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This Webpage is just for the fun of it.
The goal is to list geographical places named for Sloans, AND figure out which Sloan or Sloan Line the site was named.
Tube Stop at Sloane's Square, London, photo from Robert Sloan
Richard Sloan & family.  Check out his website!

Special Thanks to Lila Ashear for looking up the counties and finding a lot more sites!

Place St. County/City Sloan line, Original Settler, Best Guess

Sloane's Creek 
N.S. Wales Thomas Sloane, 1842-1916 

Sloane's Square 
London Sir Hans Sloane, 1660-1753 

Northern Ireland

Place St. County Sloan line, Original Settler, Best Guess

United States of America
Sloan AL. Blount Rev. George S. Sloan (1843 - 1900+)
Sloan Creek AL. Walker
Sloan Mountain AL. Jefferson
Sloan School (historical) AL. Franklin

Sloan AR. Lawrence Which Sloan of the Fergus line?
Sloan archaeological site AR. Craighead Sloans of the Fergus line
Sloan Branch AR. Montgomery Ellis Sloan, 1819-1896
Sloan Cemetery AR. Clark James Sloan, 1793-1862 {The Fergus line}
Sloan Creek AR. Columbia
Sloan Creek
Alfred L. Sloan (1806-1839)
Sloan Island AR. Lincoln
Sloan-Hendrix Elementary
& High School
Sloan-Hendrix Academy
AR. Lawrence Captain William Comfort Sloan (1833-1902)
Sloan Knob AR. Van Buren
Sloan Mountain
near Vendor.  James ?  Thomas?  Noah?

Sloan Butte CA. Siskiyou Samuel George Sloan (1852-1931)
Sloan Canyon CA. Ventura
Sloans Canyon CA. Santa Barbara
Sloan Creek CA. Siskiyou Samuel George Sloan (1852-1931)
Sloan Gulch CA. Siskiyou
Sloan Hall Building
Palo Alto
CA. Santa Clara
Sloan Ranch, Alpine CA. San Diego

Sloans Lake CO. Denver
Sloan Lake CO. Hinsdale probably James H. Sloan

Sloan's Landing / Cemetry FL. Duval
Sloan Ridge, now
Slone Ridge
FL. Lake William W. Slone, 1822-1900

Sloan Bridge GA. Murray  Robert Sloan, 1776-1845

Sloan IA. Woodbury In honor of Samuel Sloan, 1817-1907,
President of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railway

Sloan Cemetery IL. Pope
Sloan Station IL. Champaign
Sloan Street IL.  Saline Harrisburg, Archibald Sloan, 1804-abt 1860

Sloan Blvd IN. Allen Ft. Wayne, Alfred Pritchard Sloan, 1875-1966
Sloan IN. Warren

Slone LA. DeSoto

Larkslane KY. Knott Lark Sloane, 1879-1956
Slone Branch KY. Knott which one?
Slone Branch & Street
which one?
Sloan Cemetery
on Sloan Road
KY. Pulaski  James Sloan, 1769-1853
Slone Cemetery
near Slone Branch
KY. Johnson John Albert Slone, 1819-1895 
Sloans Valley KY. Pulaski Benjamin Sloan, 1771-1846 

Sloan Ford MO. Oregon
Sloan Hollow MO. Hickory
Sloan Hollow MO. Reynolds {The Fergus line}
Sloan's Point Cemetery MO. Adair David E. Sloan (1794-1842)

Sloan Buttes MT. Lake
Sloan Coulee  MT. Garfield
Sloan Gulch MT. Jefferson

Sloan Canyon NM. Union

Sloan NV. Clark

Sloan  NC. Duplin probably one of the many John Sloans
Sloans Bay NC. Bladen
Sloan Branch NC. Iredell Fergus Sloan, 1725-1812
Sloans Chapel NC. Macon
Sloans Creek NC. Rowan
Sloan-Davison House NC. Mecklenburg Robert & sons John & Edward B. D. Sloan
Sloan's Mill NC. Yadkin
Sloan Park 
at Mill Bridge
NC. Rowan James Andrew Sloan, 1903-1996

Sloan NY. Erie
Sloansville NY. Scholharie John R. Sloan, postmaster

now Edenton
OH. Clermont William Sloan, 1763-1849 

Sloan Cemetery OK. Delaware

Sloan OR. Umatilla
Sloan Gulch OR. Seneca
Sloan Mountain OR. Josephine Benjamin Franklin Sloan, 1826-1879
Sloan Springs OR. Jackson
Sloan Ridge OR. Grant

Sloan Gap PA. Clarion Cpt. James Sloan, 1796-aft 1850
Sloan Hollow PA. Bedford
Sloan Run PA. Clarion

Sloan's Ferry Road SC. Anderson David & Susan Sloan's family

Sloan Branch TN. Bledsoe
Sloan Branch TN. Sevier probably the "Commadore" Line
Sloan Branch TN. Smith
Sloan Bridge TN. Monroe Blount Co. Tn. Archibald Sloan Line
Sloan Cemetery TN. Putnam
Sloan Gap TN. Bradly
Sloan Gap TN. Polk James Sloan, 1803-1881
Sloan Hollow TN. Jackson Samuel Sloan, III 1827-1887
Sloan Hollow TN. Macon

Sloan Prospect  mine TN. Bradly
Sloan Ramp TN. Monroe Blount Co. Tn. Archibald Sloan Line
Sloan Ridge TN. Sevier probably the "Commadore" Line
Sloanville TN. Shelby James Thomas Sloan, 1812 - aft 1860

Sloan TX. Navarro
Sloan  (1894-1904) TX. San Saba James Allen Sloan, 1867 - aft 1959,  postmaster
Sloan Creek
George Washington Sloan (1843-1911) ?
Sloans Creek TX. Fannin Washington Sloan?
Sloan Field later 
Midland Army AF
TX. Midland Samuel Addison Sloan, III? {Fergus line}
Sloan Sister's Ranch  TX. San Saba probably someone in the Thomas Alan Sloan family

Sloan Street  PA. Philadelphia Jacob Sloan Sr. or Jr. 

Slone Gist Mill
under reconstruction
VA. Franklin Esom Sloan (1828 - 1910)
Sloantown VA. Scott
Sloane Family Museum
"Hermitage Foundation"
VA. Norfolk William Sloane (1869 - 19??)

Sloan Peak WA. Snohomish James Sloan prospector

Sloan Airfield WY.

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