Sloans in the Americian Revolution

This page is dedicated to the Sloans that are credited with service in the
American Revolutionary War.

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I have recruited Ellie Stites Swanger <> to help with this page and to serve as a point of
DAR Logocontact for those interested in membership with the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).  Ellie does Patriot Lookups for those seeking their forebears that may be listed in the DAR Patriot index and she is a DAR national award winner for the many volunteer hours she has contributed online for the DAR thru America on Line.  Hopefully, we will get all the Sloan veterans listed below.  If you have other ancestors (non-Sloan) that you think may have served in the Revolutionary War, drop Ellie an note. The initial Patriot listing below was contributed by Ellie based on the SLOAN, SLOANE, SLONE Patriots as found in the DAR Patriot Index, Centennial Edition, c. 1990, p. 2689-90. To get more info on these Sloans, you will need to send for a copy of a member's application.  They are $5-$10 each, and you don't need to know the applicants name or number, click here for details. You just need to specific the information below and ask for a recent file with the children listed. . . preferably no supplementals. The mailing address is NSDAR NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS, 1776 D Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20006-5303

The patriots with a red dot are Sloans with Revolutionary War Service not found in the DAR Patriot Index. Probably because no descendant has ever applied for DAR/SAR membership.

To find out more information about the individuals listed you will need to visit the National Archives in Washington, DC or your nearest Regional Branch Office.  At the Archives you can take a look at the Revolutonary War Patriots Compiled Service Records or the Pension applications of the Patriot and/or his widow.  The pension applications are one of the best (and frequently the ONLY) sources for genealogical information.

Codes and abbreviations:  b = born; d = death; m = married; PS=Patriotic Service <fed the soldiers, furnished horses, housed them, etc.>; CS = Civil Service; Sol = no details known; CL = Continental Line); PNSR or WPNS  = there are pension records on the patriot (PNSR) or/and his widow (WPNS).

Many of them are linked to their file in the Sloan Database.  A red PNSR indicates that a transcribed pension record is in the file.  I'm not sure I'll always maintain these links.  If you have trouble finding the patriot in the index, look for the wife.


Alexander:  b.  10 May 1742 CT; d. 15 Feb 1812 NY; m. ?   Ellmore's Battalion, Lt. from MA.

Alexander:  b. 1744 PA; d. Jan 1812 PA; m. Jean Mower; Private from PA.

Alexander:  b 2 Feb 1760 Ireland; d 1844 MO; m. Agnes Dobson; Private from PA.

Archibald: b. 23 Jun 1753; d. aft 1793, MS; m.  ? Col. Francis Lock's Command, Lt. from NC.

Arthur: b. bef 1760; d. 1830-40, Carter Co. TN; m. possibly Ruth Arrowood, Private, PNSR

Brian:  b. 1762 VA; d. 15 Dec 1845 KY; m. (1) Betsy (Slone) (2) ? (3) Nancy King; 8th VA. Regiment, Pvt from VA;  PNSR {also listed as Bryant Sloan}

David:  b. abt 1749; d. aft 1810 MA; m. Eliz. Scott; Private from MA

David:  b. 1723 NC;  d. bef Jul 1785 NC;  m. Margaret Jones;  Sol;  PS from NC

David:  b. 1753 Ireland; d. 9 Oct 1826 SC; m. Susan Majors; Pvt/Capt. from Morgan Dist. NC

David:  b. abt 1744 PA; d.  27 Aug 1776 NY; m. Mary ____; 3rd Penns Regt. 2Lt from PA

David:  b. ??? d. Aft. 1818 of Franklin Co. VT.; Private 3rd PA. Infantry

Fergus:  b. 1725 Ireland; d. 1812 NC; m. Ann Eliz. Robinson; Pvt from NC

George:  b. 28 Sep 1749 Ireland; d. 15 Jan 1840 NY; m. Huldah Foote; Smith's MA. Regiment, Lt from MA.

George T.: b. 3 Dec 1856 Co. Cork Ireland; d. 9 Jun 1836 Laurens Co. SC. m. Mary Elizabeth Smith, Sergeant Continental Marines from England/Ireland. PNSR pension

  Henry: b. ??? Frelinghuysen's Batt'n. NJ. Militia, Private

Hugh:  b. ___ Ireland; d. aft  5 Aug 1793; m. Ester Harsha; 1st NY. Regiment, Pvt from NY

Israel Sr: b. 8-30 Aug 1759 MA; d. 9 Jul 1836; m. Rebeckah Wilson; Robinson's MA. Regiment, Pvt from MA

James: b. abt 1720 Ireland; d. 18 Jun 1775 MA; m. Jane Wilson; Pvt from MA

James: b. 24 Dec 1759 MA; d. 1813; m. Phebe Stratton; Pvt from MA

James:  b. 23 Aug 1741 MA; d. 1 Apr 1804 MA; m. Rebekah Powers; Cpl from MA

James:  b. abt  3 Sep 1729 PA; d. aft 30 Jul 1792 NC; m. Jane ____; Capt from NC

James:  b. 27 Sep 1756 PA; d.  27 Sep 1818 PA; m. Eliz. Gibson; Sgt from PA

James: b. 1761 PA: d. 20 Feb 1840 NC; m. Francis Brown; Pvt from NC. PNSRpension

John:  b. 5 Mar 1736 CT; d. 22 Oct 1778 NY; m. Mary Dewey: Pvt from MA

John: b. 2 Aug 1740; d. 20 Jun. Feb 1780 NC (killed at Battle of Ramsour's Mill, NC; m. Mary Green; Capt & PS from NC

