator 1 Jul. 1800. James makes settlement, gives inventory and names people owing the estate. James states that there may be more people owing but he needs to check with his fathers friends in Greene county {info from Parham no copy on hand}. On 14 Aug. 1805 the legatees of Archibald Sloan get together and split the 200 acre farm between sons David and Robert, the other heirs named were John, William, Alexander, and James Sloan plus Culinius Miller, James Boyd, David Brown and Andrew Jackson.

The children of Archibald Sloan:

i. John Sloan, b. Abt. 1761, PA. ?; d. Abt. 1815, BlountCo. TN; m. Mary Boyd, 01 October 1786, Greene Co. NC. (later TN.); b. Abt. 1761; d. Aft. 1800, Blount Co. TN.
 ii. William Sloan, b. 30 November 1763, PA. ?; d. 20 September 1832, Blount Co. TN; m. Margaret McTeer, 26 May 1793, Knox Co. NC. (later TN.); b. Abt. 1763, NC.; d. Aft. 1832, Six Mile Creek, Blount Co. TN. Dau Robert McTeer & Agnes Martin.
 iii. Alexander Sloan, b. 13 Mar. 1765, PA. ; d. 22 Dec. 1846, Lafayette Co. MO.; m. ??? Miller, Greene Co.? TN.?; and/or Catherine Carson b. Abt. 1763, Va. ?; d. MO.

 iv. Jean "Jane" Sloan, b. 15 March 1768, PA. ? NC. ?; d. 01 January 1835, Blount Co. TN; m. Andrew Jackson, 08 June 1797, Blount Co. TN.; b. 07 March 1761, Caeeickfergus, Ulster Distict, Ireland; d. 31 December 1815, Blount Co. TN. Son of Samuel Jackson.

 v. Robert Sloan, b. 28 May 1776, PA. ? VA.? NC. ?; d. 06 June 1845, Whitfield Co. GA; m. Margaret Cook, 29 December 1801, Blount Co. TN.; b. 28 April 1784, NC.; d. 21 August 1855, Whitfield Co. GA.  Dau of James Cook and Ann McConnell.

vi. Sarah Sloan, b. Abt. 1777, NC?; d. Aft. 1805, Blount Co.? TN.?; m. James Boyd, 04 April 1796, Greene Co. TN.; b. Abt. 1776; d. Aft. 1805, Blount Co. TN..

vii. Elizabeth "Betsy" Sloan, b. Abt. 1779, NC. ?; d. Aft. 1805, Blount Co.? TN. ?; m. David Brown, 16 June 1800, Blount Co. TN; b. Abt. 1779; d. Aft. 1805, Blount Co.? TN. ?..

viii. David Sloan, b. 1780, Blount Co. NC. (TN).; d. 1856, Limestone Co. ? TX.; m. Mary Hogg, Bef. 1805, TN?; b. 1781, SC.; d. Aft. 1840, Clay Co. ? MO.?.

ix. James Sloan, b. Abt. 1781, NC. ?; d. 1831, Blount Co. TN..

x. Mary "Polly" Sloan, b. Abt. 1782, TN. ?; d. Aft. 1830, Blount Co. TN. ?; m. Cullinius Miller, 22 October 1800, Blount Co. TN.; b. Abt. 1782; d. Aft. 1830, Blount Co. TN. ?..

xi. ??? Sloan, b. Bet. 1760 - 1780; d. MO.; m. Samuel Miller; d. MO..

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NOTE, most of the (really good) source materials were discovered by Anna M. Sloan of Guam in the 1980s.

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