Sloan Chronicales

Below are some key events in history and few Sloans known to exist at that time.  For brief review of Irish History click here.

  1258 - Gallowglasses (mercenary soldiers) come to Ulster from Scotland.

  1504 - William Slowane held land by tenure near Dalkeith, Scotland

  1508 - Johnne Slowane was a juror at Kirkcudbright, Scotland.

  1522 - Peter Sloan, landowner of Rochester, County Kent, England was granted a Coat of Arms {which one?}.

  1541 - Henry VIII, King of England, proclaimes himself King of Ireland. He has already broken  with the Catholic Church and instigated Protestant Reformation.

  1553 - 1558 Queen Mary I of England persecution of protestants undoubtable causes some migration of protestant Sloans to Ireland.

  1562 - John Aslowane, a burgess of Edinburgh Scotland, was the contractor for the "leid mynis of Gengoner and Wenlok"

  1565 - John Sloan had land in the parish of Traquair, Scotland.

  1606 - Settlement of Scots in Ards Peninsula.  Land in six counties of Ulster consficated by English.

  1607 - First English colony established at Jamestown Virginia.

  1613 - George Aslowane was charged with taking part in the performance of mass against the Act of parliament.

  1620 - Pilgrims land at Cape Cod and establish Plymouth Colony.

  1622-1641  The plantation of English & Scottish protestants to "northern" Ireland is strongly pushed by James I and Charles I, protestants population increases from 13,000 to 100,000, 90% of the population. This time period is probably when most Sloans migrated from Scotland to Ireland.

  1640 - Arthur T. Sloan, a Scotsman from Kilcrannic Scotland is awarded a Coat of Armes by Kings James I of England (King James VI of Scotland) for meritorious service quelling border raids and quarrels.

  1660 - Sir Hans Sloane, noted English Physician is b. in northern Ireland dies 1753 in England.

  1674 - John Sloane, one of 90 indentured servants arrives at St. Mary's Maryland Colony on board the ship Bachelor of Bristoll England. 

1682 - William Penn establishs colony of Pennsylvania, Quakers establish the city of Philadelphia.

  c1690 - John Sloan is b. Ireland? dies 1741 Lancaster Co. Pennslyvania Colony

  bef 1697 - Archibald Sloan is b. in probably Ireland dies before 1786 Lancaster?
Co. Pennslyvania?

1700-1727 - Scot-Irish arrive in Pennslyvania Colony.

  1716 - John Sloan is b. Co. Antrim, Ireland dies 1829 Laurens Co. SC.

  1725 - Fergus Sloan is b. Co. Ulster, Ireland dies 1812 Lincoln Co. NC. USA

  c1735 - David Sloan is b. Belfast, Co. Antrim, Ireland dies 1810-30, Wythe Co. Va.

  1740 - The forgotten Irish famine.

  c1740 - William Sloan is killed by Indians in Cumberland Co. PA.  His wife, Ann Means of Fermanah, Co. Tyrone, Ireland was held captive for 3 and half years.

  1754 - French and Indian War starts in western Pennslyvania, the resulting Indian problems causes many settlers to relocate to Virginia.

  1756 - George T. Sloan is b. Co. Cork, Ireland dies 1836 Laurens Co. SC. USA

  1757 - Robert Sloan receives land grant in North Carolina colony, of County Down, Ireland, he dies same year in Duplin Co. NC. area.

  1760 - Alexander Sloan migrates to Americia , b. 1742 in Co. Donegal, Ireland dies 1812 in Rockbridge Co. Va. USA

c1773 - David Sloan migrates to Americia,  b. c1751 Co. Down Ireland dies 1826, Old Pendleton Dist. (Anderson Co.) SC. USA.

  1775 - 1783 American Revolutionary War. See Patriot page for Sloan involvement.

  1788- Indians attack Houston station in what is now Blount Co. Tn.  Archibald Sloan family is one the defenders. This is 10 years after Archibald applies for land grant there on the "War Path"

  1790 -  John Sloan of Ulster Co. Ireland and son Robert are killed by Indians in Lincoln Co. Ky. (then Va.) Son Alexander escapes.

  1790 - First US Census, there are 108 Sloan/Slone/Slown Heads of Households and 520 family members listed. {probably understated} distribution: PA 29, NC 26, MA 14, NY 13, SC 8, NH 6, CT 5, VA 4, MD 2, VT 1.

  1798 - Orange Order was founded in the Pub of James Sloan in Loughgall, County Armagh, Ireland.  The Formation of the Orange Order 1795-1798.  GOLI Publications, Belfast.

  1812-1815 - War of 1812, see the War of 1812 page for Sloan Soldiers.

  1825 - Samuel Sloane of Co. Kildare, Ireland, (son of John and Catherine Fitzgerald Sloane) is convicted of Insurrection and shipped to Australia.

  1835-1836 - Texas Independance

  1845 - Potato Famine starts is Ireland and last 5 years.  A million Irish starve to death and over a million emigrate to the United States. A large number migrated to Scotland also.

1849 - California Gold Rush.

1860-1865 - American Civil War, see the Rebels page and the Yankee page for Sloan soldiers.

1889 - Oklahoma Land Rush, followed in 1893 by Cherokee Strip run.

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