John: b. 1759 ST; d. 23 Jul 1835 PA; m Lavinia Scott; Capt & PS from PA

John: b. 17 Mar 1759 PA; d. 11 Sep 1841 TN; m. Mary Ann Gardener;  Pve in NC. Militia and Cavalry PNSR

John: b. 13 Dec 1759 PA; d 5-10-1840 PA; m. Margaret Pinkerton; Cpl from PA

John: b. abt 1762/3 Ireland; d. 30 Jun 1846 SC; m. Jane Phillips; Pvt from SC; PNSR

John: b. 14 Sep 1716 Ireland; d. 12-26 Dec 1829 SC; m. (1) ? (2) Jane McNair; Sol from SC.

John: b. abt. 1728 m. Esther Spencer, Captain New Hampshire Militia

John: b. ??? Olcott's Regiment VT. Militia-Sergeant

John Prout: Jun 1745 CT: d. 27 Nov 1786; m. Mary Mansfield; Capt of sloop "Enterprise" from CT.

Joseph: b. 24 Jun 1760 MA; d. 15 Mar 1835 NH; m. Temperance Waterman; Sgt from NH; PNSR

  Lawrence: b. ??? 1st/3rd PA. Regiment, Private

  Matthew:  b. ??? Olcott's Regiment VT. Militia, Private

  Patrick:  b. 1747 of Morgan Mil. Dist. NC

Peter:  b. 15 May 1750 MA; d. 25 May 1794 NY; m Dorcas Niles; Pvt from MA

Phillip: b. abt 1750; 1822 Penfield, Monroe Co. NY; m. Sabina Clemmens; Washington's Body Guard

  Richard: b.  ??? 3rd PA. Regiment.

Robert: b. 1738 PA; d. aft. 20 Apr 1812 PA; m Mary McBrayer; Sol from PA

Robert: b. abt 1740; d. 20 Jun 1780 NC. (killed at battle of Ramsour's Mill, NC.); m. Margaret Shipley; Cpt. from NC.

  Robert: b. ??? Steven's Corps of Artillery/3rd Artillery Regiment, Continental Troops, Fifer

Robert:  b. 1752 Ireland; d. 1 Nov 1839 NC; m Mary Greer; Pvt from NC; PNSR

Robert:  b. 1761/2 NC; d 12-16-1823 NC; m. Nancy Agnes Curry; PS from NC

Samuel:  b. 1740 CT; d. 12 Apr 1828 MA; m (Olive) Hannah Douglas; Patterson's MA. Regiment, Capt from MA

Samuel: b. abt 1758 NC; d. 17 Jan 1840 TN; m Elizabeth Patterson; Col Francis Lock's Command, Private - CL from NC; PNSR

Samuel:  b. 1756 PA; d. 4 Jul 1846 PA; m. (1) Margaret Thompson (2) Elizabeth Van Horne; 2Sgt from PA

Samuel:  b. abt 1735 PA; d. 20 Dec 1791 PA; m. Agnes ____;  PS from PA

  Stephen Sloan: b. ??? 2nd NY. Regiment, Private

  Sturgeon: b. ???  2nd, 3rd, 8th & 10th MA. Regiment, Lieut./Ensign

Thomas:  b. 1737 CT; d. 5 Jul 1799 CT; m Susannah Pratt; Capt. Israel Seymour's Co. CT. Ensign/Lt. from CT

Thomas: b. 1760 PA.; d. 1842 IL; m. (1) ? (2) Sarah Wilks, 9th PA. Regiment, Private/Corp. PNSR #32522

William: b. 1752 Ireland; d. aft 1776 m. Sarah Cornish; from MA

William:  b. 5 Jun 1755 MA; d. 12 Jul 1828 NY; m. Sarah Nelson; Wait's Batt. VT. Militia, Sergeant from NH & VT; PNSR

William: b. abt 1752 Ireland; d. abt 1795 m. Mary Perkins; Capt. from Morgan Dist. NC.

William: b. abt 1736 PA; d. bef 15 Jun 1804 PA; m. Frances Nesbit; Pvt CL- PS from PA.

William: b. 1758; d. aft 1840 of Scott Co. VA.

William:  b. abt 1764 PA; d. 16 Jan 1849 OH; m Elizabeth Prickett; Pvt from PA

William Alexander: b. 1753 NC; d. 22 Jun 1827 MO; m. Jane Stevenson; Pvt from NC

William Palmer : b. bef 1760; d. aft 1778; Pvt. in Capt. David Speer's Co. of militia, Col. Pynchon's regt. from MA.

There are still many that need to be listed fromGeneral Index to Revolutionary War-T 515 Roll No. 48:

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